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Carl Schurz papers, 1837-1983

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BOX 206-208 REEL 114-116 Miscellany
Fragments of manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, printed matter, and business papers.
Grouped by type of material.
BOX 206 REEL 114 Financial papers, 1870-1899
Political cartoons by H. Meiser, circa 1880
General miscellany
Printed matter
Business papers
Translation of a French manual on military tactics in Schurz's hand, circa 1861
Poems and correspondence in folder labeled “M. A. Wesendonck,” carbon copies, 1848-1888
BOX 207 REEL 115 Fragments of speeches, articles, letters, and miscellany in Schurz's hand
Calling cards
Tickets, passes, cards, and miscellany
Composition books, 1845
(3 vols.)
Reference notes for a proposed history (?), 1853-1864
BOX 208 REEL 116 Newspaper clippings
On Schurz's Abraham Lincoln
Comments on Lebenserinnerungen
Comments on “The New South”
Comments on “Can the South Solve the Negro Problem”
Santo Domingo
Articles and editorials on Schurz
Speeches and open letters by Schurz
BOX 209-214 REEL 117-119 Scrapbooks, 1866-1927
Newspaper clippings in bound volumes.
Arranged by topic.
BOX 209 REEL 117 Vol. I, clippings regarding Schurz's senatorial speeches, 1870-1871
Vol. II, clippings regarding Indian affairs, 1873-1874
BOX 210 REEL 117 Vol. III, editorials about Schurz, 1874
BOX 211 REEL 117 Vol. IV, editorials about Schurz, 1877-1878
Vol. V, patents, pensions, Indians, and lands, 1877-1878
Vol. VI, civil service, politics, and finance, 1877-1878
BOX 212 REEL 117 Vol. VII, Indian affairs, 1879-1881
Vol. VIII, Customs House investigations, 1872
BOX 213 REEL 118 Vol. IX, Senate investigation, 1869-1870
BOX 214 REEL 119 Vol. X, Customs House abuses, 1872
Vol. XI, miscellaneous clippings, 1899-1927
BOX 214 REEL 119 Supplement to General Correspondence, 1866
Letter by Schurz to unknown.
BOX 214 REEL 119 Letter, Schurz to unknown, 1866, Feb. 26
BOX 215-221 REEL 1-6 Addition, 1837-1983
Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 19,771
BOX 215 REEL 1 Family File, 1837-1923
Genealogies of the Schurz and Jussen families and a typescript of a memoir by Schurz's sister, Antoine Schurz Jussen.
BOX 215 REEL 1 Schurz-Jussen family, genealogical data
Schurz Jussen, Antoine, memoirs, 1837-1923
BOX 215-218 REEL 1-4 General Correspondence, 1851-1956
Letters sent and received, some with enclosures, mostly written in German and exchanged with family members.
Arranged chronologically. A small amount of business and social letters is also included, as is a special file containing Schurz's letters to Fanny Chapman.
BOX 215 REEL 1 1851-1865
(13 folders)
BOX 216 REEL 1-2 1866-1872
(7 folders)
BOX 217 REEL 2-3 1873-1881
(10 folders)
BOX 218 REEL 3-4 1882-1956
(14 folders)
Schurz-Fanny Chapman letters, 1881-1889
BOX 219-220 REEL 4-5 Transcripts of Correspondence, 1851-1902
Transcripts of letters written in German, including some translations into English.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 219 REEL 4 1851-1869
(3 folders)
BOX 220 REEL 5 1870-1902
(3 folders)
BOX 220 REEL 5 Speeches and Writings File, 1851-1897
Schurz's draft papers on George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and printed copies of his speeches, “Die Deutsche Sprache in Amerika,” and “Die Deutsche Muttersprache.”
BOX 220-221 REEL 5-6 Miscellany, 1841-1983
Newspaper clippings, receipts, commissions, wills, and photographs, arranged by type of material. Also includes articles by Arthur Reed Hogue and his correspondence dealing with the Schurz papers.
BOX 220 REEL 5 Commissions and wills, 1858-1896
Hogue, Arthur Reed, articles about Schurz
Newspaper clippings and printed matter
About Schurz, 1857-1983
BOX 221 REEL 5-6 1864-1959
Photographs and drawings
(4 folders)
Receipts and other items, 1841-1957, undated
School papers, undated
BOX 221not filmed 2022 Addition, 1876-1888
Correspondence and carte de visite.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 221 Carte de visite, signed by Schurz, undated
BOX 221 Correspondence from Schurz to George F. Edmunds, 1876-1888
BOX OV 1 REEL 113 Oversize, 1879
Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 14,803.
Arranged by series and type of material.
BOX OV 1 REEL 113 Subject File
Broadside, "Grand Rush for the Indian Territory," circa 1879 (Container 205, Department of the Interior)

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