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Part I: General Correspondence, 1844-1924 (continued)
BOX I:92 July-Oct.
BOX I:93 Nov.-Dec.
BOX I:94 1917
BOX I:95 Apr.-July
BOX I:96 Aug.-Dec.
BOX I:97 1918
BOX I:98 Mar.-July
BOX I:99 Aug.-Dec.
BOX I:100 1919
BOX I:101 June-Dec.
BOX I:102 Dec.
BOX I:103 May-Aug.
BOX I:104 Sept.-Dec.
BOX I:105 Dec.
BOX I:106 Apr.-Oct.
BOX I:107 Oct.-Dec.
BOX I:108 1922
BOX I:109 Oct.-Dec.
BOX I:110 July-Dec.
BOX I:111 1924
BOX I:112 Mar.-Apr.
BOX I:113 Embassy correspondence
BOX I:114 1917-1918
BOX I:115 1918-1919
BOX I:116 1919-1921
BOX I:117 Brittle material, circa 1890-1900
BOX I:118-136 Part I: Subject File, 1800-1944
Correspondence, legal documents, military papers, legislation, minutes, speeches, invitations, menus, photographs, printed ephemera, and hotel account books.
Arranged alphabetically by topic and therein chronologically.
BOX I:118 Legal papers regarding real estate, 1800-1896
BOX I:119 Legal papers
BOX I:120 1868-1897
BOX I:121 1897-1901
BOX I:122 1901-1924
BOX I:123 Military papers
Third Regiment, Virginia Infantry
Court of inquiry proceedings regarding racial incident, Camp Russell A. Alger, Va., 1898
Muster-out rolls, 1898
Ordnance quarterly returns, 1898
Virginia volunteers regulations, 1896
BOX I:124 Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va., account book, 1883-1886
Willard, Joseph C., printed general orders, 1861-1863
BOX I:125 Political file
Campaign material, 1895-1905
Cartoon of Joseph Edward Willard, circa 1913
Correspondence, 1893-1896
(3 folders)
Legislative bills, circa 1894-1902
Banking, charters, and taxation
Courts, marriage licenses, historical commemoration, and a private bill
Fairfax County
Horse racing, gambling, and liquor
Hunting and game
Railroads and power company
Legislative manuals, 1899-1904
BOX I:126 Miscellany, 1888-1904
Newspaper editorials and articles, 1905
Typed transcripts
(2 folders)
Notes and lists, undated
Petitions, resolutions, and joint letters, 1893-1902
Printed matter, 1893-1899
Silver Party and clubs, 1878, 1896, undated
Speeches, 1890s-1901
BOX I:127 Social engagements, 1902-1944, undated
Addresses and calling cards
Club books
BOX I:128 Invitations
Menus, guest lists, seating charts, and place cards See also Oversize
BOX I:129 Menus, guest lists, seating charts, and place cards
BOX I:130 Menus, guest lists, seating charts, and place cards
News clippings
Travel documents
Visiting lists
BOX I:131 Visiting lists
Herbert, Elizabeth Willard, 1921
Roosevelt, Belle, 1914
BOX I:132 Willard Hotel
Correspondence, 1896-1924
BOX I:133 Menus, 1850-1942, undated
Photographs, 1911, undated
Printed ephemera, 1869-1935, undated
BOX I:134 Minutes and related material, 1929-1937
BOX I:135 Cashbook, 1861-1862
BOX I:136 Bill book, 1860-1861
BOX I:137-153 Part I: Financial Records, 1849-1920
Correspondence, bills and receipts, account books, and banking records.
Arranged by topic or type of material and chronologically therein.
BOX I:137 Richmond and Rappahannock River Railway Co.
BOX I:138 1917-1918
BOX I:139 Bills and receipts
BOX I:140 1859-1860
BOX I:141 1860
BOX I:142 1860
BOX I:143 1860-1861
BOX I:144 1861
BOX I:145 1861
BOX I:146 1861-1878
BOX I:147 1879-1891
BOX I:148 Embassy account books
BOX I:149 1918-1920
BOX I:150 Account books, circa 1890-1899
(5 vols.)
BOX I:151 (16 vols.)
BOX I:152 (1 vol.)
BOX I:153 (1 vol.)
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