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Part I: Family Papers, 1844-1957 (continued)
BOX I:175 1910-1922
BOX I:176 1923-1954
BOX I:177 Undated
BOX I:178 General correspondence
BOX I:179 1911-1914
BOX I:180 1915-1924
BOX I:181 1925-1926
BOX I:182 1926-1927
BOX I:183 1927-1928
BOX I:184 1929-1931
BOX I:185 1931-1939
BOX I:186 1940-1949
BOX I:187 1950-1953
BOX I:188 Undated
BOX I:189 Undated
BOX I:190 Subject file
Anderson family genealogy, 1913, undated
Fort Willard, Alexandria, Va., 1948
Herbert family genealogy, undated
Oak Hill cemetery, Washington, D.C., 1925
Randolph family genealogy, 1913-1930, undated
BOX I:191 Vocational rehabilitation, 1947-1950
Willard, Joseph (Rev.), 1934, undated
Willard, Joseph Edward, 1882-1924, undated
Willard, Simon, 1912-1953, undated
Willard Family Association, 1908-1949, undated
Willard family genealogy, 1914-1939, undated
BOX I:192 Wyatt, Charles, 1913, undated
Wyatt, Francis, 1949, undated
Wyatt, Haute, 1928-1936, undated
Wyatt, John, 1913-1938, undated
Wyatt, Thomas, 1909-1923, undated
Wyatt family genealogy, 1889-1904, undated
BOX I:193 Articles
BOX I:194 Undated
BOX I:195 Financial records
Circular letter of credit, 1916
Fairfax Development Corp.
1923-1924, June
BOX I:196 1924, July-Dec.
BOX I:197 1925, Sept.-1926
1924-1925, checkbooks
BOX I:198 1927-1928, June
1925-1926, checkbooks
BOX I:199 1928-1929, June
1926-1928, checkbooks
BOX I:200 1929, July-1930
BOX I:201 1931-1932, June
BOX I:202 1932, July-1933
BOX I:203 1934-1935
BOX I:204 1936-1938
BOX I:205 1939-1945
BOX I:206 1945-1948
BOX I:207 1949-1952
BOX I:208 1952-1955
BOX I:209 Withholding tax, 1951-1955
Fifth Avenue Bank, New York, N.Y., 1934-1940
Income and disbursements, 1938-1939
Income tax, 1940-1953
Love, Thomas B.
BOX I:210 1930-1935
BOX I:211 1936-1938
BOX I:212 1938-1939
Pollard v. Willard, 1929
Estate, final report of executors, 1957
List, 1926, undated
BOX I:213 Layton Farms, Fairfax, Va., 1930-1953
New York, N.Y.
1 Beekman Place, 1930-1943
1 Sutton Place South, 1945
9 Sutton Place
BOX I:214 1939-1942
29 East Sixty-ninth Street
North Dakota, 1949-1953
Washington, D.C.
613 14th Street, N.W., 1940-1943
1413-1417 "F" Street, N.W., 1903
Rappahannock Land and Development Co., 1913, 1936, undated
BOX I:215 Richmond and Rappahannock River Railway Co., 1912-1917
Riggs National Bank, Washington, D.C.
BOX I:216 1937-1943
Securities, 1933-1946, undated
Sutton Square, Inc., 1933-1943
Virginia Hotel Co.
1924, July-Oct.
BOX I:217 1924, Nov.-1925, June
BOX I:218 1925, Apr.-1929, July
BOX I:219 1929, July-Dec.
BOX I:220 1930, Jan.-Apr.
BOX I:221 1930, May-Dec.
BOX I:222 1930, Nov.-1931
BOX I:223 1937-1946
Checkbooks and canceled checks, 1924-1926
Willard Hotel
Miscellany, 1937-1946, undated
BOX I:224 Appraisal of furniture and equipment, undated
Financial reports, 1929-1930
Wyatt, Joseph W., 1931-1943
Wyatt, Margaret B., mortgage, 1937-1940
Wyatt Building, Washington, D.C., checkbook, 1927
BOX I:225 Miscellany
Cards, lists, and notes, 1901-1951, undated
Deeds and sketches, 1900-1940, undated
Passports, visas, and licenses, 1906-1947, undated
BOX I:226 Photocopies, undated
Photographs, undated
Printed matter, circa 1887-1950
BOX I:OV1 Part I: Oversize, 1857-circa 1921
A cap, collars, and diploma belonging to Antonia Ford Willard, and a leather seating chart holder.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX I:OV1 Part I: Subject File
Social engagements, circa 1914-1921
Menus, guest lists, seating charts, and place cards (Container I:128)
Part I: Family Papers
Willard, Antonia Ford
Biographical papers
Calling cards, diploma, and printed matter, 1857 (Container I:172)
Collars and a cap, one of which was made while in prison, circa 1863 (Container I:172)
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