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BOX 3-6 Financial and Business Papers, 1766-1850
Accounts, promissory notes, receipts, survey reports and plats, and military returns.
Arranged by name of family member and therein chronologically or by type of material.
BOX 3 Innes, Ann Shields
BOX 3 1809-1850, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 4 Executor of Harry Innes's estate
BOX 4 Executor of Hugh Shields's estate
BOX 4 Innes, Harry
BOX 4 1766-1808
(6 folders)
BOX 5 1809-1816, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 5 Commissary papers, 1780-1783
(3 folders)
BOX 5 Craddock, Robert, accounts, 1789-1790
BOX 5 Kentucky Manufacturing Society, 1789-1791
BOX 6 Land papers
BOX 6 Claims, plats, surveys, 1780-1805
(2 folders)
BOX 6 Papers about Gilbert Imlay's lands, 1782-1785, undated
BOX 6 Leather accounts, 1792-1812
BOX 6 Subscriptions for seat of government, Frankfort, Ky., 1794, undated
BOX 6 Other Innes family members, 1770-1788
BOX 6 Todd family, 1789-1838
BOX 6 Miscellaneous, 1816-1818
BOX 6-10 Legal File, 1767-1823
Agreements, clients' papers, correspondence, depositions, indentures, interrogatories, notes and memoranda, opinions, powers of attorney, subpoenas, trial transcript, and printed matter.
Arranged by name of family member or by type of material.
BOX 6 Innes, Harry
BOX 6 Law practice
BOX 6 Agreements, indentures, powers of attorney, 1770-1808
BOX 6 Burr, Aaron, conspiracy
BOX 6 Clients' papers
BOX 6 Dandridge, Bartholemew, estate of
BOX 6 Fairfax, George W., estate of
BOX 7 Innes, Hugh, estate of
BOX 7 May, John
BOX 7 Owens, Henry, estate of
BOX 7 Perkins, Thomas, estate of
(2 folders)
BOX 7 Tucker, Enoch
(2 folders)
BOX 8 Wilkinson, James
(2 folders)
BOX 8 Wills, Peachey
BOX 8 Charges to grand juries
BOX 8 Innes v. Marshall
BOX 8 Innes v. Street
BOX 8 Judgments, subpoenas, and other court papers
BOX 8 Lists of suits brought in court
BOX 8 Notes on legal code
BOX 8 Scott v. Armstrong
BOX 8 Talbot v. Welch, notes by George Nicholas
BOX 8 United States v. Blennerhassett
BOX 9 United States district court, 1795-1814
BOX 9 Cases
BOX 9 Alcorn, W., sentence
BOX 9 Anthony v. Graves
BOX 9 Bacliff v. Tipping
BOX 9 Barbour v. Rhodes & Mills
BOX 9 Barrs v. Lapsely
BOX 9 Barry v. Joiner
BOX 9 Beale v. Simpson
BOX 9 Blanton v. Durkie
BOX 9 Bledsoe and Co. v. Lewis
BOX 9 Bodley v. Taylor
BOX 9 Broile v. McIntire
BOX 9 Bryant v. Taylor
BOX 9 Buckner v. Edwards
BOX 9 Buell v. Ormsby
BOX 9 Caldwell and Caldwell v. Waters and Handly
BOX 9 Campbell v. Arnold
BOX 9 Campbell v. Williams
BOX 9 Carey and Adair v. Scott, Earnest and Wilkins
BOX 9 Carter v. Oldham
BOX 9 Carter's adm. v. Pemberton
BOX 9 Clark v. Bledsoe's heirs
BOX 9 Coleman v. Johnson's representative
BOX 9 Craig v. Kennaday
BOX 9 Craig v. Stephens
BOX 9 Cunningham v. Bartlett
BOX 9 Darby & Hughes v. Executors of Marshall
BOX 9 Davis v. Duncan
BOX 9 Davis' devisees v. Hutchings
BOX 9 Duval v. Meeker
BOX 9 Estill v. Trimble
BOX 9 Few v. Dickinson
BOX 9 Gibbs v. Christie
BOX 9 Gist v. Robinett
BOX 9 Gratz v. Postlethwait
BOX 9 Green v. Helm
BOX 9 Green v. Lancaster
BOX 9 Green v. Liter
BOX 9 Green v. Watts
BOX 9 Grinnin v. Lightfoot
BOX 9 Guthrie v. Lapsley
BOX 9 Hanson v. Lashbrook
BOX 9 Harris v. Marshall
BOX 9 Hart's devisees v. Hawkins
BOX 9 Heathcott and Dall v. Eastins; and Miller v. Weir
BOX 9 Heathcott and Dall v. Wilson
BOX 9 Hockley v. Davis
BOX 9 Horner v. Singleton; and Smith and Co v. Caldwell
BOX 9 Hudson's heirs v. Kennaday
BOX 9 Hudspeth v. Smith
BOX 9 Jacobs v. Brown
BOX 9 Kinney v. Robertson
BOX 9 Lee v. Crockett
BOX 9 Lewis et uxor v. Drake
BOX 9 Lightfoot's executor v. Cunningham & Co.
BOX 9 Lockett v. Pope
BOX 9 Lynch v. Payne
BOX 9 Maxwell v. Boice
BOX 9 McConnico v. Morton et uxor
BOX 9 McDowell v. Hall
BOX 9 McFarran v. Taylor
BOX 9 McKim v. Voorhis
BOX 9 McMordie v. Gist
BOX 9 Meeker v. Young
BOX 9 Merry v. Beall
BOX 9 Miller and Harrison v. Hamilton
BOX 9 Mills v. Duryee
BOX 9 Morrison v. Anderson
BOX 9 Morrison v. Cock
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