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Sergius Pankejeff papers, 1901-1979

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Correspondence, 1911-1976 (continued)
Eissler, K. R., 1953-1957, 1962-1963 See also Container 4, 2002 addition , 2010 addition , 2014 addition, same heading ; and 2023 addition, same heading
Gardiner, Muriel, 1965-1976, undated
General, 1935-1974, undated
Kris, Ernst See Container 4, same heading
Pankejeff, Therese ("Resi") (wife), 1911-1912
BOX 1-2 Subject File, 1919-1973
Clippings, notes, radio transcripts, and miscellaneous material.
Organized alphabetically by name of topic or type of material.
BOX 1-2 Clippings regarding The Wolf-Man and other topics, 1945-1972
Miscellany, 1919-1973, undated
Art (drawing and painting), undated
Astrology, undated
History, undated
Human anatomy (drawing), undated
Linguistics, undated
Literature, undated
Mathematics, 1947, undated
Philosophy, undated
Psychiatry, undated
BOX 2 Various subjects, undated
Radio broadcasts regarding The Wolf-Man, 1972
Recollections of meeting Pankejeff by Anita and Leo Rangell See Container 4, same heading
BOX 2 Writings, 1939-1971
Manuscript and published articles and a hardcover Swedish edition of Pankejeff's book.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX 2 “Gedächtnisprotokoll,” by Pankejeff and Franziska Tannert See Container 4, same heading
"Die Haftpflichtversicherung in der Begriffsbestimmung und in der Praxis," undated
"Eine Parallele," undated See also Container 4, same heading
"Das Problem der Willensfreiheit und die Psychoanalyse," 1959
"Die rechtlichen Grundlagen der Haftpflichtversicherung," 1939
"Der Tod meines Vaters und weider ein Sanatorium," undated
Varg Mannen, Swedish edition of The Wolf-Man, 1971
BOX 2-3 Photographs, 1901-1979
Photographs of Pankejeff, his family and associates, his paintings, and other subjects.
Organized alphabetically according to individual, location, or object.
BOX 2 Individuals
“Alexander” (surname unknown) (cousin), undated
“Else” (surname unknown) (Therese Pankejeff's daughter by a previous marriage), 1913, undated
“Eugenie” (surname unknown) (aunt), undated
Father of Sergius Pankejeff (name unknown), undated
“Gregor” (surname unknown) (cousin), undated
“Nanya” (name unknown) (nursemaid), undated
Pankejeff, Alexandra (mother), 1909-1926, undated
Pankejeff, Anna (sister), 1904-1906, undated
Pankejeff, Sergius
Group shots
Funeral, 1979
With Anna Pankejeff, undated
With coworkers
General, 1949, undated
Retirement party, 1950
With family members and friends
In Austria, undated
BOX 3 In Russia, undated
With Muriel Gardiner, 1963, undated
With nurses in old age, 1978
With Therese Pankejeff, undated
Single shots
As a child and adolescent, undated
As a young man and middle aged, undated
As an older man, 1963-1978, undated
Pankejeff, Therese, 1901-1912, undated
Sciapovaloff, Basil (uncle), undated
Sciapovaloff, Giorgio (nephew), 1921-1923, undated
Sciapovaloff, Mussie (niece), 1923, undated
“Seri” (surname unkonwn) (niece), 1925
Spaug, Rosa, and others, 1959-1965, undated
Unidentified, 1925-1961, undated
Russia, undated
Pankejeff family outings and other sites
Siberia before World War I
Various, 1929, 1965, undated
Photographs identified by Pankejeff for inclusion in The Wolf-Man, 1909, undated
Photographs of various Pankejeff paintings, including Wolf-Dream, undated
BOX 3 Artwork, 1916-1976
Paintings and sketches in various media of individuals, landscapes, and still lifes.
Arranged numerically and described according to subject or location, date of creation, medium, and size.
BOX 3 See Oversize
BOX 4 Additions, 1935-1979
Correspondence, horoscope, medical and psychiatric records, notes, and writings.
Arranged chronologically by addition and therein alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 4 2002 addition
Eissler, K. R., 1962-1967, undated See also same container, 2010 addition 2014 addition, same heading ; and 2023 addition, same heading ; Container 1, same heading
(2 folders)
General, 1935, 1942, 1948, 1960-1969, undated
Horoscope, 1958
Medical and psychiatric records
Hospital notes, 1977-1979
Report by Wilhelm Solms-Rödelheim, 1979
Rorschach test and interview conducted by Frederick Weil, 1955, undated
Miscellany, 1969-1971, undated
Notes on a dream, 1966
“Ein Parallele,” undated See also Container 2, same heading
“Poe, Baudelaire, und Hölderlin,” undated
2010 addition
Eissler, K. R., 1952-1963
(2 folders)
2014 addition
Bonaparte, Marie, Princess, 1951-1952
Eissler, K. R., 1952-1962
(2 folders)
Kris, Ernest, 1946
Recollections of meeting Pankejeff by Anita and Leo Rangell, 1963
Writings, "Gedächtnisprotokoll," by Pankejeff and Franziska Tannert, 1955
2023 addition
Correspondence, Eissler, K. R., 1962-1963
BOX OV 1-OV 27 Oversize, 1916-1976
Artwork including paintings and sketches in various media of individuals, landscapes, and still lifes. Titles assigned by the artist appear in italics. Descriptive titles supplied for untitled works are enclosed in brackets. Pencil sketches on the reverse of oil paintings are described in parentheses following the title. Dual titles have been supplied for paper sheets with drawings on both sides. When multiple sketches appear on the same side of a medium, titles are separated by a slash. Some of the subjects in the unidentified sketches may be Pankejeff's wife, his mother, or the artist himself.
Arranged numerically and described according to subject or location, date of creation, medium, and size.
BOX OV 1 Artwork (Container 3)
No. 1. [Purple, pink, yellow flowers in vase], undated, oil on canvas, 23-1⁄2 x 24 in.
No. 2. [Portrait of Anna Pankejeff], undated, oil on canvas, 17 x 21 in.
No. 3. [Portrait of Therese Pankejeff based on a photograph taken in 1911], 1939, oil on canvas, 18-3⁄4 x 22-1⁄2 in., signed "A. Jank."
No. 4. [Town view, roofs of houses], 1932, oil on canvas, 20-1⁄2 x 23-1⁄2 in., signed "S. Pankejeff"
No. 5. [Portrait of Alexandra Pankejeff], 1942, oil on canvas, 20 x 27 in., signed "Ant. Jank."
BOX OV 2 No. 6. [House in valley], undated, oil on board, 16 x 21 in.
No. 7. [Red, white, yellow flowers in vase], undated, oil on board, 14-3⁄4 x 17-3⁄4 in.
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