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Harry Augustus Garfield papers, 1855-1961

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Subject File, 1892-1943 (continued)
"Problems of Africa," Raymond L. Buel
Ninth session, 1929
Address of welcome by Garfield
"Inter-ally Debts and Reparations," Jacob Viner
"Post-War Constitutional Changes in Europe," George Young
BOX 113 "Mexico: Financial, Social, and Political Changes since 1910," Eyler N. Simpson
"The Interests of United States Citizens in Latin America," Herbert L. Priestley
"Trade Relations as Affected by Politics, Science, and Finance," Harrison E. Howe
"Planned Prosperity: The Effect of Public Fiscal Policies on Trade and Employment," William T. Foster
"Banking, Currency, and Exchange," T. E. Gregory
"Canadian-American Relations," P. E. Corbett
BOX 114 "Limitations of Armaments," C. L. Hussey
"Financial and Commercial Relations with Latin America," Harry T. Collings
"American-Canadian Mineral Resources," C. K. Leith
"Chinese-Russian Relations," George H. Blakeslee
Tenth session, 1930
"Who's Who"
"Convocation Addresses"
"Political Aspects of Aerial Navigation," Edward P. Warner
"An Analysis of Western Civilization," C. De Lisle Burns
"The Domestic and Foreign Aspects of Russia," Ivy Lee
"The Far Eastern Situation," George H. Blakesle
BOX 115 "Limitation of Armaments, "Arthur J. Hepburn and Sir Herbert Richmond
BOX 116 "India and Nationalism," Lord Meston
"The Arctic and the Antarctic," Laura H. Martin
"American Policy in the Caribbean Area, Financial and Economic Aspects," Henry Kittredge Norton
"Pan-American Problems," Jesse S. Reeves
"Recent Economic Progress in Europe," Edwin F. Gay
BOX 117 Eleventh session, 1931
"India and Nationalism," George H. Blakeslee
"Fundamentals of Disarmament," James G. McDonald
"The Distribution of Wealth and Income," T. E. Gregory
"The Future of the British Commonwealth of Nations," P. E. Corbett
"The Pact of Paris," George H. Blakeslee
"The Economic Systems of Fascism, Communism and Capitalism," George H. Blakeslee
BOX 118 "The Future of Democracy," Arthur N. Holcombe
"The Political Situation in Western Europe," William E. Rappard
"Social Psychology of International Conduct," G. M. Stratton
"International Problems of Commercial and Financial Policy," Jacob Viner
BOX 119 Twelfth session, 1932
"The Present Position of the Credit Problem," T. E. Gregory
"Contrasts in Latin American Civilization," Stephen P. Duggan, Jr.
"The Limitations of Armaments," Raymond L. Buell
"Sino-Japanese Relations in Eastern Asia," Henry Kittredge Norton
"The Peace Treaties and the Map of Europe," Bernadotte E. Schmidt
"The St. Lawrence Waterway Project," W. W. McLoren
"A Consideration of the Stimson Doctrine," Stephen P. Duggan
"The Disintegration of the Modern World Order," Arnold J. Toynbee
BOX 120 "American Economic Foreign Policy," John H. Williams
"The Imperial Economic Conference," P. E. Corbett
BOX 121 Reports of the conferences
BOX 122 1929-1930
"A Critique of the Institute of Politics", Aug. 1931
Garfield's notes on possible speakers for the institute, arranged by country, 1920-1929
BOX 123 Miscellaneous material relating to the institute, 1924-1932
BOX 124 Institute on World Organization, American University, Washington, D. C. 1941
Inter-American Field Studies, 1941-1942
James Madison Memorial Pew, St. John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C., 1938-1940
Memorandum by Garfield, 1926
League to Enforce Peace, 1918-1919
Municipal government, 1916
(1 folder)
BOX 125 (1 folder)
National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1937
National Economy League, 1938-1939
National Recovery Administration, 1933
Outdoor Cleanliness Association, Washington, D.C.
Royal Order of Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro, 1921
BOX 126 St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H., 1892-1902
United China Relief, 1942
United States Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission, 1936-1939
United States Fuel Administration
BOX 127 1918-1919
BOX 128 1918-1919, 1937, 1943
BOX 129 1918-1920, 1932
BOX 130 Printed matter
BOX 131 1918-1919
Washington Monument Society, 1940-1942
Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.
Class of 1885
General, 1881-1942
Williams College Alumni Review, 1909-1942
BOX 132 World Peace Foundation, 1930-1942
(1 folder)
BOX 133 (14 folder)
BOX 134 (16 folders)
BOX 135 (20 folders)
BOX 136 (15 folders)
BOX 137 (18 folders)
BOX 138 (7 folders)
BOX 139-160 Speech, Book, and Article File, 1882-1947
Notes, drafts, speech material and related correspondence.
Arranged by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 139 Speeches and articles
BOX 140 1905-1909
BOX 141 1910-1914
BOX 142 1915-1916
BOX 143 1917-1919
BOX 144 1920-Mar. 1921
BOX 145 1921-July 1922
BOX 146 1923-1925
BOX 147 1926-1927
BOX 148 1928-1929
BOX 149 1930-June 1931
BOX 150 1931-Nov. 1932
BOX 151 1933-1937
BOX 152 1938-1940, undated
BOX 153 Undated
BOX 154 Newspaper clippings on speeches
BOX 155 1931-1934
BOX 156 Lost Visions (1944)
BOX 157 Correspondence, 1943-1947
BOX 158 Williams Athenaeum
BOX 159 1885
The Argo, 1882-1885
BOX 160 Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., president's reports, 1902-1934
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