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Fredric Wertham papers, 1818-1986

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BOX 1-2 Freud-Frink File, 1911-1980
Patient case files, correspondence, including original letters between Freud and Horace Westlake Frink, photographs, miscellany, and writings by or about Frink.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and thereunder by topic or name of person or organization.
BOX 1 Case files of patients treated by Wertham
Bennett, Helen Wimpfheimer, 1927
Frink, Horace Westlake, 1924-1936
Murphy, Wilkins H., Jr., 1929
With Frink
Boseman, Claude A., 1936
Brill, A. A., 1933
Crofts, F. S., 1936
Freud, Sigmund, 1920-1923
Meyer, Monroe, 1921
Wertham, Fredric, 1924-1925
Winter, Ella, 1932-1933, undated
Wittels, Fritz, 1935
With Wertham
Adams, Leslie, 1948
Bernays, Edward L., 1955
Boseman, Claude A., 1936
Frink, Horace Westlake, 1924-1936, undated
Kardiner, Abraham, 1955
Kempf, Edward J., 1944
Kraft, Helen Louise Frink (Mrs. William R.) (Frink's daughter by his first wife), 1948-1980
Meyer, Adolf, 1924
Rose, Augustus S., 1936
Sargent, Ruth Leavitt Frye Frink (Frink's third wife), 1936-1968, undated See also Container 1, Freud bill for Frink analysis; and Photographs
Sigmund Freud Archives (K. R. Eissler), 1952-1960
Snyder, Carl, circa 1936
Soule, George, 1939
Description of meeting between Ruth Frink Sargent and A. A. Brill, circa 1936, photocopy of "A Thwarted Interview," episode fourteen in Wertham's unpublished autobiography, "Episodes from the Life of a Psychiatrist"
Freud bill for Frink analysis, 1922
Medical practice records of Frink, 1911, undated
Miscellaneous notes by Wertham, 1927-1975, undated
(2 folders)
Frink, Angelika Wertheim Bijur (Frink's second wife), 1969
Frink, Horace Westlake, 1936
Kirchwey, Freda, 1976
Stern, Adolph, 1958
Wertheim, Emma Stern (Mrs. Jacob) (step-mother of Angelika Wertheim, Frink's second wife), undated
Outline of Frink case by Wertham, "Freud's
Mismanagement of a Case, August 1975," 1975
Photographs, 1922-1923, undated
Printed matter, 1930-1972, undated
Writings by Frink
Analysis of Irvin S. Cobb's "Darkness," undated
BOX 2 Book review of John Rathbone Oliver's Fear: The Autobiography of James Edwards, 1927
Lectures, undated
Miscellany, undated
Morbid Fears and Compulsions, galley proofs (incomplete), undated
"A Sketch of Freud," undated
Untitled work on ethics, undated
BOX 2-4 General Correspondence, 1911-1986
Letters sent and received, with enclosed and related matter.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or name of correspondent or organization.
BOX 2 Bliven, Bruce, 1947
Boatner, Barbara, 1977-1980, undated
Bruccoli, Matthew J., 1972
Butler, Henry, 1969-1970
Crank letters, 1971-1974, undated
Ernst, Morris L., 1957, undated
Fan mail, 1938-1985, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 3 Fowler, Barbara, 1968-1972, undated
Galdston, Iago, 1944-1950
Gilbert, James B., 1977-1981, undated
Greenberg, Jack, 1974, undated
Greenspan, Lou, 1968-1977, undated
(2 folders)
Gutheil, Emil A., 1958-1977
Hall, Jerome, 1953, 1956-1957, undated
Hewetson, Alan, 1967-1975, undated
James Brown Associates (regarding plagiarism by Edmund Carpenter in Maclean's magazine), 1957
Jarcho, Saul, 1974-1975
Jones, Ernest, 1917-1955, undated
Karelsen, Frank E., Jr., 1946-1955, undated
Legman, Gershon, 1947-1977, undated
Library of Congress, 1977-1982, undated
Malachi, Fr., 1974
Mártí-Ibáñez, Félix, 1960-1977
Memberships, 1966-1971
Miller, Arthur, 1945-1984
BOX 4 Miscellany, 1931-1986, undated
(2 folders)
Müller-Hegemann, Dietfried, 1950-1961
Pichette, J. A., 1958, undated
Publishers, 1932-1984, undated
(2 folders)
Rossant, Maxwell J., 1969, undated
Solicitations, declined, 1963-1973
Sorrells, Ron, 1970-1971
Verness, Lucille, 1952-1980, undated
Wertheimer, Sigmund and Mathilde (Wertham's parents), 1911-1935
Unidentified, 1982
BOX 5-97 Research Files, 1818-1982
Correspondence, clippings, articles, scientific papers, research notes, memoranda, reports, photographs, drawings, patient case files and related materials, psychiatric tests, comic books, transcripts of interviews and court proceedings.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization, topic, or type of material.
BOX 5 Art
Abstract art, 1923-1962, undated
(2 folders)
Allentown, Pa., Art Museum, 1980-1981
Art and architecture, 1935-1974
Art and society, 1934-1973
Art, literature, and music, 1937-1976
Art reproductions, 1926-1970, undated
Art thefts, 1961
Ashanti gold dust weights, 1975, undated See also Container 215, same heading
Condor, Charles, 1914-1975
General, 1924-1982
(2 folders)
Graphic art, 1927-1967, undated
Lozowick, Louis, 1934-1982, undated
BOX 6 Negro art, 1970-1981
Pathological art, 1914-1953, undated See also Container 216, Comic books
Santos, 1924-1976
Shadow plays, 1969-1977
Children and youth
Battered child syndrome, 1949-1977
Child abuse, 1935-1938, 1958-1977 See also Container 93, same heading
(3 folders)
Child anthology, 1950
Child psychiatry, 1931-1981
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