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Fredric Wertham papers, 1818-1986

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Writings, 1895-1983 (continued)
"A Study in Pain" See also Container 168, "A Psychosomatic Study of Myself"
Correspondence, 1952
Printed version, 1952
Research file, 1946-1956, undated
"The Study of Violence," 1968
"Ten Ways a Child May Tell You He Is Headed for a Troubled Teen Age"
Fan mail, 1959
Publisher, 1958-1959
Drafts and printed version, 1958-1959
Research file, 1947-1959, undated
BOX 171 "Three Phases in Psychopathology," undated
"Trial by Violence," 1954
"An Unconscious Determinant in 'Native Son'"
Analyses, Robert Gorham Davis, "Art and Anxiety," and Waldemar Kaempffert, "An Author's Mind Plumbed for the Unconscious Factor in the Creation of a Novel," 1944-1945
Printed version, 1944
"Unitary Theory of Violence Disputed," 1968
"Viewpoints," 1966
"Violence: A Social Problem," 1968-1969, undated
"Violence and Society" in two parts, I "Violence Today," and II "The Anti-violence Dilemma"
Correspondence, 1967
Draft and printed version, 1967
Research file, 1967
"The Virus of Violence" (regarding the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.), 1968
"What about Dr. Jung?" 1949
"What about Your Health?" undated
"What Are Comic Books?" 1949
"What Do We Know about Mass Media Effects?"
Correspondence, 1968-1969
Draft and printed version, 1968
Research file, 1968-1969
"What Is the Effect of Television and Movies on Sexual Attitudes and Behavior?" 1967-1968
"What Parents Don't Know about Comic Books," 1953-1954
"What to Do Till the Doctor Goes," 1949-1950
"What to Tell Your Child about Sex Offenders," 1957
BOX 172 "What Your Children Think of You," 1948
"What's Worrying You?" (magazine column)
General, 1949-1953
Memoranda concerning proposed continuing feature on psychiatry to run in Ladies Home Journal, 1953
"Depression," 1953
"Drinking," 1953
"Guilt Feelings, 1953
"Humiliation," 1953
"Jealousy," 1953
Miscellaneous research file, 1952-1953
Proposed topics, 1953, undated
"Who Is Carmen?" 1948
"Why Do Some Teen-Agers Become Delinquent?" 1954
"Why Do They Commit Murder?" 1951-1954, undated
Wilder, Joseph, eulogy, 1976, undated
"The Yoga-system and Psychoanalysis" (published in England by Wertham under the pseudonym F. I. Winter), 1918-1919
Unidentified, undated
Book reviews
Alphabetical file
Adam, H. A., Geisteskrankheit in alter und neuer Zeit, 1928
Alexander, F. Mathias, Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, 1926
Alexander, Franz, and Hugo Staub, The Criminal, the Judge, and the Public, 1957
Anderson, William K., Malarial Psychoses and Neuroses, 1927
Arens, Richard
Insanity Defense, 1974
Make Mad the Guilty: The Insanity Defense in the District of Columbia, 1969
Bandura, Albert, and Richard H. Walters, Adolescent Aggression, 1959
Baruch, Dorothy W., Glass House of Prejudice, 1946
Berg, Charles, Deep Analysis, 1947
Bernays, Doris Fleischman, A Wife Is Many Women, 1955
Blondel, C. H., La Psychanalyse, 1924
Bonhoeffer, K., ed., Die psychiatrischen Aufgaben bei der Ausführung des Gesetzes zur Verhütung erbkranken Nachwuchses, 1934
Bowman, Karl M., Medical and Social Study of One Hundred Cases Referred by the Courts to the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, 1928
Branham, Vernon, and Samuel B. Butash, Encyclopedia of Criminology, 1949
Brill, A. A., Freud's Contribution to Psychiatry, 1944
Brousseau, Kate, Mongolism, 1928
Brown, Carlton, Brainstorm, 1944
Bühler, Karl, Die geistige Entwicklung des Kindes, 1929
BOX 173 Cassity, John Holland, The Quality of Murder, 1959
Cohen, Louis H., Murder, Madness, and the Law, 1952
Cox, Oliver Cromwell, Caste, Class and Race, 1948
Devine, Henry, Recent Advances in Psychiatry, 1929
Doestoevsky, F. M., Stavrogin's Confession, undated
Dunsany, Edward John, War Poems, 1943
East, Norwood, Society and the Criminal, 1952
Eissler, K. R., ed., Searchlights on Delinquency, 1949
Ellson, Hal, Duke, 1949
Fenichel, Otto, The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis, 1946
Fitzsimmons, Laura W., Textbook for Psychiatric Attendants, 1947
Flugel, J. C., Man, Morals and Society, 1946
Freud, Sigmund
Leonardo da Vinci: A Study in Psychosexuality, with an introduction by A. A. Brill, 1947
The Question of Lay Analysis, 1950
Fromm, Erich
Man for Himself, 1948
Marx on Freedom, 1962
Gil, David G., "Violence against Children," 1971-1972
Gilbert, G. M., Nuremberg Diary, 1947
Glover, Edward, The Roots of Crime, 1961
Glueck, Sheldon, Probation and Criminal Justice, 1933
Göttler, Joseph, System der Pädagogik in Umriss, 1932
Gottlieb, Bernhardt S., Understanding Your Adolescent, 1956
Gutheil, Emil A., ed., The Autobiography of Wilhelm Stekel, 1950
Guttmacher, Manfred S., Psychiatry and the Law, 1952
Guyon, René, Sexual Freedom, 1950
Hamer, Alvin C., ed., Detroit Murders, 1948
Hollingshead, August B., and Fredrick C. Redlich, Social Class and Mental Illness, 1958-1959
Hollingworth, Ledta S., The Psychology of the Adolescent, 1929
Hubbard, L. Ron, Dianetics, 1947-1951
Hübner, A.H., Die psychiatrisch-neurologische Begutachtung in der Lebensversicherungsmedizin, 1929
Hühner, Max, A Practical Treatise on Disorders of the Sexual Function in the Male and Female, 1929
Hunter, Richard, and Ida Macalpine, Three Hundred Years of Psychiatry, 1535-1860, 1963
Jackson, Charles, The Fall of Valor, 1946, undated
Jacobson, Edmund, Progressive Relaxation, 1929
Janet, Pierre, Principles of Psychotherapy, 1926
Jaspers, Karl, The Question of German Guilt, 1948
Jocobowsky, Bernhard, Liquorstudien bei progressiver Paralyse, 1930
Josephson, Matthew, Stendhal, 1946-1947
BOX 174 Karpman, Benjamin, The Sexual Offender and His Offenses, 1955-1956
Kelley, Douglas M., 22 Cells in Nuremberg, 1947
Klages, Ludwig, Prinzipien der Charakterologie, 1932
Kluger, Richard, Simple Justice, 1951-1976, undated
Komarovsky, Mirra, The Unemployed Man and His Family, 1941
Krauch, Elsa, A Mind Restored: The Story of Jim Curran, 1939
Kretschmer, Ernst, Hysteria, 1926
Kuntz, Albert, The Autonomic Nervous System, 1930
Laignel-Lavastine, M., La pratique Psychiatrique, 1929
Lennox, William G., and Stanley Cobb, Epilepsy, 1928
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