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Fredric Wertham papers, 1818-1986

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Writings, 1895-1983 (continued)
Short stories
"Arc in Bronze," undated
"Death of Venus," undated
"Geschichten vom Ich" (series of eight stories)
"Die Abendzeitung," undated
"Begegnung mit einem Buch," undated
"Das Dienstmädchen," undated
"Geschichten vom Ich" (series of eight stories)
"Francis Thompson," undated
"Das Haus mit dem vergitterten Fenster," undated
"Im Zug," undated
"Salve Regina," undated
"Die Verlobung," undated
BOX 192 "Judgment Day," 1968-1975, undated
Research files, 1923-1969, undated
(2 folders)
Unfinished drafts, 1927-1945, undated
By others
Articles and essays
Arens, Richard, "Genocide in Paraguay," 1976
(2 folders)
Bandura, Albert, and Richard H. Walters, "The Social Learning of Deviant Behavior: The Role of Imitation," undated
Burgum, Edwin, "The Psychoanalysis of the Creative Artist," 1962
Carew, Raymond, "Two Men and a Woman," undated
Collins, Charles W.
"The Mark of the Oppressor," undated
"Why Do They Do It?" 1959
Flournoy, Henry, "The Psychiatric Teaching of Adolf Meyer," 1927
Gaddis, Thomas, "Trip to the People-Keepers," 1973
Galdston, Iago, "Psychosomatic Medicine: Past, Present and Future," 1955
Garcia-Buñuel, Leonard, "The Clarinda Plan," undated
Geen, Russel, and Leonard Berkowitz, "The Stimulus Qualities of the Target of Aggression: A Further Study," and "Name-mediated Aggressive Cue Properties," undated
Glueck, Sheldon, and Eleanor Glueck
"Predictability in the Administration of Criminal Justice," 1929
BOX 193 Related materials, 1940-1960, undated
Guttmacher, Manfred, "Psychiatry and the Law," 1953
Kanner, Leo, "Cultural Implications of Children's Behavior Problems," undated
Kanter, Emanuel, "An Introduction to Marxian Psychology," undated
Kemper, Werner, "Die Aufgaben der Seelenheilkunde in der Gegenwart," undated
Kollontay, Alexandra, "Führende Frauen Europas," 1929
Kraepelin, Emil, "Die Erscheinungsformen des Irreseins," 1920
Landis, Bernard, "Thorstein Veblen, Social Critic," undated
Lannox, W. G., E. L. Gibbs, and F. A. Gibbs, "The Inheritance of Epilepsy As Revealed by the Electroencephalograph," 1939
Mannes, Marya, "The Values We Are Sold," 1958
Maslow, Vera, "Heidegger," 1964
Mead, Margaret, "Character Formation in Two South Sea Societies," 1940
Meeropol, Abel, eulogy for Anne Meeropol (adopted mother of Michael and Robert Rosenberg) See also Container 26, Rosenberg, Michael and Robert (Meeropol); and Container 214, Meeropol, Anne
Meyer, Adolf, "Review of `Psychiatrie: Ein Lehrbuch für Studirende und Aerzte,' by Emil Kraepelin," and "The Psychiatric Career of Kraepelin," 1896, 1926
Miscellany, undated
Mosse, Hilde See also Container 194, Book reviews
"Child Psychiatry and Social Action," 1977-1981
"Concrete Analysis," 1961
"Individual and Collective Violence," 1969
"The Influence of Mass Media on the Mental Health of Children," 1962
"Modern Psychiatry and the Law," 1958
"The Psychotherapeutic Management of Masked Depression in Children," 1969
"Terrorism and Mass Media,"
Munzel, Mark, "Public Kill: The Death of the Ache," 1974
Rubinstein, S. L., "Fundamentals of General Psychology," 1940
BOX 194 Schilder, Paul
"Der Begriff der Demenz," 1928
"Das Körperbild und die Sozialpsychologie," 1933
"Über Stellungnahmen Todkranken," 1927
"Ueber die kausale Bedeutung des durch Psychoanalyse gewonnen Materiales," 1921
Related materials, 1940-1967
Shoul, Bernice, "The Marxian Theory of Capitalist Breakdown," 1947
Slovenko, Ralph, and Cyril Phillips,"Psychosexuality and the Criminal Law," 1962
Smith, Margaret Chase, "'Sick Movies'–A Menace to Children," 1967
Sokol, Jack, "A Pioneer Approach in the Treatment of Offenders," 1954
Stekel, Wilhelm, "Der telepathische Traum," undated
Syz, Hans, "Problems of Perspective from the Background of Trigant Burrow's Group Analytic Researchers," 1959
Szasz, Thomas, "What Psychiatry Can and Cannot Do," 1962-1973
Tieplov, B. M., "Soviet Science of Psychology during the Last Thirty Years," 1947
Trembly, Francis, various newspaper articles, 1973-1974
Walters, Richard H., and Edward Thomas, "Enhancement of Punitiveness by Visual and Audiovisual Displays," undated
Weinerman, E. Richard, "The Anatomy of Anxiety," 1955
Wilson, Edmund, "Brokers and Pioneers," 1932
Wolf, K. H., "Der Pariser Kommune-aufstand," undated
Zolotow, Maurice, "The Psychiatrist at Work," undated
General, undated
"The Unarraigned Criminal," undated
Book reviews, 1942-1963, undated
French, 1926-1927, 1935-1959, undated
German, 1922-1938, 1951-1964, undated
BOX 195 Miscellany, 1895, 1904-1974, undated
(2 folders)
Unidentified, 1929-1977, undated
BOX 195-213 Personal Miscellany, 1906-1982
Correspondence, research notes, biographical information, drawings, notes in bound, loose, and card format, bibliographical information, and psychiatric testing information and materials.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, topic, or type of material.
BOX 195 Art collection See also Container 214, With art collection; and Container 215, same heading
Flannagan, John, 1931-1973, undated
Lissitzky, El, correspondence by others regarding Lissitzky, 1946-1982
Meyer-Chagall, Ida, 1960
Doodles, drawings, watercolor sketches, and art reproductions, 1914-1973, undated See also Oversize
Research files, 1922-1982, undated
(2 folders)
Biographical information
Wertham, Florence Hesketh
Art by Hesketh, 1936, undated
Artist catalogs, 1946-1947
Biographical articles, 1939, 1945
Wertham, Fredric
Biographical articles, 1935-1967, undated
BOX 196 Curriculum vitae, 1948-1981, undated
"Firsts" in Wertham's professional career, 1945-1964, undated
Miscellany, 1940-1981, undated
Obituaries, 1981, undated
Printed matter citing Wertham, 1937-1982, undated
(3 folders)
Drawings depicting Wertham, 1917, undated See Oversize
BOX 197 Medical bibliography (consisting mostly of books in German), circa 1914-circa 1921
A-O (bundles III-VII)
BOX 198 P-Z and mixed (bundles VIII-X and I-II)
BOX 199 Mixed (bundles, unmarked)
BOX 200 Miscellaneous notes
Card indexes, undated
Fanzine notes
(1 folder)
BOX 201 (1 folder)
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