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Fredric Wertham papers, 1818-1986

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Photographs, circa 1900-1978 (continued)
Bellevue Hospital, New York, N.Y., records room, undated
Bluehills, Kempton, Pa. (including Hesketh), 1966-1970, undated
Lafargue Clinic, New York, N.Y. (including Wertham et al.), undated
(2 folders)
Miscellany, undated
Pisa, Italy, undated
Queens Mental Hygiene Clinic, Jamaica, N.Y., 1951
Santa Fe, N. Mex., trip
Indian dances, 1937
Individuals, 1937
Landscapes, 1937
Miscellany, 1937
Santos, 1937
Wertham with others and on horseback, 1937
(2 folders)
Unidentified, undated
Art collection See also Container 195, same heading ; and Container 214, With art collection
Ashanti gold dust weights, 1975-1976 See also Container 5, same heading
Paintings, negatives, undated
Portraits and sketches of Wertham, photographic reproductions, undated
(2 folders)
Psychiatric tests
Colored blocks on tray, undated
Mosaic test by Wertham, productions of various patients, 1952, undated See also Container 210, Mosaic test
Sandbox, undated
BOX 216 Subjects
Comic books, 1948-1973, undated See also Containers 92 and 117, same heading
Miscellany, undated
Nazi concentration camp victims, negatives, circa 1945
Pathological art, photographic reproductions, 1926-1929, undated See also Container 6, same heading
"Saturday Night Club" of H. L. Mencken, Baltimore, Md., 1937, undated
BOX R 217-R 222 Restricted, 1920-1976
Patient records.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX R 217 Research Files
Forensic files
Court cases involving Wertham
Barber, Ronald
Miscellany, 1954-1960, undated (Container 15)
Brown, Robert
Patient case file, 1949, 1957, 1966, undated (Container 16)
Chapin, Kenneth
Patient case file, 1955-1956 (Container 17)
Cirinsone, James (J. Corona), 1941-1954, undated (Container 18)
BOX R 218 Florence, Ralph M. (Harold)
Patient case file, 1933, 1953 (Container 20)
Galloway, John, 1958 (Container 20)
Hatch, Renee (Renee Perkins Gregoire)
General, 1944-1954 (Container 21)
Koslow, Jack
Patient case file, 1952-1954 (Container 22)
Long, Joseph, 1960-1962, undated (Container 23)
Long, Walter, 1930, 1961, undated (Container 23)
Lupoli, Ann
Patient case file, 1951-1961, undated (Container 23)
Mahoney, Joseph P., 1957 (Container 23)
BOX R 219 Marrone, Ronald P.
Patient case file, 1952-1957, undated (Container 24)
Mott, Walter R., 1960-1965 (Container 24)
Olsson, Harold R., 1961 (Container 24)
Rosenberg, Michael and Robert (Meeropol) (Container 26)
Case files
Rosenberg, Michael, 1948-1962, undated
(3 folders)
Rosenberg, Robert, 1953-1954, 1974
Hebrew Children's Home, Bronx, N.Y., 1950-1951, undated
Sova, Edward, 1958 (Container 27)
BOX R 220 Squires, La Verne
Patient case file, 1952-1957 (Container 27)
(2 folders)
Tiernan, Helen
Patient case file, 1937, 1950-1953 (Container 27)
Urbano, Robert, 1960 (Container 29)
Vivers, Paul, 1960 (Container 29)
Word, Reagie, 1950 (Container 30)
Criminal case files
Fraden, Harlow, 1953-1954 (Container 31)
BOX R 221 Gerry, Violet
Patient case file, 1942-1950, undated (Container 31)
Heirens, William, 1946 (Container 32)
Leonski, Edward J., 1976 (Container 33)
Psychiatric hospital malpractice cases
Bellevue State Hospital malpractice investigation, New York, N.Y.
Patient case files, 1936-1940, 1947-1952, undated (Container 35)
Mental hospitals (Container 45)
Patient case files, 1939, 1951, undated
Lafargue Clinic, New York, N.Y.
Marionettes used as a projection method in psychotherapy with children
Patient case files, 1939-1940 (Container 52)
(3 folders)
Patient cases and Wertham's involvement in related court actions, 1946-1957 (Container 52)
BOX R 222 Psychology (includes psychiatry and psychoanalysis)
Insanity, simulated
Patient case file, James Ginsberg, 1942, 1952 (Container 82)
Quaker Emergency Service Readjustment Center, New York, N.Y.
Patient case files (Container 90)
Miscellany, 1949-1951
Skora, William S., 1949-1951
Seduction of the Innocent (1954)
General research files (Container 121)
Patient case files
Guyon, Robert, 1945-1952
Lucas, Edward, 1948, 1954, undated
Miscellany, 1948-1952
Peebles, Robert, 1947-1950
BOX OV 1-OV 2 Oversize, 1917-1961
Photographs, drawings, art reproductions, poster, and scrapbook. Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Research Files
Lafargue Clinic, New York, N.Y.
Lafargue, Paul, with related materials about his nephew, undated (Container 52)
Scrapbook, 1942-1954, undated (Container 52)
BOX OV 2 Noted individuals
Lenin, Vladimir I., undated (Container 58)
By Wertham
Seduction of the Innocent (1954)
Related materials
1954 edition
Photographic reproductions
General, undated (Container 127)
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