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Rowland Evans papers, 1924-2001

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BOX I:1-8 Part I: Notebooks, 1960-1995
Reporter’s notebooks containing handwritten notes recorded by Evans of various interviews and events.
Arranged chronologically
BOX I:1 1960-1966, Feb.
(5 folders)
BOX I:2 1966, Mar.-1968, Aug.
(5 folders)
BOX I:3 1968, Sept.-1972, July
(5 folders)
BOX I:4 1972, Sept.-1978
(5 folders)
BOX I:5 1978-1984, June
(6 folders)
BOX I:6 1984, Aug.-1989
(6 folders)
BOX I:7 1990-1995
(4 folders)
(1 folder)
BOX I:8 Undated
(4 folders)
BOX I:8-17 Part I: Journalism File, 1961-2001
Correspondence, drafts, notes, transcripts, legal records, research material, photocopies, printed matter, and miscellaneous items relating to articles and other political commentary by Evans and Robert D. Novak.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX I:8 Articles and other writings
Drafts, 1962-1963, undated
(2 folders)
BOX I:9 Newspaper clippings, 1961
Proof, undated
Correspondence, 1997, undated
“Evans and Novak,” CNN television, fifteenth anniversary, 1997
“Evans-Novak Report,” Metromedia-WTTG television, transcripts, 1969
(4 folders)
Inside Report
Articles written after retirement, 1993-2000
BOX I:10 Israel and the Middle East, 1967-1993
(6 folders)
Russia, 1989-1993
BOX I:11 Syndication contracts, 1985-1989, undated
Twenty-fifth anniversary, 1988
Ollman v. Evans and Novak
Correspondence, 1978-1987, undated
Legal briefs and records, 1979-1984, undated
(2 folders)
Printed matter, 1972, 1978-1987, undated
Reader’s Digest
1981, Dec., “Pakistan: Nation on a Tightrope,” 1980-1981, undated
Jan., “America and Israel: A Troubled Partnership”
Correspondence, 1981-1982, undated
BOX I:12 Drafts and notes, 1981-1982, undated
General, 1981
June, “What’s Happened to U.S. Foreign Policy?” 1981-1982, undated
Nov., Hafez Assad, proposed article, 1970-1983, undated
Dec. “George Shultz: Diplomacy’s Quiet Man,” 1983, undated
Feb., “Israel’s Hour of Danger”
Correspondence, 1983-1984
Drafts and notes, 1984, undated
General, 1981-1984, undated
BOX I:13 June, “He Makes America Strong”
Correspondence, undated
Drafts and notes, 1985, undated
General, 1972, 1980-1985, undated
1986, Nov., “Congress Is Crippling the CIA”
Correspondence, 1985-1986, undated
Drafts, 1986, undated
General, 1984-1986, undated
June, “Soviet Reform: Can Gorbachev Bring It Off?”
Correspondence, 1987, undated
Drafts and notes, 1987, undated
BOX I:14 General, 1985-1987, undated
Dec., “High Stakes in the Persian Gulf,” 1980-1987, undated
1989, “Which Way Germany?” 1988-1989, undated
1990, Aug., “Freedom’s Flight in the Baltics”
Correspondence, 1990, undated
Drafts and notes, 1990, undated
General, 1988-1990, undated
1991, “The Quiet, Big Clout of Dick Cheney”
Correspondence, 1991, undated
BOX I:15 Drafts and notes, undated
General, 1975-1991, undated
1993, Jan., “A Healer in the Holy Land”
Correspondence, 1992
Drafts, 1992, undated
General, 1975, 1988-1992, undated
1994, Aug., “The Oslo Channel”
Correspondence, 1994, undated
Drafts and notes, 1994, undated
General, 1993-1994, undated
BOX I:16 1995, Apr., “Clinton’s Yo-Yo Diplomacy,” 1994-1995, undated
1996, Jan., “If War Should Come”
Correspondence, 1995
Drafts and notes, 1995, undated
General, 1993-1995, undated
1997, Sept., “A Woman Who Stands for Freedom”
Correspondence, 1997
Drafts and notes, 1997, undated
General, 1991-1997, undated
BOX I: 17 1999, May, “Can We Fight the Next War?” 1998-1999, undated
Takeyama newsletter, articles, 1997-2001, undated
(4 folders)
BOX I:17-24 Part I: Book File, 1952-1981
Correspondence, drafts, interviews, notes, transcripts, outlines, proofs, research material, printed matter, and miscellaneous items concerning the research and writing of books by Evans and Robert D. Novak.
Arranged alphabetically by title of book.
BOX I:17 Carter, Jimmy, proposed book
Transcripts, 1977, undated
BOX I:18 Typescript notes, 1979, undated
Miscellany, 1978
Outline, 1980
Lyndon B. Johnson: The Exercise of Power
Corrections, undated
Draft, undated
Chapters 1-18
(5 folders)
BOX I:19 Chapters 19-25
(2 folders)
Kiker, Douglas, 1964-1965, undated
Outline, undated
Proofs, 1966
Research material
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