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William Walden Rubey papers, 1920-1974

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Speeches and Writings, 1923-1974 (continued)
“The Force Required to Move Particles on a Stream Bed,” Shorter Contributions to General Geology, United States Geological Survey For additional material see Container 34, 1935, Apr. 10
Printed version
Research notes
Coefficient of frictional resistance
(2 folders)
G. K. Gilbert's experiment
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
Mean velocities
Settling velocities
Stream profiles
BOX 15 Discussion of “The Passage of Turbid Water through Lake Mead,” by N. C. Grover and G. S. Howard, American Society of Civil Engineers
1951, “Geologic History of Sea Water: An Attempt to State the Problem,” Bulletin of the Geological Society of America
Illustrative materials
(2 folders)
Printed version
Requests for copies, 1951-1954, 1973, undated
Research notes
Abundance of gases
Area of continents and thickness of sediments
Average shale
CO2 equivalent
Deposition and saturation
Population and effect on CO2 equilibrium
River water added
CO2 vs. pH
8̊, 15%
30̊, 19.37%
CO2 equilibrium only
K1CaCO2, K1CaSO4
BOX 16 Original calculations
Saltwater, CaCO2, 8̊ 19.37%
Composition of earth's crust
Composition of Sandstone, Shale, Limestone
Deep sea sediments
General composition
(2 folders)
Glob ooze composition
Porosity and density
(2 folders)
Relative volume
Escape of gases
Escape velocity
Equilibrium constant
Excess volatiles
BOX 17 General
(3 folders)
Calculations of a and c, Recent-Eocene
Deep sea and continental sediments
(2 folders)
Pre ∈-Silurian
Recent-Eocene and general
Geogram., 5%, C1
Isostatic considerations
Isostatics and differentials
Mean composition of continents and deep sea sediments
Na, SO3, C1, O2
Oceanic thermal gradients
Partial melting
pH of primitive oceans
(2 folders)
Pressure vs. depth
Spitzer equation
Thermal springs
BOX 19 1955
“The Development of the Hydrosphere and Atmosphere, with Special Reference to Probable Composition of the Early Atmosphere,” Crust of the Earth Symposium, Geological Society of America, special paper See also Container 35, 1954, Oct. 14
Correspondence, 1953-1955
(4 folders)
Printed version
Research notes, 1954-1955
Atmosphere from cosmic abundance
Atmosphere from excess volatiles
Revision notes
“Early Structural History of the Overthrust Belt of Western Wyoming and Adjacent States,” Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook, 1952-1955
“Role of Fluid Pressure in Mechanics of Overthrust Faulting,” co-authored with M. King Hubbert, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America See also Container 37, 1957, Nov. 5
Correspondence, 1957-1961
(6 folders)
BOX 20 Critiques and editing by colleagues, 1958
Drafts, 1958
(6 folders)
BOX 21 Illustrative materials
Printed version
Requests for copies, 1959-1969, undated
Research notes
Abnormal pressure and rate of sedation
Diagrammatic structure sections
Fault thrusts
BOX 22 General
(3 folders)
Geologic rates in past, world maximum thickness
Gulf coast
(2 folders)
[K1/a3 vs. ∈]
p+/D, D and P
Krumbein and Casagrande
Overthrust belt
Perry-porosity diagram, 1958-1959
Rates of deformation
Rates of geosynclinal sinking
Relative thickness of differential ages
Slide origins of thrusts
Terzaghi, Macey
“Role of Fluid Pressure in Mechanics of Overthrust Faulting: A Discussion by D. T. Griggs and C. B. Raleigh,” Bulletin of the Geological Society of America
“Role of Fluid Pressure in Mechanics of Overthrust Faulting: A Discussion by Walter L. Moore and Lymon C. Reese,” Bulletin of the Geological Society of America
BOX 23 1960
“Mechanics of Overthrust Faulting and the Development of Abnormal Fluid Pressure,” co-authored with G. T. Griggs and C. B. Raleigh
Correspondence, 1959-1960
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