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Frances G. Wickes papers, 1896-1996

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Writings, 1928-1966 (continued)
BOX 13 Miscellaneous notes, undated
BOX 13 Radio talk given for Child Study Association, coast-to-coast broadcast, 1931
BOX 13 “Talk on Love,” undated
BOX 13 By others
BOX 13 Adler, Gerhard
BOX 13 “Ego-Integration and Patterns of Coniunctio,” 1958
BOX 13 “On the Archetypal Content of Transference,” 1954
BOX 13 “Regarding the Question of Meaning in Psychotherapy,” 1962
BOX 13 Aylward, Father James, “Archetype and Natural Law,” 1962
BOX 13 Burgess, Alice, Indian material, undated
BOX 13 Chung-Yuan Chang
BOX 13 “Creativity as Process in Taoism,” 1957
BOX 13 “Self-Realization and the Inner Process of Peace,” undated
BOX 13 “Tao and the Sympathy of All Things,” 1956
BOX 13 “Tao as a Process of Self-Realization,” undated
BOX 13 Deady, Henderson, copy of notes on seminar, Zurich, Switzerland, 1927, undated
BOX 13 de Laszlo, V., “Conscience and the Transcendent Function,” 1943
BOX 13 Edinger, Edward F.
BOX 13 “Our Lady’s Child,” undated
BOX 13 “Trinity and Quaternity,” undated
BOX 13 Engel, W. H., Psychiatric Consequences of Persecution,” 1962
BOX 13 Franz, M. L. von, “Religious Aspects in the Background of the Puer-Aeternus Problem,” undated
BOX 13 Goodrich, Chauncey S., The Fragrant Wine Chu-ch’ang,” undated
BOX 13 Harding, M. Esther, notes from seminar by C. G. Jung, Cornwall, England, 1923
BOX 13 Henderson, Joseph L.
BOX 13 “The Archetype of Culture,” undated
BOX 13 “Initiation Rites,” 1939
BOX 13 “Resolutions of the Transference in Light of C. G. Jung’s Psychology,” undated
BOX 13 Hogle, George, “Epistle to the Wickseans,” 1955
BOX 13 Howes, Elizabeth Boyden, “The Ethics of Self-fulfillment,” undated
BOX 13 Jacoby, Jolande, “Marriage Problems,” 1953-1954
BOX 13 Jones, Robert Edmund, Behind the Scenes, last chapter, 1941
BOX 13 Jung, C. G.
BOX 13 “Alchemical Text,” undated
BOX 13 “The Different Aspects of Rebirth,” undated
BOX 13 Introduction to Analyse der Kinderseele, byWickes (1927), translated by Ethel D. Kirckham, undated
BOX 13 “The Mass,” undated
BOX 14 “Notes on Swanage Conference,” undated
BOX 14 “Psychology and Alchemy,” undated
BOX 14 “Return to the Simple Life,” translated by Eugene H. Henley, 1944
BOX 14 “Will the Soul Find Peace,” undated
BOX 14 Kirsch, James
BOX 14 “The Story of the Seven Beggars: A Contribution to the Understanding of Jewish Psychology,” undated
BOX 14 “Psychology and the New World,” 1945
BOX 14 Kluger, Rivkah Scharf, “Flood Dreams,” 1965
BOX 14 Lynd, Helen M., 1966
BOX 14 Introduction of Muriel Rukeyser, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y
BOX 14 “Some Questions Raised by Experiences of Shame”
BOX 14 Marbury, Margarita, “Assisi,” 1965
BOX 14 Moon, Sheila, “Some Aspects of Redemption in the Navajo Creation Myth,” 1956
BOX 14 Morgan, Christiana D., “Christian Mysticism and the Analytic Process,” undated
BOX 14 Murray, Henry Alexander
BOX 14 “Beyond Yesterday’s Idealisms,” 1959
BOX 14 [C. G. Jung], undated
BOX 14 “Prospect of Psychology,” undated
BOX 14 Parke, Elinor, [children’s painting], undated
BOX 14 Rukeyser, Muriel
BOX 14 “The Blue Flower,” to Wickes on her ninetieth birthday, 1965
BOX 14 “Slight,” undated
BOX 14 “Waterlily Fire,” undated
BOX 14 Welty, Eudora, “Pageant of the Birds,” including photograph and letter to Martha Graham, 1957
BOX 14 Wyckoft, Ralph W.G., “Science and the Meaning of Life,” 1959
BOX 14 Yates, Elizabeth, “ The Inner World of Frances Wickes,” 1964
BOX 14 Unidentified
BOX 14 “Analysis of One Preparing for Death,” undated
BOX 14 “Function of a Woman,” 1961
BOX 14 Introduction to unidentified book, undated
BOX 14 Jung, C. G., obituaries, 1961
BOX 14 Jung, Emma, eulogy, 1955
BOX 14 “Mental Health and Conscience,” undated
BOX 14 Private journal of a patient, 1949
BOX 14 Quotations for a book, undated
BOX 15 Summary of Hugh de St. Victor’s ‘Conversation Concerning the Wedding Gift of the Soul,” 1952, undated
BOX 15 Tales and legends, undated
BOX 15 Tribute to Luci Nixon, 1964
BOX 15 “The World Weary Man and His Soul,” taken from the German translation by Helmuth Jacobsohn, 1952, undated
BOX 15-16 Subject File, 1927-1967
Holograph and typewritten copies of dream records of Wickes and others, phantasmal drawings, records of meetings of various psychological study groups, and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 15 Bibliography of Wickes’s writings in the Analytical Psychology Club, New York, N.Y., undated
BOX 15 Drawings, 1950-1951, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 15 Dreams, 1929-1961
(4 folders)
BOX 15 Dreams, masculine, 1945-1952, undated
BOX 15 Dreams from C. G. Jung, undated
BOX 15 Dreams in Zurich, Switzerland, 1927-1928
BOX 15 Frances G. Wickes Foundation, certificate of incorporation and announcement, 1955
BOX 15 Inventories of personal papers and objects, 1963, 1965
BOX R 18 Marks, Harriet E., file
BOX R 18 Children’s case studies See Restricted
BOX R 18 General, undated
BOX R 18 Jung, Peter, son of Franz and Lilly Jung, 1949
BOX R 18 Stevenson, John, and others, undated
BOX 16 “Children Who Stutter,” undated
BOX 16 Dreams, circa 1929-1952
BOX 16 Meetings
BOX 16 New York Psychology Group
BOX 16 “The Psychology of Love,” 1942-1943
BOX 16 “The Psychology of Conscience,” 1943-1945
BOX 16 Psychology of Faith Group, 1942
BOX 16 Printed matter, miscellaneous, 1964-1967, undated
BOX 16 Supplements to the Bulletin, Analytical Psychology Club of New York, circa 1940-1964
BOX 17 Addition, 1896-1996
Correspondence and financial material, including Wickes’s correspondence with C. G. Jung and with her husband, Thomas Wickes.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 17 Financial material, 1907-1917, 1928, 1966, undated
BOX 17 General correspondence, 1896, 1930, 1951-1967, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 17 Hogle, George
BOX 17 Correspondence
BOX 17 From Wickes, 1955-1959, undated
BOX 17 To Wickes, 1956-1959
BOX 17 Miscellany, 1956-1958, 1996, undated
BOX 17 Jung, C. G., correspondence
BOX 17 Miscellaneous, 1953-1962, undated
BOX 17 Wickes, Frances G.
BOX 17 From, 1932-1939, 1946-1960, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 17 To, 1924-1930, 1946-1960, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 17 Jung, Emma, correspondence to Wickes, 1953-1955
BOX 17 Miscellany, 1967-1969, undated
BOX 17 Wickes, Thomas, 1902-1904, 1913, 1929-1930, 1967
(5 folders)
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