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Frances G. Wickes papers, 1896-1996

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BOX 4-15 Writings, 1928-1966
Holograph, typewritten, near-print and printed copies of lectures, speeches, notes, notebooks, dream journals, book reviews, reminiscences, monographs, and drafts of published and unpublished works by Wickes and others.
Organized as writings by Wickes and then by others. Writings by Wickes are arranged alphabetically by type of writing and therein by title. Writings by others are arranged alphabetically by name of author and then by title or type of materia
BOX 4 By Wickes
BOX 4 Articles
BOX 4 “Analytical Psychology and the Problems of Childhood,” undated
BOX 4 “The Creative Process,” 1948
BOX 4 [Elinor Parke], undated
BOX 4 “Love,” undated
BOX 4 “On Jung’s ‘Psychology of Transference,” 1950
BOX 4 “Self-denial or Self-fulfillment,” undated
BOX 4 “Three Illustrations of the Power of the Projected Image,” undated
BOX 4 Book reviews
BOX 4 Appointment on the Hillby Dorothy Detzer, undated
BOX 4 Arrival and Departure by Arthur Koestler, 1944
BOX 4 The Choice Is Always Ours by Dorothy B. Phillips et al., 1948
BOX 4 The Long Walk by Betsy Barton, 1944
BOX 4 The Weather Breeder by Sylvia Bates, 1948
BOX 5 Books
BOX 5 Inner World of Childhood
BOX 5 Notes and related material regarding new edition, 1965-1966, undated
BOX 5 Reviews and comments by others, 1966, undated
BOX 5 Inner World of Choice
BOX 5 Drafts, undated
BOX 5 Set A
(11 folders)
BOX 6 Set B
(10 folders)
BOX 6 Set C
(5 folders)
BOX 7 Set C
(16 folders)
BOX 8 Set C
(7 folders)
BOX 8 Reviews and comments by others, 1963-1966
BOX 8 Inner World of Man
BOX 8 Preface by C. G. Jung and old versions of chapters, 1953, undated
BOX 8 Reviews and comments by others, 1938-1939, undated
BOX 8 Receive the Gale, reviews and comments by others, 1946, undated
BOX 8 “Susan: The Bridge Called Heritage,” undated
BOX 8 Rough drafts
(15 folders)
BOX 9 Rough drafts
(9 folders)
BOX 9 Final drafts
(5 folders)
BOX 10 Miscellaneous
BOX 10 “Childhood Experiences,” undated
BOX 10 “Creative Choice and Transformation”
BOX 10 First draft, undated
BOX 10 Later draft, 1958
BOX 10 Discards from revisions, 1962, undated
BOX 10 “Doom or Destiny,” notes and drafts, 1956, undated
(6 folders)
BOX 10 [Fantasy], undated
BOX 10 “Feminine Principle,” undated
BOX 10 “Individuation,” undated
BOX 11 “Primitive Images of Child’s Ritualistic Acts”; also notes on faith, undated
BOX 11 Reminiscences of childhood, Mountain Lake, Bishop Rowe, and C. G. Jung, undated
BOX 11 [Steven], undated
BOX 11 “Three Cases,” undated
BOX 11 [Time], undated
BOX 11 “Visionary Recital,” undated
BOX 11 Fragments and unused material, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 11 Notebooks, 1956-1966, undated
BOX 11 Nos. 1-4
(4 folders)
BOX 12 Nos. 5-9
(5 folders)
BOX 12 “Faith and Individuation,” undated
BOX 12 Playscript, “The Grey Woman,” undated
BOX 12 Poems, undated
BOX 12 From old notebook, mostly from “Similar Cases” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
BOX 12 Jottings and miscellaneous
BOX 12 Talks and lectures
BOX 12 Addresses to the Analytical Psychology Club, New York, N.Y., 1940, undated
BOX 12 “Chart of the Psyche,” lecture, New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y., undated
BOX 12 “Course on Active Imagination,” undated
BOX 13 “Family Relationships,” 1928
BOX 13 “Individuation,” talk at New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y., undated
BOX 13 Jung, C. G., birthday tributes, 1953-1956
(3 folders)
BOX 13 Miscellaneous notes, undated
BOX 13 Radio talk given for Child Study Association, coast-to-coast broadcast, 1931
BOX 13 “Talk on Love,” undated
BOX 13 By others
BOX 13 Adler, Gerhard
BOX 13 “Ego-Integration and Patterns of Coniunctio,” 1958
BOX 13 “On the Archetypal Content of Transference,” 1954
BOX 13 “Regarding the Question of Meaning in Psychotherapy,” 1962
BOX 13 Aylward, Father James, “Archetype and Natural Law,” 1962
BOX 13 Burgess, Alice, Indian material, undated
BOX 13 Chung-Yuan Chang
BOX 13 “Creativity as Process in Taoism,” 1957
BOX 13 “Self-Realization and the Inner Process of Peace,” undated
BOX 13 “Tao and the Sympathy of All Things,” 1956
BOX 13 “Tao as a Process of Self-Realization,” undated
BOX 13 Deady, Henderson, copy of notes on seminar, Zurich, Switzerland, 1927, undated
BOX 13 de Laszlo, V., “Conscience and the Transcendent Function,” 1943
BOX 13 Edinger, Edward F.
BOX 13 “Our Lady’s Child,” undated
BOX 13 “Trinity and Quaternity,” undated
BOX 13 Engel, W. H., Psychiatric Consequences of Persecution,” 1962
BOX 13 Franz, M. L. von, “Religious Aspects in the Background of the Puer-Aeternus Problem,” undated
BOX 13 Goodrich, Chauncey S., The Fragrant Wine Chu-ch’ang,” undated
BOX 13 Harding, M. Esther, notes from seminar by C. G. Jung, Cornwall, England, 1923
BOX 13 Henderson, Joseph L.
BOX 13 “The Archetype of Culture,” undated
BOX 13 “Initiation Rites,” 1939
BOX 13 “Resolutions of the Transference in Light of C. G. Jung’s Psychology,” undated
BOX 13 Hogle, George, “Epistle to the Wickseans,” 1955
BOX 13 Howes, Elizabeth Boyden, “The Ethics of Self-fulfillment,” undated
BOX 13 Jacoby, Jolande, “Marriage Problems,” 1953-1954
BOX 13 Jones, Robert Edmund, Behind the Scenes, last chapter, 1941
BOX 13 Jung, C. G.
BOX 13 “Alchemical Text,” undated
BOX 13 “The Different Aspects of Rebirth,” undated
BOX 13 Introduction to Analyse der Kinderseele, byWickes (1927), translated by Ethel D. Kirckham, undated
BOX 13 “The Mass,” undated
BOX 14 “Notes on Swanage Conference,” undated
BOX 14 “Psychology and Alchemy,” undated
BOX 14 “Return to the Simple Life,” translated by Eugene H. Henley, 1944
BOX 14 “Will the Soul Find Peace,” undated
BOX 14 Kirsch, James
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