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Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 16,815

BOX 1-3  REEL 1-2 Family Correspondence, 1873-1952
Letters sent and received within the Riis family and a few letters from others.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX REEL 1 1873-1908
(10 folders)
BOX REEL 1-2 1909-1920
(12 folders)
BOX REEL 2 1921-1952, undated
(8 folders)
BOX REEL 3 General Correspondence, 1870-1918
Letters received and a few letters sent.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX REEL 3 1870-1918, undated
(10 folders)
BOX 5-9  REEL 3-5 Speeches and Writings File, circa 1877-1959
Handwritten drafts and typescripts of speeches, lectures, and articles, and outlines, printed articles, poetry, and notes.
Arranged by type of material and alphabetically by name of speech or article.
BOX REEL 3-4 Speeches and lectures
BOX REEL 3-4 “The Bad Boy,” 1911
BOX REEL 3-4 “Battle with [the] Slum,” undated
BOX REEL 3-4 Being a good neighbor, 1907
BOX REEL 3-4 The Big Brother movement, 1908, undated
BOX REEL 3-4 The Boy Scout movement, 1910
BOX REEL 3-4 Changing the slum, 1890, undated
BOX REEL 3-4 “Charities and Correction,” undated
BOX REEL 3-4 Chautauqua lectures, 1908
BOX REEL 3-4 Children and the future of society, undated
BOX REEL 3-4 Children of the tenements, 1908
BOX REEL 3-4 “Children’s Aid Society,” 1903
BOX REEL 3-4 Commencement address, Barre, Mass., high school, 1913
BOX REEL 3-4 Commencement address, Trinity College, Durham, N.C., 1911
BOX REEL 3-4 “Duties of Citizenship,” 1908
BOX REEL 3-4 George Washington’s birthday, 1912
BOX REEL 3-4 “Gustav Vasa – 5 Great Women,” 1910
BOX REEL 3-4 Harlan, Iowa, speech, 1907
BOX REEL 3-4 Illness in the tenement district (incomplete), undated
BOX REEL 3-4 “Jesus My Savior and Redeemer,” undated
BOX REEL 3-4 Josephine Shaw Lowell, 1911
BOX REEL 3-4 Lecture for church parties, undated
BOX REEL 3-4 Lowell lecture course, 1909
BOX REEL 3-4 “My Early School Experience,” 1911-1913
BOX REEL 4 “My Neighbor,” undated
BOX REEL 4 On Jews, 1911
BOX REEL 4 On kindergartens, undated
BOX REEL 4 On the mission of the city, undated
BOX REEL 4 On the need for settlement houses (incomplete), undated
BOX REEL 4 On religion, 1901-1906
BOX REEL 4 Progressivism and the city of Chicago, Ill., 1913
BOX REEL 4 “The Proposed Plan for a Young Man’s Club,” undated
BOX REEL 4 St. Louis, Mo., Civic League dinner, 1908, Jan. 23
BOX REEL 4 Speech at Ribe, Denmark, undated
BOX REEL 4 Talk to Brooklyn Clerical Union, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1908
BOX REEL 4 Theodore Roosevelt’s presidential campaign, 1912
BOX REEL 4 “To Settlement Workers,” 1908, undated
BOX REEL 4 “Tony Throws Stones,” 1908, undated
BOX REEL 4 “True Americans,” 1908, undated
BOX REEL 4 Articles
BOX REEL 4 Drafts
BOX REEL 4 On anarchists, 1897
BOX REEL 4 “The Battle with the Slum,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “The Boy is Bad” [?], undated
BOX REEL 4 Charity, undated
BOX REEL 4 Christianity, undated
BOX REEL 4 “Dragons in the Road,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “God Made the Country – Man Made the City,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “The Heart of New York,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “His Trials with Octavia,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “The Hogs Head and the Pig,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “How to Help the Other Fellow,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “The Iron Crown,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “Our Happy Valley,” 1959, undated
BOX REEL 4 On Riis’s farm in Barre, Mass., undated
BOX REEL 4 On rules for living, undated
BOX REEL 4 On schools serving as community centers, undated
BOX REEL 4 On scouting, undated
BOX REEL 4 On tenement life, undated
BOX REEL 4 On Theodore Roosevelt, undated
BOX REEL 4 On Tom Crogan, undated
BOX REEL 4 On women in the field of social work, undated
BOX REEL 4 “Stand by the Ship,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “The Story of Hamlet,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “A Tragedy in Our Garden,” undated
BOX REEL 4 “What Shall I Do with My Life?” 1912
BOX REEL 4 “What Shall We Do with the Boy?” undated
BOX REEL 4-5 Printed
BOX REEL 4-5 “Absalon, the Warrior Bishop of the North,” 1910
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Battle for the Slums,” 1905
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Battle with the Slum,” 1901
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Boy Scouts,” 1913
BOX REEL 4-5 “Children of the Danish Heath,” 1912
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Children of Darkness,” 1906
BOX REEL 4-5 “Children of the People,” 1903
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Children’s Plea,” 1906
BOX REEL 4-5 “Chips from the Maelstrom,” 1909
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Christian Manliness of Roosevelt,” 1901
BOX REEL 4-5 “City Farms and Harvest Dances,” 1909
BOX REEL 4-5 “Cooperation in Denmark: Educating the Farmers to Rule the Nation,” 1913
BOX REEL 4-5 “Crowded Pews in Many Lands,” 1910
BOX REEL 4-5 “Experiences of a Popular Lecturer,” 1908
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Gambling Mania,” undated
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Golden Rule in Poverty Row,” 1905
BOX REEL 4-5 “Gotham Doings,” 1884
BOX REEL 4-5 “A Great, Simple, Men’s Church,” 1912
BOX REEL 4-5 “Hamlet’s Castle,” undated
BOX REEL 4-5 “Hans Egede, the Apostle of Greenland,” 1909
BOX REEL 4-5 “Has Reform Made Good?” 1903
BOX REEL 4-5 “Has Roosevelt Made Good?” 1908
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Heart of New York,” 1913
BOX REEL 4-5 “Humanly Speaking,” 1909
BOX REEL 4-5 “In the Gateway of Nations,” undated
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Kid Hangs up His Stocking,” 1901
BOX REEL 4-5 “A Kindly Journey,” 1910
BOX REEL 4-5 “King Frederik at Home,” 1906
BOX REEL 4-5 “Last Chance Gulch To-Day,” 1907
BOX REEL 4-5 Letter to South Brooklyn News, 1877
BOX REEL 4-5 “Making a Way out of the Slum,” 1900
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Man Who Is an Immigrant,” letter to Survey, 1911
BOX REEL 4-5 “The Methodist Spirit: A Tribute,” undated
BOX REEL 4-5 “A Modern St. George,” 1911
BOX REEL 4-5 “Mrs. Roosevelt and Her Children,” 1902
BOX REEL 4-5 “My Boyhood’s Black Friend,” 1907
BOX REEL 4-5 “My Old Man of the Mountain,” 1908
BOX REEL 4-5 “Neighbors Needed,” 1909
BOX REEL 4-5 “The New York Tenement-House Commission,” 1900
BOX REEL 4-5 “Neils Juel’s Chair,” 1912
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