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George Middleton papers, 1872-1970

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BOX 1-2 Family Correspondence, 1872-1968
Letters received and copies of letters sent.
Correspondence with wife, Fola La Follette, is arranged chronologically; the other correspondence is divided into two general sections, Middleton family and La Follette family, with some entries by name of correspondent.
BOX 1 Selected letters of George Middleton to his wife, Fola La Follette, 1921-1963, undated, and several letters from Fola La Follette to Middleton, 1924, 1935
BOX 2 La Follette family
La Follette, Belle Case, letters sent and letters received, 1912, undated
La Follette, Bronson, and family, 1963-1967
La Follette, Fola, 1918, 1968
La Follette, Joseph, and family, 1965-1966, undated
La Follette, Philip, and family, 1936-1965
La Follette, Robert (1895-1953), and family, 1936-1960, undated
Miscellaneous correspondence, undated
Middleton family
George Middleton's letters to his parents and grandmother, 1894, undated
Letters received from parents and from grandmother and grandfather Middleton, 1894-1920
Letters from Middleton's grandfather to his father, George Middleton, Sr., 1872
Telegram to mother, 1929
Letters received and copies of letters sent to brother, Scudder Middleton, 1928-1959, undated
Letters received and copies of letters sent to nephew, David Middleton, 1936-1967
Middleton family correspondence, letters received from cousin, Mrs. John Jay Joyce, 1962
Letters received and copies of letters sent to cousins, Blakeslee Dunphy, his wife Virginia, and daughter Priscilla (and Charles Burlingham), 1939-1967
BOX 3-17 General Correspondence, 1901-1967
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, printed material, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other material relating to the correspondent.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX 3 "A" miscellany
Abbott, George
Adamic, Louis
Adams, John Wolcott
Adams, Maude
Addams, Jane
Aherne, Brian
Allen, Hervey
Allen, Viola
Ames, Winthrop
Amiel, Denys
Anderson, Judith
Anderson, Maxwell
Anderson, Robert
Andrews, Mary Shipman
Anglin, Margaret
Anspacher, Louis K.
Anson, A. E.
Anthony, Ed and Esther
Anthony, Katharine
Arbos, E. Fernandez
Archer, William
Arliss, George
Arnold, Thurman
Arnoux, Alexandre and Amelia
Atherton, Gertrude
Atkinson, Brooks
Aynesworth, Allan
BOX 4 "B" miscellany
Bacheller, Irving
Bacon, Leonard
Bainter, Fay
Baker, George Barr
Baker, George Pierce
Baker, Ray Stannard
Balch, David A.
Baldwin, Roger
Bangs, John Kendrick
Banks, Leslie
Banks, Nancy Houstin
Barnes, Eric Wollencott
Barnsdall, Aline
Barrie, James M.
Barrymore, John
Bates, Blanche
Beach, Rex
Beard, Charles and Mary
Behrman, Sam
Beith, Ian Hay
Belasco, David
Bennett, Arnold
Bennett, Richard
Benton, William
Berle, Adolf
Bernstein, Aline
Bernstein, Henry
Bernstein, Leonard
Bingham, Amelia
Bjorkman, Edwin
Blackwell, Alice Stone
Blinn, Holbrook
Block, Anita
Bodanzky, Arthur
Bojer, Johan
Bolton, Guy
Bone, Homer T.
Borchard, Edwin M.
Borgnine, Ernest
BOX 5 Bourdet, Edouard
Bouteron, Marcel
Bowers, Claude
Bowes, Major Edward
Bowman, John G.
Boynton, Henry Walcott
Bradley, Jennie Serruys (Mrs. William A.)
Brady, William A.
Bragdon, Claude
Braithwaite, William Stanley
Brandeis, Louis and Alice
Brandt, Carl
Brieux, Eugene
Brooks, Van Wyck
Brown, Francis
Brown, Ivor
Brown, John Mason
Brynner, Yul
Buchanan, Thompson
Buck, Gene
Bullard, Arthur
Bunau-Varilla, Philippe
Burke, Billie
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Burton, Richard
Bynner, Witter
BOX 6 "C" miscellany
Cable, George Washington
Calthrop, Donald
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick
Canby, Henry Seidel
Cane, Melville
Carpenter, George R.
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