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George Middleton papers, 1872-1970

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Literary Manuscripts, 1874-1963 (continued)
"La Maison," script
"Le Nœud Noir"
"La Possession de L'Enfant"
"La Raison"
BOX 50 Published plays
(bound volumes)
Embers and Other One-Act Plays
Hiss! Boom!! Blah!!!
The Light of the World
The Road Together
That Was Balzac
BOX 51 Published plays (in paperback and typescript)
Adam and Eva
The Big Pond
Blood Money
The Bride
The Cave Girl
The Cheat of Pity
The Groove
On Bail
Polly with a Past
Their Wife
(2 folders)
BOX 52 Books dramatized and reading versions of various plays
Barriers Burned Away, by E. P. Roe
The House of a Thousand Candles, by Meredith Nicholson
The Prodigal Judge, by Vaughan Kester
Rosalind at Red Gate, by Meredith Nicholson
Back of the Ballot
BOX 53 Dramatizations of novels (produced and unproduced)
Barriers Burned Away
Production contract, publicity, and correspondence
The Cavalier
Contract and publicity
Prompt copy
The House of a Thousand Candles, original typescript
The Prodigal Judge
Contracts, publicity, and correspondence
Rosalind at Red Gate, typescript, publicity, and correspondence
BOX 54 Typescripts of unproduced plays
"Devilish Dolly" (Dolly of the Pantiles)
"The Future Mrs. Trot"
"In Defiance of the King"
Letters of agreement concerning "Light Horse Harry," "Dolly of Pantiles," and "Rough Riders"
"Light-Horse Harry"
"The Rough Riders"
BOX 55 "Cavour," correspondence
"Lord Loveland Discovers America," contract
"Parson Kelly"
"Up Rose Emily"
"The World's Desire," typescript and contract
BOX 56 Belasco adaptations and unpublished typescripts
"The Desert"
"The Other Rose"
"She Finds Her Place"
"Vera Baghdad," French text and articles
BOX 57 Typescripts of produced plays and agreements or production contracts
Hit-the-Trail Holliday
Contract with George M. Cohan and copy of play as produced
Correspondence with Driscoll and Paul O'Brien concerning rights
The Road Together
Contract, programs, and correspondence
Typescript as produced
The Sinner, text, contracts, and correspondence
What'll You Have
A Wife's Strategy, contract and text
BOX 58 Working scripts
Political play
"A Man Who . . .," scenario and notes
1935 version
Final draft
"Inside Out"
1937 version, "Dark Corners," original revised script
1944, third revision
BOX 59 1945 version and revision
(2 folders)
1954 version, "Turnabout"
1955 version before final typing
1962 version, revisions
1963 version See Container 64, Final copyrighted scripts, "Turnabout"
BOX 60 Industrial play
"Glass Pockets," scenario and notes
First draft
Final version
1936 revision
1936-1939 versions
1938 version, "Little Men Jumping"
1939 revision
BOX 61 1945 revision, "She Knew Her Man," original manuscript
1948 version, typescript and manuscript
(2 folders)
Final revisions, "Her Great Man"
Final typescript See Container 64, Final copyrighted scripts, "Her Great Man"
BOX 62 "High Places"
Research material
(2 folders)
Original manuscript of play, 1937
Revised version, 1937
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