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BOX 52-73 Supreme Court File: Case File, 1924-1946
Notes, opinions, correspondence, and other material pertaining to cases in which Stone was actively involved. Names of cases have been copied directly from the folder labels set up by Justice Stone's office. Case files indicated as "empty" were received in that state and have been maintained in the Case File series to provide a complete listing of the files. See explanation of folder labels in Container 52.
Arranged chronologically by court term and alphabetically by case name within each term.
BOX 52 Explanation of folder labels
1924 Term
Cement Manufacturers Protective Ass'n. et. Al. V. United States
Dumbra v. United States
Edward Hines Yellow Pine Trustees v. Martin
Knewel v. Egan
Maple Flooring Ass'n. v. United States
May v. Henderson
North Laramie Land Co. V. Hoffman
Second Russian Insurance Co. v. Miller
Stebbins v. Riley
Stowell v. Federal Reserve Bank
United States v. Dunn
1925 Term
Anderson v. United States
Arkansas v. St. Louis-San Francisco Ry.
Barnett v. Wells Fargo Nat. Bank
Beazell v. Ohio
Blair, Comm'r. V. Birkenstock
Chesapeake and Ohio Ry. Co. v. Thompson Mfg. Co.
City of Douglas v. Federal Reserve Bank
Concrete Appliances Co. V. Gomery
General American Tank Car Corp. v. Day
Hartsville Oil Mill v. United States
Hurwitz v. North
Kansas City Steel Co. v. Arkansas
Louisville & Nashville R.R. v. Sloss-Sheffield Co.
Massachusetts v. New York et. al.
Metcalf & Eddy v. Mitchell, Adm'x.
Provost v. United States
Raffel v. United States
BOX 53 Reading Co. v. Koons
Risty v. Chicago, R. I. & Pacific Ry. Co.
Roberts and Schaefer Co.v. Emmerson
Schlesinger v. Wisconsin
St. Louis-San Francisco Ry. Co. v. Mills
Towar Mills v. United States
United States v. Katz
Weaver v. Palmer Bros. Co. (empty)
1926 Term
Baltimore S.S. Co.v. Phillips (empty)
Bedford Co. v. Stone Cutters Ass'n. (empty)
Brasfield et al. v. United States
DiSanto v. Pennsylvania
Duignan v. United States
Fairmont Co. v. Minnesota
Federal Trade Commission v. Eastman Co.
Federal Trade Commission v. Western Meat Co. (empty)
Fidelity National Bank and Trust Co. v. Swope
First National Bank of Hartford v. City of Hartford
Fort Smith Light & Traction Co. v. Paving District No. 16
Fox River Co. v. Railroad Commission
Georgetown National Bank v. McFarland
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. v. United States
Great Northern Railway et al. v. Sutherland, Alien Property Custodian (empty)
Hayman v. City of Galveston
Hudson v. United States
Independent Coal & Coke Co. v. United States
Kercheval v. United States (empty)
Ley & Co. v. United States
McCardle et al. v. Indianapolis Water Co. (empty)
McGuire v. United States
Miller v. Milwaukee (empty)
Minnesota v. First National Bank
Missouri ex. rel. v. Public Serv. Comm'n
BOX 54 Myers v. United States
(7 folders)
New York Dock Co. v. Poznan
Nicholas v. Coolidge
Ohio ex rel. Clarke v. Deckebach
One Ford Coupe Automobile, United States v. (empty)
Pizitz Dry Goods Co. v. Yeldell
Portneuf-Marsh Valley Canal Co. v. Brown Trustees
Seeman et al. v. Philadelphia Warehouse Co.
Smith v. Wilson
Smyer v. United States
Southern Pacific Co. v. United States
Swiss Oil Corp. v. Shanks
Tyson Brother v. Banton
United States v. New York Central R. R. Co.
United States ex. Rel. Norwegian Co. v. Tariff Commission
United States v. Trenton Potteries Co.
United States v. White Dental Mfg. Co.
Vajtauer v. Comm'r. of Immigration
Van Oster v. Kansas (empty)
Waggoner Estate v. Wichita County et al.
1927 Term
Black & White Taxi v. Black & Yellow Taxi
Blair, Comm'r v. Oesterlein Machine Co.
Blodgett v. Holden (empty)
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific R.R. Co. v. Risty et al.
Equitable Trust Co. of New York v. First National Bank of Trinidad
Equitable Trust Co. v. Rochling et al.
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. v. United States
Heiner, Collector v. Colonial Trust Co. (empty)
Heiner, Collector v. Tindle
Holland Furniture Co. v. Perkins Glue Factory
Ingram-Day Lumber Co. v. McLouth
Interstate Busses Corp. v. Blodgett
BOX 55 Jenkins, Receiver v. National Surety Co.
Kansas City Southern Railway Co. v. Ellzey
Lamborn v. Nat'l. Bank of Commerce
Latzko v. Equitable Trust Co.
Lewellyn, Collector v. Electric Reduction Co.
Long v. Rockwood (empty)
Louisville Gas Co. v. Coleman
The Malcolm Baxter, Jr.
Miller v. Schoene
Nagle, Comm'r v. Loi Hoa-Lam Young
National Life Ins. Co. v. United States
Olmstead et al. v. United States
Panhandle Oil Co. v. Knox (empty)
People of Sioux Country Nebraska v. National Surety Co.
Quaker City Cab Co. v. Pennsylvania
Reinecke, Collector, v. Gardner, Trustee
Ribnik v. McBride
Saltonstall v. Saltonstall
Shaw v. Gibson-Zahniser Oil Corp.
Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands of Sioux Indians v. United States
Stipcich v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.
Tucker v. Alexander, Collector
Untermyer v. Anderson
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