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American Medical Center for Burma records, 1945-1966

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BOX 6-12 Special Correspondence, 1955-1966
Administrative correspondence files of the American Medical Center for Burma.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and therein chronologically.
BOX 6 American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service
BOX 6 American Medical Center for Burma Bulletin
BOX 6 Applications for Namkham Hospital personnel
BOX 6 Ballantine Books
BOX 7 Board of Directors
BOX 7 Brown, Rothwell H.
BOX 7 Burma
BOX 7 China-Burma-India Roundup
BOX 7 College fund-raising
BOX 8 Columbia Broadcasting System
BOX 8 Committee for the Distribution of Medical Aid Received from Overseas
BOX 8 Everton, John S.
BOX 8 Executive committee
BOX 8 Fortieth anniversary of Seagrave
BOX 9 "Frontier Medicine at the Namkham Hospital"
BOX 9 Fund-raising legislation
BOX 9 Hollingsworth, Dr. and Mrs. R. T.
BOX 9 Honorary awards
BOX 9 Internationally Yours
BOX 9 Inter-office memoranda
BOX 9 Key, David M.
BOX 9 Letters to the editor
BOX 9 Marshall, Clifford B.
BOX 9 Medical advisory council
BOX 9 Moses, Mrs. Henry L.
BOX 10 Motion picture benefits
BOX 10 Nathan, Robert R.
BOX 10 Newhall, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph
BOX 10 Norton, W. W.
BOX 10 Olmanson, Dr. and Mrs. Donald
BOX 10 One Hundred and One Association
BOX 11 Prioleau fund-raising drive
BOX 11 Public relations
BOX 11 Radvin, Dr. R. S.
BOX 11 Reader's Digest
BOX 11 Reinholt, Haldor
BOX 12 Rich, John and staff
BOX 12 Robb, Inez
BOX 12 Rockefeller, John D., 1937-
BOX 12 Rusk, Howard A.
BOX 12 Saturday Evening Post
BOX 12 Smith, Forrest
BOX 12 Television and motion picture proposals
BOX 12 Trader Vic benefit
BOX 12 Time-Life publications
BOX 12 Travel in Burma
BOX 12 Walker, Dr. W. L.
BOX 12 Wilson, Howard P.
BOX 13-14 Financial Contributors' Correspondence, 1946-1965
Correspondence and records concerning donations received from the public and replies to the donors.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 13 1946-1962
BOX 14 1963-1965
BOX 15-16 Newspaper Clippings, 1959-1965
Newspaper clippings concerning Seagrave and the Namkham Hospital.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 15 1959-1961
BOX 16 1962-1965
BOX 17 Printed Matter, 1948-1965
Magazines, articles, press clippings and releases, pamphlets, and journals concerning Seagrave.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 17 1948-1965
BOX 18 Miscellany, 1946-1963
Memoranda, financial records, maps, and galley proofs.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 18 Financial journal, 1946-1956
BOX 18 Financial records, 1948-1956
BOX 18 Galley proof of Life of a Burma Surgeon
BOX 18 Map of Burma, annotated
BOX 18 Memoranda, records, and financial accounts for Nurses Training School, Namkhan, Burma, 1958-1963
BOX 19-36 Addition, 1947-1964
Administrative files, corporate records, hospital drawings, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by administrative files and corporate records and therein chronologically.
BOX 19 Administrative files
BOX 19 Chronological file
BOX 19 1947-1948
BOX 20 1948-1950
BOX 21 1950-1953
BOX 22 1953-1957
BOX 23 1958-1959
BOX 24 1959-1960
BOX 25 1960
BOX 25 1961
BOX 25 "A-C" miscellaneous
BOX 26 "D-J" miscellaneous
BOX 27 "K-Z" miscellaneous
BOX 27 1962
BOX 27 "A-B" miscellaneous
BOX 28 Board of Directors-Gifts-in-kind
BOX 29 "I-Z" miscellaneous
BOX 30 1963
BOX 30 "A" miscellaneous-Board of Directors, David McKey
BOX 31 Board of Directors-"M" miscellaneous
BOX 32 Mail appeals-"Z" miscellaneous
BOX 33 Miscellaneous material including 1964 administrative file, AID file, financial reports, photographs, hospital drawings (circa 1962), and reprints of articles about Seagrave, circa 1962-1964 See also Oversize
BOX 34-35 Corporate records
BOX OV 1 Oversize, circa 1962
Hospital drawings.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Addition
BOX OV 1 Administrative files
BOX OV 1 Chronological file
BOX OV 1 Miscellaneous material including 1964 administrative file, AID file, financial reports, photographs, hospital drawings (circa 1962), and reprints of articles about Seagrave, circa 1962 (Container 33)

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