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Association of Research Libraries records, 1932-1981

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General Records, 1932-1979 (continued)
BOX 19 Humphrey, Hubert H.
BOX 20 Alien property custodian
BOX 20 American imprints inventory
BOX 20 Autonomy of law libraries
BOX 20 Biological abstracts projects, service basis charge
BOX 20 Chemical abstracts
BOX 20 Chinese imports, 1952
BOX 20 Cost of books index
BOX 20 Commerce Department export regulations
BOX 20 Miscellany
BOX 21 Committees and projects
BOX 21 Board on Acquisition of Library Material
BOX 21 Bibliographical control of microforms
BOX 21 Committee on Bibliography
BOX 22 Customs, 1946-1954
BOX 23 Documentation and Information Retrieval Committee
BOX 23 Committee to Examine Legal Aspects of Securing Foreign Documents
BOX 23 Interm Committee on Export of Library Material
BOX 23 Committee on Foreign Newspapers, microfilming project
BOX 23 Foreign Official Gazette Committee
BOX 23 Committee on the High Cost of German Books and Periodicals
BOX 23 Committee on Library Privileges and Fees
BOX 23 Manuscript accessions
BOX 23 General
BOX 23 List
BOX 24 Committee on Cooperative Microfilm Projects
BOX 24 Committee on Microfilm
BOX 24 Cooperation
BOX 24 Microphotography
BOX 24 Microfilming of newspapers
BOX 24 Newspapers on microfilm
BOX 24 Committee on Microfilm Lending
BOX 24 Committee on Microtext Standards
BOX 25 Committee on Midwest Group's Proposal
BOX 25 Index to monograph series
BOX 25 National conference
BOX 25 Committee on National Needs in Time of Crisis
BOX 25 National Union Catalog
BOX 25 Manuscript collections
BOX 25 Mechanization
BOX 26 Committee to Prevent Post War Competition in Books Purchases
BOX 26 Committee on Protection of Cultural and Scientific Resources
BOX 26 Public law 480
BOX 26 Correspondence, 1959-1962
BOX 26 Letters of support to congressmen
BOX 26 Committee on Reichman Proposal
BOX 26 Committee on Reproduction
BOX 26 Reprints, Kaplin
BOX 27 Committee on Research Libraries and the Library of Congress
BOX 27 Russian Translation Committee
BOX 27 Committee on Serials in Research Fields, 1952
(2 folders)
BOX 28 National Committee on Renaissance Studies
BOX 28 Statistics
BOX 28 Committee on Statistics
BOX 28 Transliteration
BOX 28 Committee on Unesco Affairs
BOX 28 Union list of serials
BOX 28 Joint Committee on Union List of Serials
BOX 28 Committee on the Use of Manuscripts by Visiting Scholars
BOX 29 Associations, affiliations, and joint committees
BOX 29 Affiliated organizations
BOX 29 American Library Association
BOX 29 Committee on Implementation of National Plans
BOX 29 Committee on Standardization of Library Supplies and Equipment, Z85
BOX 29 Committee Z39
BOX 29 Councillor
BOX 29 General
BOX 29 Library Education Division newsletter
BOX 29 American Council of Learned Societies
BOX 29 General
BOX 30 Project on microfilm
BOX 30 American Documentation Institute and Science, Watson Davis
BOX 30 Association of College and Research Libraries
BOX 30 Conference on American Library
BOX 30 Resources on southern Asia
BOX 30 Conference on Science Manuscripts
BOX 30 Council of Graduate Schools in the United States
BOX 30 Council on Library Resources
BOX 30 Grant
BOX 31 Grant request
BOX 31 Council of National Library Associations
BOX 31 General, 1952-1962
(2 folders)
BOX 31 Joint committees
BOX 31 United States libraries and the federal government
BOX 32 Safeguarding library material
BOX 32 Projects to foundations
BOX 32 Visiting foreign libraries
BOX 32 Fair use in copying
BOX 32 Joint committees
BOX 32 Governments
BOX 32 Documentation service
BOX 32 Increased cost of Library of Congress cards
BOX 32 Importation Advisory Committee
BOX 32 Indexing and abstracting
BOX 32 Library education, minutes of meeting, 1961
BOX 32 Library work as a career
BOX 33 Microcards
BOX 33 Polibiblon
BOX 33 Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
BOX 33 Reproduction of bibliographic and reference works
BOX 33 Reproduction of enemy publications
BOX 33 Overhead costs
BOX 33 Article by Logsdon
BOX 33 Correspondence, 1960-1962
BOX 34 Library overhead cost, 1964
BOX 34 Current material
BOX 34 Institutional reports, file no. 2
BOX 34 National Science Foundation
BOX 34 Grant requests
BOX 34 Columbia School of Library Science, New York, N.Y.
BOX 34 Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
BOX 34 Grant
BOX 34 Materials, 1961
BOX 34 Liaison Committee
BOX 34 Correspondence, 1962
BOX 34 Meetings, 1961-1962
(2 folders)
BOX 35 Reports
BOX 35 Advisory Committee, 1960-1961
BOX 35 National Postal Committee for Educational and Cultural Materials, postal rates
BOX 35 Standard Conference of National and University Libraries
BOX 35 United States Book Exchange
BOX 36 Board of Directors
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