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Arnold Gesell papers, 1870-1971

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BOX 169-204 Book File, 1912-1958
Drafts and proofs of Gesell's major published works and related material. Included in the related material is correspondence, financial and legal records, illustrations, memoranda, notes, photographs, prints, reviews, royalty statements, and source material.
Arranged in a drafts and proofs file and related material file and therein alphabetically by title.
BOX 169 Drafts and proofs
Atlas of Infant Behavior, 1934
BOX 170 Biographies of Child Development, 1939
BOX 171 Child from Five to Ten, 1946
BOX 172 Developmental Diagnosis, 1941, 1947
(4 folders)
BOX 173 (4 folders)
BOX 174 Embryology of Behavior, 1945
BOX 175 Feeding Behavior of Infants, 1936
BOX 176 First Five Years of Life, 1940
BOX 177 Guidance of Mental Growth, 1930
BOX 178 How a Baby Grows, 1945
(3 folders)
BOX 179 (2 folders)
BOX 180 (2 folders)
BOX 181 (2 folders)
BOX 182 (2 folders)
BOX 183 (2 folders)
BOX 184 (6 folders)
BOX 185 Infancy and Human Growth, 1928
BOX 186 Infant and Child in the Culture of Today, 1943
BOX 187 Infant Behavior, 1934
(4 folders)
BOX 188 (4 folders)
BOX 189 Infant Development, 1952
Mental Growth of the Preschool Child, 1925
BOX 190 Normal Child and Primary Education, 1912
Preschool Child (Fragments), 1923
Psychology of Early Growth, 1938
Retarded Child: How to Help Him, 1938
Studies in Child Development, 1948
Twins T and C from Infancy to Adolescence, 1941
BOX 191 Vision, 1949
(4 folders)
BOX 192 (2 folders)
BOX 193 Wolf Child and Human Child, 1941
(5 folders)
BOX 194 (4 folders)
BOX 195 Youth: The Years from Ten to Sixteen, 1956
(15 folders)
BOX 196 (4 folders)
BOX 197 Related material
Atlas of Infant Behavior
Correspondence, 1931-1932
Cost estimates, 1931-1935
Elbe Binder Co., 1933-1934
Film processing, 1931-1932
Organization of data, 1931-1933
Memoranda on manufacturing problems, 1930-1933
Publication notes, 1934-1938
BOX 198 Purchasers, 1934-1938
Requests for use of material, 1934-1947
Review copies distributed, 1934-1939
Specimen leaves, undated
Biographies of Child Development, correspondence, 1938-1943
Child from Five to Ten, correspondence, 1945-1950
BOX 199 Developmental Diagnosis, correspondence, 1943-1950
Guidance of Mental Growth, editorial permissions, 1930
How a Baby Grows
Agreements, 1945-1948
Correspondence, 1937-1947
Infant and Child in the Culture of Today, correspondence, 1934-1950
BOX 200 Mental Growth of the Preschool Child, correspondence, 1925-1931
Psychology of Early Growth, correspondence, 1927-1938
Correspondence, 1949-1950
Memoranda and outlines, 1949-1950
BOX 201 Wolf Child and Human Child, correspondence, 1939-1958
(24 folders)
BOX 202 (36 folders)
BOX 203 Miscellany
Inscribed volumes
BOX 204 Royalty statements, 1938-1958
Translation correspondence, 1941-1958
BOX 205-209 Book Contribution File, 1925-1954
Chapters and articles written by Gesell for inclusion in texts, handbooks, and other publications.
Arranged alphabetically by title of contribution.
BOX 205 "Behavior Patterns of Fetal Infant and Child," in Genetics and the Inheritance of Integrated Neurological and Psychiatric Patterns, 1954
"Child as an Organism," in Our Children, 1932
"Developmental Psychology of Twins," in Handbook of Child Psychology, 1931
"Diagnosis and Supervision of Mental Growth in Infancy," in Practice of Pediatrics, 1933
BOX 206 "Fear and Fortitude in Children," in Happy Child, 1925
"Guiding Him Tactfully Through the Day's Routine," in Childcraft, 1952
BOX 207 "Individual in Infancy," in Foundations of Experimental Psychology, 1930
"Introductory Note on Terminology," in Preschool and Parental Education, 28th Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, 1929
BOX 208 "Learning and Maturation in Identical Infant Twins," in Child Behavior and Development, 1943
"Maturation and the Patterning of Behavior," in Handbook of Child Psychology, 1933
"Mental Hygiene of the Preschool Child," in Mental and Physical Welfare of the Child, 1927
"Ontogenesis of Infant Behavior," in Handbook of Child Psychology, 1946
"Preschool Child and School Administration," in Educational Progress and School Administration, 1936
"Present Status of Research in Child Development," in Preschool and Parental Education, 28th Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, 1929
"Psychiatry in the Training, Experience, and Education of the Individual," in Child and the Family, 1943
BOX 209 "Study and Guidance of Early Mental Growth," in Psychology at Work, 1932
Miscellaneous statements, forewords, and contributions
BOX 210 Book Review File, 1920-1948
Handwritten and typewritten drafts and printed and typewritten copies of reviews.
Arranged alphabetically by title of book reviewed.
BOX 210 Adopted Child Looks at Adoption, by Carol S. Prentice, 1940
Child at School, by Sir Leslie MacKenzie, 1926
Children Astray, by Samuel Drucker and Maurice B. Hayter, 1923
Children Who Run on All Fours, by Ales Hrdlicka, 1931
Child's Conception of the World, by Jean Piaget, 1929
Child's Conception of Physical Causality, by Jean Piaget, 1930
Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, by Benjamin Spock, 1946
Comparative Psychology of Mental Development, by Heinz Warner, 1941
Diagnosis and Treatment of Young School Failures, by Helen T. Wooley and Elizabeth Ferris, 1923
Diary of the Wolf Children of Midnapore, by Joseph Amrito Lal Singh, 1942
Doctor and the Difficult Child, by William Moodie, 1940
Expression of Personality, by Werner Wolf, 1943
Fundamentals of Psychology, by Walter B. Pillsbury, 1922
Geriatric Medicine: Diagnosis and Management, by Edward T. Stieglitz, 1943
Infant Ape and Human Child, by Nadie Kohts, 1935
Intelligence Before Language, by Pierre Janet, 1936
Judgment and Reasoning in the Child, by Jean Piaget, 1928
Language and Thought of the Child, by Jean Piaget, 1926
Little Eagle: Indians in Winter Camp, by Therese O. and Edwin W. Deming, 1931
Matter, Mind, and Man, by W. F. F. Shearcroft, 1926
Mentally Deficient Children, by George E. Shuttleworth, William A. Potts, 1925
Moral Judgment of the Child, by Jean Piaget, 1933
Mystery of Mind, by Leonard T. Troland, 1926
Natural Development of the Child, by Susan Isaacs, 1942
New Baby, by Evelyn S. Bell and Elizabeth Faragoh, 1938
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