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BOX 4-7 United Press Associations, Early Files, 1911-1919
Letters to and from Howard in his role as president and general manager of the association. Includes city, foreign, individual, and miscellaneous files, with correspondence from specific cities, countries or groups of countries, and persons.
Arranged alphabetically by category and type of file and therein chronologically.
Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 18,853.
BOX 4 REEL 1 City file
“A” miscellaneous, 1912-1915
Boston, Mass., 1914-1916
Baltimore, Md., 1914-1916
“B” miscellaneous, 1911-1916
Chicago, Ill., 1913-1916
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1914-1915
Cleveland, Ohio, 1914-1916
“C” miscellaneous, 1914-1915
Dallas, Tex., 1915
“D” miscellaneous, 1914-1916
“E-K” miscellaneous, 1914-1916
Lockport, Ind., 1914
Longview, Tex., 1911-1914
Los Angeles, Calif., 1914-1916
“L” miscellaneous, 1912-1916
Milwaukee, Wis., 1914-1916
Minneapolis, Minn., 1915-1916
“M” miscellaneous, 1914-1916
Nashville, Tenn., 912-1914
New York, N.Y., 1912-1916
(2 folders)
“N” miscellaneous, 1913-1914
Omaha, Neb., 1914-1915
“O” miscellaneous, 1914-1916
“P-R” miscellaneous, 1914-1915
St. Louis, Mo., 1914-1915
St. Paul, Minn., 1914-1915
BOX 5 REEL 1-2 San Francisco, Calif., 1914-1916
Seattle, Wash., 1914-1916
Springfield, Ill., 1914-1915
Springfield, Mass., 1914-1915
“S-T” miscellaneous, 1914-1916
Washington, D.C., 1914-1916
“U-W” miscellaneous, 1912-1915
“X-Z,” 1914
Foreign file, 1913-1918
Individual file
Ackerman, Carl W., 1915-1916
(3 folders)
Anderson, Alfred O., 1915-1916
Arnold, Glendy P., 1915-1916
Ashbaugh, Larry V., 1914-1917
Associated Press, 1915-1916
Bickel, Karl A., 1915-1916
Canfield, B. H. (Newspaper Enterprise Association), 1914-1916
BOX 6 REEL 2 Individual file
Clark, Hamilton B., 1915-1918
Colver, W. B., 1915-1916
Curtis, J. W., 1914-1917
Earnist, L. C., 1915-1916
Foulke, William Dudley, 1915-1916
Getz, Carl H., 1914-1916
Harper, J. C., 1915-1916
House, Edward Mandel., 1916-1918
Hughes, Sam T., and K. J. Murdock, 1915-1916
Keen, Ed L., 1917-1918
Long, Ray, 1914-1915
McRae, Milton A., 1914-1916
BOX 7 REEL 2-3 Mosher, Charles F., 1915-1919
(3 folders)
Moss, Walter E., 1915
Northcliffe, Lord, 1917-1919
Paine, R. F., 1915-1916
Perry, John H., 1914-1917
Porterfield, W. H., 1915
Rickey, Harry N., 1914-1916
Robertson, H. B., 1915-1918
Scripps, James G., 1914-1919
Tumulty, Joseph P., 1914-1915
Von Wiegand, Karl H., 1914-1915
White, William Allen, 1915-1916
Miscellaneous, journalism schools
BOX 8-328 Executive Correspondence, 1920-1963
Letters to and from Howard, spanning personal, professional, and business matters, with appended and enclosed material including clippings, writings, photographs, reports, legal documents, financial matter, and typescript and near-print newspaper columns and editorials related to the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain and its subsidiary service.
Arranged chronologically by year and therein by three geographical groupings: city file, foreign file, and state file. Contents within folders are arranged in reverse chronological order.
City files consist mainly of correspondence to and from sites which had Scripps-Howard papers. These varied over the years, and sometimes include files for major cities such as Chicago, Ill., and Los Angeles, Calif., that did not have newspapers controlled by Howard but were nonetheless the source of considerable social and professional correspondence.
City files are usually divided between the internal communications of the chain's paper in that city (which are thus listed under the name of the paper) and correspondence from individuals or institutions who wrote without a Scripps-Howard affiliation.
Some city files contain folders for individual correspondents. An example is Peter B. Kyne, a friend of Howard's who lived in San Francisco, Calif., and whose letters appear under that designation. More often, such as in the case of Albert D. Lasker of Chicago, Ill., an individual's correspondence is simply enclosed in the general files for the city from where the letter was sent. New York, N.Y., files, by far the most extensive, include Scripps-Howard and World-Telegram & Sun material. Letters from correspondents not associated or employed with either of these two institutions are usually located alphabetically in the general correspondence of the New York files.
Because the business offices of Scripps-Howard were centered in Cincinnati, Ohio, most financial records of the firm are located in the files for this city. Similarly, the organization's legal counsel was in Cleveland, Ohio; hence the legal papers and correspondence with individual attorneys is in this file. Howard kept his United Press correspondence in his New York files, where they are organized according to foreign and domestic origin.
State files in this series are generally less voluminous than city files and are composed of letters to and from individuals who lived in cities lacking Scripps-Howard papers.
Foreign files contain the letters of foreign correspondents as well as letters from Americans resident in other countries or regions. Examples are Douglas MacArthur and Mark W. Clark, whose letters to Howard during the 1940s are in the Japanese and European files.
BOX 8 1920
City file
Chicago, Ill., Patterson, L. B.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Mosher, Charles F.
New York, N.Y.
St. Louis, Mo.
San Diego, Calif.
City file
Chicago, Ill., Patterson, L. B.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mosher, Charles F.
(2 folders)
New York, N.Y.
General, A-Z
Hawkins, William W.
United Press
San Antonio, Tex.
San Diego, Calif.
McRae, Milton A.
Scripps, E. W.
Scripps, Robert P.
Washington, D.C.
BOX 9 Foreign file
South America
State file, Alabama-Wyoming
City file
Chicago, Ill., L. B Patterson
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mosher, Charles F.
Cleveland, Ohio
Indianapolis, Ind.
BOX 10 New York, N.Y.
General, A-Z
Hawkins, William W.
United Press
Bickel, Karl A.
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