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General Correspondence and Other Papers, 1813-1869 (continued)
Gentry, Meredith P.
Howard, Benjamin Chew
Jackson, Andrew, Jr.
Johnson, Cave
Johnston, John R.
Jones, Anson
Marcy, William L.
Meade, Richard Kidder
Seymour, Horatio, Jr.
Stanton, Richard Henry
Tyler, Robert
Webster, Daniel
BOX 17 REEL 9 Financial records of Lewis Randolph
Lists, statements, receipts
Memoranda, speeches, fragments
Undated correspondence Correspondents include:
Armstrong, Robert
Fay, Theodore S.
McLemore, John C.
BOX 18 REEL 9 Armstrong, Robert
Berrien, John MacPherson
Boyd, John P.
Call, Richard Keith
Catron, John
Donelson, Mary Emily
Fay, Theodore S.
Filmore, Millard
Godwin, Parke
Green, Duff
Jesup, Thomas S.
McLane, Louis
McLemore, John C.
Macomb, Alexander
Sanford, Henry S.
Skinner, John Stuart
Taney, Elizabeth M.
Van Buren, Martin
Webb, James Watson
Webster, Daniel
Wheaton, Henry
Woodbury, Levi
BOX 19 REEL 9 Additional Correspondence, 1835-1894
Letters sent and received
Arranged chronologically.
Correspondents include:
Blair, Francis P.
Brown, Aaron V.
Buchanan, James
Calhoun, John C.
Cass, Lewis
Davis, Jefferson
Donelson, Andrew J., Jr.
Fillmore, Millard
Jackson, Andrew
Maverick, Samuel A.
Pierce, Franklin
Pulitzer, Joseph
Spencer, John C.
Stephens, Alexander H.
Van Buren, Martin
Wilcox, Cadmus
Wilcox, John A.
Woodbury, Levi
BOX 19 REEL 10 Letter Copybook, 1846-1848
Copies of Donelson's diplomatic dispatches from Berlin, nos. 1-85.
Arranged in numerical (and chronological) order
BOX 19 REEL 10 Letter copybook of Donelson's diplomatic dispatches from Berlin, Germany
BOX 20 REEL 10 Miscellaneous Papers, 1785-1849
Speeches, legal papers, and accounts of Donelson. Transcriptions and photocopies of letters of Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson Donelson, and others. Also biographical sketches of Jackson, Andrew Jackson Donelson, and Mary Smith Donelson.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 20 REEL 10 Speeches, addresses
Deed of mortgage, 1842
Donelson vs. Saunders
Accounts, 1847-1849, undated
(5 folders)
Statistics, tables, etc.
Copied correspondence (transcriptions and photocopies), 1785-1849
(6 folders)
Biographical sketches
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Donelson
(2 folders)
Mary Smith Donelson
BOX 21-23 REEL 11-12 Family Papers, 1779-1943
Papers of Emily Tennessee Donelson, Mary Emily Donelson, James Glasgow Martin and Lewis Randolph, and Pauline Wilcox Burke.
The volume of Emily Tennessee Donelson papers is indexed.
Index available in Manuscript Division Reading Room and on Reel 14 of the microfilm.
BOX 21 REEL 11 Emily Tennessee Donelson papers, bound vol. containing journal entries, letters sent and received (in part, photocopies), and photographs, 1779-1853 received Includes photograph of Bettie M. Donelson that was tipped into the volume after microfilming. For contents see Container 25, Indexes
BOX 22 REEL 11 Mary Emily Donelson papers, 1836-1856
Album (including some correspondence)
James Glasgow Martin and Lewis Randolph papers, 1818-1846
Letters of W. Williams to Martin, 1818-1824
Journal kept by Martin, 1843-1846
Memoranda books, estate papers, and related matter of Randolph, 1836-1846
BOX 23 REEL 11-12 Pauline Wilcox Burke papers, 1913-1943
Correspondence, 1913-1943
Notes and sketches concerning Donelson's career
(6 folders)
Bibliographical notes
Notebooks concerning Donelson
Notes on Mrs. Andrew Jackson
Sketch of Emily T. Donelson
Photographs and engravings
(2 folders)
BOX 24-25 REEL 12-14 Printed Matter, Documents, and Indexes
Printed matter and documents relating to the ratification of the Constitution by Virginia.
Arranged by type of material.
The indexes are not part of the collection, but are available in the Manuscript Division Reading Room and at the end of Reel 14 of the microfilm edition.
BOX 24 REEL 12-13 Printed matter
(2 folders)
News clippings
(6 folders)
BOX 25 (OV) REEL 13 Documents relating to Virginia's ratification of the United States Constitution, 1787-1788 (oversize)
Dunlap and Claypoole printing of the Constitution, with annotations by Edmund Pendleton (6 pages in 2 pieces)
Pendleton, Edmund, address to the Virginia Convention on the occasion of his being chosen to preside, 2 June 1788 (autograph document, 1 page, with endorsement)
Memoranda (excerpts from Journal of the Convention, with other notes by William Brent, Jr.)
Journal of the Convention of Virginia, June 1788 (printed by Augustine Davis, 42 pages, with notes in an unidentified hand)
Miscellaneous notes relating to documents
REEL 14 Indexes Not part of collection. Available in Manuscript Division Reading room
Index to Containers 1-7 (but including all Andrew Jackson items, wherever located in the Donelson Papers)

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