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Part I: Under Secretary of State Files, 1963-1970 (continued)
Law School
General Motors proxy matter
Meetings, 1969, Jan.-1970, June 10
(1 folder)
BOX I:93 (10 folders)
BOX I:94 (8 folders)
BOX I:95 Rioting, 1969
"H" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
"I-J" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Kissinger, Henry
"K" miscellaneous
BOX I:96 Linsky, Martin A.
"Little Cabinet" (under secretaries)
"L" miscellaneous
Massachusetts judicial appointments
(2 folders)
Massachusetts Republican State Committee, Dary v. Mastrangelo
Mastrangelo, Richard E.
Memoranda of conversations
1968, Dec.-1969, Feb.
BOX I:97 1969, Mar.-1970, Jan.
(8 folders)
BOX I:98 1970, Feb.-June
(3 folders)
Mollenhoff, Clark
"M-Me" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX I:99 "Mf-Mz" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Neustadt, Richard, Skybolt study, 1963-1970
Nixon, Richard M.
"N-O" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Personal miscellany
General file
(1 folder)
BOX I:100 (2 folders)
Summary of previous reform proposals, 1964-1969
Personnel system, fact book
(2 folders)
BOX I:101 "P-Q" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
Resignation as under secretary
Ripon Society
Rogers, William P.
Rogovin, Charles H.
"R" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Seidner, Frank, miscellaneous files
(2 folders)
BOX I:102 Seventh-floor staff
(4 folders)
BOX I:103 Stempel, John D., scheduling matters
(2 folders)
Swearing-in as under secretary
"S" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
BOX I:104 Tauro, G. Joseph
Telephone conversations
1969, Jan.-Oct.
(5 folders)
BOX I:105 1969, Nov.-1970, Feb.
(5 folders)
BOX I:106 1970, Mar.-June
(5 folders)
Travel committee
NEA Chiefs of Mission Conference, Iran and Turkey, 1970, Apr. 20-21
(1 folder)
BOX I:107 (1 folder)
"T-V" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
White House
"W-Z" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
Miscellaneous scrapbooks of clippings See Oversize
(3 vols.)
BOX I:108-173 Part I: Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Files, 1953-1973
BOX I:108-118 General Correspondence, 1970-1972
Correspondence with attached and related matter.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization.
BOX I:108 A-Be
(6 folders)
BOX I:109 Bf-Col
(7 folders)
BOX I:110 Com-E
(6 folders)
BOX I:111 F-Gr
(6 folders)
BOX I:112 Gs-H
(7 folders)
BOX I:113 I-Lin
(7 folders)
BOX I:114 Lio-Mi
(6 folders)
BOX I:115 Mj-Q
(7 folders)
BOX I:116 R-Std
(7 folders)
BOX I:117 Ste-W
(9 folders)
BOX I:118 X-Z
BOX I:118-122 Chronological File, 1970-1973
Copies of letters sent.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:118 1970, June-Oct.
(7 folders)
BOX I:119 1970, Nov.-1971, Mar.
(7 folders)
BOX I:120 1970, Apr.-1972, Mar.
(10 folders)
BOX I:121 1972, May-Dec.
(9 folders)
BOX I:122 1973, Jan.-7 Feb.
(2 folders)
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