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Part II: Personal Office File, 1909-1983 (continued)
Income tax, 1963
International City Management Association, 1977-1979
International Congress on Smoking and Health, 1963-1968, undated
BOX II:39 International Mass Education Movement, 1964-1983, undated
(2 folders)
International Visitors Bureau, 1968-1972
Iron Curtain refugee program, 1949-1951, undated
Japan International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, 1949-1972
Japanese groups, miscellaneous, 1945-1966, undated
Japanese naturalization, 1947
Joint Handicapped Council, 1957
Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, 1946-1947
Kroll, Jack, testimonial dinner, 1961, undated
Labor, general, 1974-1977, undated
Lane Bryant annual awards, 1966-1967
Lawyers Club of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1954-1961, undated
Lawyers' statement defending the Supreme Court, 1956-1957
League of Women Voters, fiftieth anniversary, 1968-1978, undated
League of Women Voters of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1959-1978, undated
Marshall Scholarships at British universities, 1959-1960
BOX II:40 Midwestern International Trade Development Center, 1955-1958
Miscellaneous, 1909, 1933-1936, 1946-1957, 1964-1979, undated
Murray Bay Golf Club, La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada, 1968-1976
NAACP, 1946-1958
National Academy of Arbitrators, 1967-1979, undated
National Civil Service League, 1968-1977
National Committee for an Effective Congress
Citizens Fund, 1961-1964
General, 1960-1972, undated
National Committee for Support of the Public Schools, 1961-1977, undated
National Committee on Tax Justice, 1969-1970, undated
National Conference of Christians and Jews
1946-1977, undated
BOX II:41 National Conference on International Economic and Social Development, 1957-1966
National Council for Community Improvement, 1947-1953
National Council for Responsible Firearms Policy, 1967-1976
National Council of Churches
Church and Economic Life Department
Agency Shop Committee, 1962-1963
Boycott for justice, 1960-1969
Christian Life and Mission Division
General, 1965-1967
Reorganization, 1966-1967
(2 folders)
Equal opportunity in employment, 1965-1967
Ford Foundation, 1959
(3 folders)
BOX II:42 1958-1965
(6 folders)
Steel strike, 1960-1961
Church World Service, 1961-1968, undated
Delta Ministry, Mississippi, 1961-1966
Financial, 1967
General, 1963-1978
General Assembly meeting, 6-9 Dec. 1966
Miami Beach, Fla.
Correspondence, 1965-1967
Minutes of meeting, 1966
BOX II:43 Miscellany, 1966, undated
Reports, resolutions, and statements, 1966, undated
(2 folders)
General Assembly Message Committee, 1965-1966
General Board, 1963-1969
Guaranteed income program, 1967-1968
Hall, Cameron P., anniversary contribution, 1957
Housing, 1968
Human values and advancing technologies, 1965-1967
(2 folders)
Labor Day message, 1965-1968
Social Justice Department, 1961-1968
Social welfare, 1965-1966
BOX II:44 Vietnam, 1965-1966
National Council on Rehabilitation, 1948
National Emergency Committee of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1967-1969
National Football Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio, 1968-1978
National Housing Conference, 1949-1977, undated
National Legal Aid Association, 1953-1958, undated
National Manpower Council, "Government and Manpower," 1959-1964
National Municipal League, 1960-1971
National Planning Association, 1947-1974
National Recreation Association, 1958-1973
Noyse School of Rhythm, Portland, Conn., 1959-1973
BOX II:45 Obituaries, 1961-1983, undated
(2 folders)
Ohio Council of Churches, 1950-1972
Ohio National Life Insurance Co., 1972-1979
Ohio plan for selection and tenure of judges, 1963-1979, undated
Ohio River pollution, 1962-1963
Ohio State Bar Association, 1957-1977
Ohio State Bar Convention, arbitration drama, 1959, undated
Ohio Valley Assembly, 1967, undated
People-to-People Partnership, White House Conference, 1956-1959, undated
BOX II:46 Peruvian Earthquake Voluntary Assistance Group, 1970
(2 folders)
National, 1959-1979, undated
Ohio, 1957-1980
Population Crisis Committee, 1965-1977
Population Policy Panel of the Hugh Moore Fund, 1963-1969
President's Committee for Hungarian Refugee Relief, 1956-1957, undated
"The Presidents' Children," television program, 1975
Press-radio Bible service, 1967-1981, undated
BOX II:47 Protestant Episcopal See Containers II:32-34, Episcopal Church
Religious, miscellaneous, 1955-1979, undated
(4 folders)
Robert A. Taft Institute of Government, 1965-1980
Robert A. Taft Memorial Foundation, 1958-1966
Rockefeller Brothers Theological Fellowship Program, 1956-1968
(2 folders)
BOX II:48 Republican National Finance Committee, 1960-1981, undated
Right-to-work legislation, repeal of 14-B, 1963-1966, undated
Ripon Society, 1971-1980, undated
Second Division Association, United States Army, 1956-1981, undated
Social work education study, 1948-1950. undated
Taft Broadcasting Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
General, 1972-1983
(2 folders)
Kings Mills, Ohio, Project, 1969
BOX II:49 Stock sale, 1972
Taft Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1955-1975, undated
Taft School, Watertown, Conn.
Deferred Gifts Committee, 1977-1978
General, 1912, 1968-1981
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