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League of Women Voters records, 1884-1986

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Part II: Biennial Files, 1920-1946 (continued)
BOX II:482 "P" miscellaneous
Poll tax
President's letters
To board
Press releases
Publications and pamphlets
"Know Your Town's Future"
Publicity, "What's Going on in the World"
BOX II:483 "R" miscellaneous
"S" miscellaneous
State convention reports
State program
Strauss, Anna Lord
"T" miscellaneous
Taylor, Mrs. Henry A.
"Twenty-Five Years"
United Nations
Commission on Women
BOX II:484 Relief and rehabilitation
United States government, Congress
House of Representatives
"V-W" miscellaneous
White House
Women's Joint Congressional Committee
BOX II:OV 1 Oversize
Subject file
World Court
General (Container II:71)
BOX III:1-17 Part III: Minutes and Related Records, 1918-1940
BOX III:1 1918-1921
BOX III:2 1921-1922
BOX III:3 1922
BOX III:4 1923-1924
BOX III:5 1923-1925
BOX III:6 1925-1926
BOX III:7 1926-1927
BOX III:8 1927-1930
BOX III:9 1928-1930
BOX III:10 1930-1933
BOX III:11 1932-1934
BOX III:12 1934-1936
BOX III:13 1934-1937
BOX III:14 1936-1937
BOX III:15 1938-1940
BOX III:16 1928-1940
BOX III:17 1940
BOX III:18-25 Part III: State Presidents' Letters, 1927-1944
BOX III:18 1927-1929
Part 1
BOX III:19 Part 2
Part 1
BOX III:20 Part 2
Part 1
BOX III:21 Part 2
Part 1
BOX III:22 Part 2
Part 1
BOX III:23 Part 2
Part 1
BOX III:24 Part 2
Part 1
BOX III:25 Part 2
BOX III:26-39 Part III: Circular Letters, 1927-1944
BOX III:26 National board
BOX III:27 1939-1942
BOX III:28 Child welfare, 1932-1939
BOX III:29 Government and its operation, 1929-1938
BOX III:30 Miscellaneous form letters, 1932-1944
BOX III:31 Child welfare, 1930-1936
BOX III:32 Circular letters
BOX III:33 1928-1934
BOX III:34 Government and economic welfare
BOX III:35 State finance, 1934-1936, undated
BOX III:36 Government and economic welfare, 1937
Government and education
Letters, 1936-1942
Reports for 1941
BOX III:37 Government and foreign policy, 1939-1941
Government and its operation, 1938-1942
BOX III:38 Government and foreign policy, 1934-1942
Government and its operation, 1935-1936
BOX III:39 Living costs
Social hygiene, 1927-1934
BOX III:40-45 Part III: Organization Department, 1928-1932
BOX III:40 Finance Department
BOX III:41 Finance Department
BOX III:42 Leaders' manuals
BOX III:43 College leagues
Legislative reports
BOX III:44 Organization reports, 1928-1932, undated
BOX III:45 Regional directors' reports, 1928-1930
BOX III:46-62 Part III: Publications
BOX III:46 Government and its operation
BOX III:47 Government and its operation
BOX III:48 Foreign policy
BOX III:49 Foreign policy
BOX III:50 Social and economic legislation
BOX III:51 Social and economic legislation
BOX III:52 Legislative and congressional newsletters
BOX III:53 Miscellaneous
BOX III:54 Miscellaneous
BOX III:55 Miscellaneous
BOX III:56 Newsletters
BOX III:57 Policy and reports
BOX III:58 Conventions
BOX III:59 Program of work
BOX III:60 Skits and plays
BOX III:61 Skits and plays
BOX III:62 Skits and plays
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