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League of Women Voters records, 1884-1986

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Part III: Special Projects, 1920-1944 (continued)
Alabama and Iowa
State material
BOX III:129 Uniform Laws Commission
Women in industry
BOX III:130 Women in industry
Congressional newsletters
Legislative newsletters
BOX III:131 Equal rights
BOX III:132 Program of work
Realignment of program
State files
BOX III:133 Utah-Wisconsin
BOX III:134 Immigration
Legal status of women
Program of work
State leagues
BOX III:135 Who's who
Government and economic welfare
Government and education
Government and foreign policy
Government and its operation
Government and legal status
Government and social welfare
BOX III:136 Social hygiene
Records and reports
State material
BOX III:137 Women in office
Clippings and miscellaneous material
General, 1924-1938
Surveys, 1939-1940
"Twelve Greatest Women" list
General, 1923
BOX III:138 General
Material for survey
Replies from states
State legislatures, 1929
BOX III:139 Clippings
Convention, women delegates, 1928
Equal representation in political parties
Material for 1935 survey
Miscellaneous correspondence
State replies and miscellaneous correspondence
Survey of women in public office, 1935
Women in public office, 1938-1940
BOX III:140 Addams, Jane
Clippings about Maud Wood Park
Stories of interesting women
"Twelve Greatest Women" list
BOX III:141 Woman suffrage
Publicity, miscellaneous clippings
Bradwell, Myra, biography
Clippings of historical interest
History of legal status of women
Items collected by Mrs. Sherman
Woman suffrage in other countries
BOX III:142 History of suffrage, birth of League of Women Voters
State material
Suffrage and women's rights, clippings
Suffrage in other countries
BOX III:143 "First Ten Years"
Pamphlets and broadsides
Study kit
BOX III:144-210 Part III: State Material, Set A
BOX III:144 Alabama
BOX III:145 California
BOX III:146 California
BOX III:147 Colorado
BOX III:148 Connecticut
BOX III:149 Connecticut
BOX III:150 Connecticut
BOX III:151 Connecticut
BOX III:152 District of Columbia
BOX III:153 District of Columbia
BOX III:154 Florida
BOX III:155 Georgia
BOX III:156 Georgia
BOX III:157 Illinois
BOX III:158 Illinois
BOX III:159 Illinois
BOX III:160 Indiana
BOX III:161 Indiana
BOX III:162 Indiana
BOX III:163 Iowa
BOX III:164 Kansas
BOX III:165 Kentucky
BOX III:166 Louisiana
BOX III:167 Maine
BOX III:168 Maryland
BOX III:169 Massachusetts
BOX III:170 Massachusetts
BOX III:171 Massachusetts
BOX III:172 Massachusetts
BOX III:173 Michigan
BOX III:174 Michigan
BOX III:175 Michigan
BOX III:176 Minnesota
BOX III:177 Minnesota
BOX III:178 Minnesota
BOX III:179 Minnesota
BOX III:180 Idaho
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
BOX III:181 Missouri
BOX III:182 Missouri
BOX III:183 Missouri
BOX III:184 Missouri
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