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League of Women Voters records, 1884-1986

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Part III: Published Material, 1939-1956 (continued)
BOX III:367 Missouri, St. Louis, 1950
Texas, 1951-1954
BOX III:368 Wisconsin, 1952-1954
BOX III:369 Connecticut
BOX III:370 1941-1947
BOX III:371 Delegate questionnaire
BOX III:372-401 Part III: Miscellaneous Material, 1916-1952
BOX III:372 Field trip reports
Alabama, 1938-1948
California, 1945-1948
Colorado, 1946-1948
Connecticut, 1945-1947
District of Columbia, 1947
Florida, 1945-1948
Hawaii, 1948
Idaho, 1946-1948
Illinois, 1945-1948
Indiana, 1945-1948
Iowa, 1944-1948
Kansas, 1945-1948
Kentucky, 1945-1947
Louisiana, 1944-1948
Maine, 1945-1948
Massachusetts, 1945-1948
Maryland, 1945-1948
Michigan, 1945-1948
Minnesota, 1945-1948
Mississippi, 1947-1948
Missouri, 1944-1948
BOX III:373 Nebraska, 1945-1948
New Jersey, 1945-1948
New York, 1945-1948
North Carolina, 1947-1948
Ohio, 1945-1948
Oklahoma, 1945-1948
Oregon, 1946-1948
Pennsylvania, 1945-1948
Rhode Island, 1946-1948
South Carolina, 1947-1948
Tennessee, 1945-1948
Texas, 1945-1948
Vermont, 1945-1948
Virginia, 1933-1948
Washington, 1945-1948
West Virginia, 1944-1948
Wisconsin, 1946-1948
BOX III:374 Financial records
BOX III:375 Financial records
BOX III:376 Financial records
BOX III:377 General correspondence
BOX III:378 General correspondence
BOX III:379 League of Women Voters program
BOX III:380 Local league recommendation
BOX III:381 1950
BOX III:382 Miscellaneous records
1916-1937, undated
BOX III:383 1920-1940, undated
BOX III:384 1928-1930, undated
BOX III:385 1949, and booklets
BOX III:386 National program
BOX III:387 National program
BOX III:388 National program
BOX III:389 National program
BOX III:390 National program
BOX III:391 National program
BOX III:392 National program
BOX III:393 Platform conference
BOX III:394 Platform conference revision
BOX III:395 Program letters, second round, 1952
BOX III:396 Publications
BOX III:397 Publicity and conference reports
BOX III:398 Publicity and conference reports
BOX III:399 State leaders handbook
BOX III:400 United Nations
BOX III:401 United Nations
BOX III:402-419 Part III: State Material, Set G, 1950-1954
BOX III:402 Alabama
BOX III:403 Alaska
BOX III:404 California
BOX III:405 California
BOX III:406 California
District of Columbia
BOX III:407 Colorado-Connecticut
BOX III:408 Connecticut-Florida
BOX III:409 Florida-Hawaii
BOX III:410 Idaho-Illinois
BOX III:411 Illinois-Indiana
BOX III:412 Iowa-Louisiana
BOX III:413 Maine-Massachusetts
BOX III:414 Massachusetts-Michigan
BOX III:415 Minnesota-Mississippi
Montana-New Jersey
BOX III:416 New Jersey-New York
BOX III:417 New Mexico-Pennsylvania
BOX III:418 South Carolina-Virginia
BOX III:419 Virginia-Washington
BOX III:420 Part III: Scrapbook (Oversize), 1892-1955
BOX Oversize: III:420 Scrapbook of Janet Lowry Ramsey, 1892-1955
BOX III:421-620 Part III: State and Local Published Material, 1951-1957
BOX III:421 Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona
BOX III:422 Arizona and Arkansas
BOX III:423 Arizona
BOX III:424 Arkansas and California
BOX III:425 California
BOX III:426 California
BOX III:427 California
BOX III:428 California
BOX III:429 California
BOX III:430 California
BOX III:431 California
BOX III:432 California
BOX III:433 California
BOX III:434 California
BOX III:435 California
BOX III:436 California-Colorado
BOX III:437 Colorado
BOX III:438 Colorado-Connecticut
BOX III:439 Connecticut
BOX III:440 Connecticut
BOX III:441 Connecticut
BOX III:442 Connecticut
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