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J.G. Randall and Ruth Painter Randall papers, 1779-1970

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Subject Files, 1916-1952 (continued)
Abraham Lincoln Association See also Container 2, Angle, Paul M.; Baringer, W. E. ; and Basler, Roy P. ; and Container 9, Pratt, Harry E.
Adams, Randolph G.
Adler, Selig
Agnew, Theodore L.
Ahlquist, Irving F.
Album of American History
Allen, Hardie
American Historical Association
BOX 2 American Peoples' Encyclopedia
Anderson, George L.
Andrews, Matthew P.
Angle, Paul M. See also Container 1, Abraham Lincoln Association and Container 6, Illinois State Historical Society
Atlas of American History
Auchampaugh, Philip G.
Barbee, David R.
Baringer, William E. See also Container 1, Abraham Lincoln Association
Barndrel, Harry
Barnwell, Robert
Barrett, Oliver R.
Barton, William E.
Basler, Roy P. See also Container 1, Abraham Lincoln Association
Bates, Ralph S.
Baxter, Maurice
Beale, Howard K.
Beatty, H. E.
Braderman, Eugene
Bradley, Philips
BOX 3 Brown University, Providence, R.I.
California, University of, Berkeley, Calif.
Carruthers, Olive
Chicago, University of, Chicago, Ill.
Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Ill.
Chicago, University of, Chicago, Ill.
Claussen, Martin
Cole, Arthur C.
Coleman, Charles H.
Coleman, J. Winston
Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
Commager, Henry Steele
Cooper Union, New York, N.Y.
Cope, F. D.
Cramer, John H.
Craven, Avery
Curti, Merle
Cuthbert, Norma
Dale, E. E.
Darden, David L.
Davenport, F. G.
Decatur Public Library, Decatur, Ill.
Destler, C. M.
De Voto, Bernard
Dictionary of American Biography
Dictionary of American History
Dilliard, Irving
BOX 4 Dodd, Mead & Co.
Donald, David
Dorris, Jonathan, T.
Doubleday & Co.
Douglas, Paul H.
Downs, Robert B.
Drake, Thomas E.
BOX 5 East, Ernest A.
Eisendrath, Joseph L.
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Eisenschiml. Otto
Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.
Fallwell, J. H.
Fisher, LeRoy
Freidel, Frank
Greer, Allen J.
Griffith, Albert H.
Handlin, Oscar
Harper, Josephine
Harper & Brothers
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Heath & Co.
Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif. See also Container 3, Cuthbert, Norma
Herndon-Weik Collection
Hertz, Emanuel
Hesseltine, William B.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. See Container 9, Pennsylvania, Historical Society of
Hochmuth, Marie
Horner, Harlan H.
Horner, Henry
Howe, W. D.
Hughes, Robert M.
BOX 6 Illinois State Archives, Springfield, Ill.
Illinois State Historical Society See also Container 2, Angle, Paul M.,; Container 8, Monaghan, Jay ; and Container 9, Pratt, Harry E.
Illinois, University of, Urbana, Ill., and Daily Illini
Illinois University Press
BOX 7 James, H. Preston
Jones, Edgar De Witt
Kane, Elisha Kent
King, Willard L.
Knerr, Henry O.
Knopf, Alfred A.
Lane, Frederic C.
Larson, Laurence M.
Lentz, E. G.
Library of Congress
Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tenn.
Lincoln National Life Foundation
Lindstrom, Ralph G.
Little, Brown & Co.
Lonn, Ella
Lucas, Scott W.
Luthin, Reinhard
Lydenberg, H. M.
BOX 8 Malone, Dumas
Marshall, James
Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
McCarthy, Sister Mary Barbara
McCorison, J. L., Jr.
McElroy, Charles F.
McLaughlin, Andrew C.
McMillen, Rolla C.
Meade, Robert O.
Mearns, David C.
Meserve, Frederick H.
Middle West
Miller, August C.
Milton, George F.
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