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J.G. Randall and Ruth Painter Randall papers, 1779-1970

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BOX 22-36 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1916-1952
Proofs, typescripts, outlines, memoranda, drafts, correspondence, and printed matter relating to writings by the Randalls.
Arranged by title of writing.
BOX 22 Lincoln the President
BOX 23-24 Galley and page proof
BOX 25-26 Typescript
BOX 27 Typescript, vol. IV
BOX 28 Lincoln the Liberal Statesman
“Lincoln and John Bright”
BOX 29 Constitutional Problems under Lincoln
“Lincoln and the South”
BOX 30 “Has the Lincoln Theme Been Exhausted?”
“Lincoln and the Governance of Men”
BOX 31 “We Cannot Escape History”
“Lincoln's War Dilemma, April, 1861"
“The Blundering Generation”
BOX 32 “The Great Dignity of the Rail Splitter”
“President Lincoln: Tactician of Human Relations”
“Lincoln's Two Inaugurals”
“Democracy and War”
“Dear Mr. President”
“ 'Strange, Quaint, Great Man' ”
“The Rule of Law under the Lincoln Administration”
“Misconceptions concerning Lincoln”
“The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln”
BOX 33 Dictionary of American Biographyarticle on Lincoln
Lincoln broadcasts
“A New Milepost in Lincoln Study”
“What Three Former President Wrote to Lincoln”
“Lincoln Speaks”
“Great Unanswered Questions about Lincoln”
“In Lincoln's Words: Great Issues That Live”
“A. Lincoln: A Fuller Portrait”
“Living with Lincoln”
“Lincoln and Thanksgiving”
“Civil and Military Relationship Under Lincoln”
BOX 34 “Midwest Honjous”
“Democracy in the Midwest”
Diary of Orville Hickman Browning
“The Newspaper Problem in It's Bearing Upon Military Strategy during the Civil War”
“Scholar and Citizen”
“When Jefferson's Home Was Bequeathed to the United States”
“Christianity or Wodenism”
“Municipal Functions”
“The Historian as Revisionist”
“The Civil War Restudied”
“On Rewriting Reconstruction History”
“A Chat about Conditions during the Civil War”
“The Friendship of Nations, Christmas, 1861”
“How Did the North Profit at the Expense of the South”
BOX 35-36 Mary Lincoln: A Biography of a Marriage by Ruth Painter Randall, printer's copy
BOX 37-39 Miscellany
Printed matter, clippings, awards, and diplomas.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 37-38 Clippings and printed matter
BOX 39 Awards and diplomas
BOX 40-101 Addition I, 1917-1970
BOX 40-64 J. G. Randall Papers, 1917-1970
General, family and personal, and business correspondence; financial records; drafts and galleys; card file; and awards, souvenirs, and diplomas.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 40-43 General correspondence, 1917-1970
BOX 44-45 Family and personal correspondence, 1917-1970
BOX 46-52 Business correspondence, 1935-1970
BOX 53-57 Finances
BOX 58-62 Drafts and galleys
BOX OV 63A-63C Card file
BOX 64 Awards, souvenirs, and diplomas
BOX 65-101 Ruth Painter Randall Papers, 1940-1970
Correspondence, research material, drafts and manuscripts, clippings, miscellany, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 65-69 Correspondence, 1940-1970
BOX 70-74 Research material
BOX 75 Research material, including Mary Lincoln's autograph
BOX 76-86 Drafts and manuscripts
BOX 87-94 Clippings
BOX 95 Miscellany
BOX 96-101 Printed matter
BOX 102-111 Addition II, 1865-1953
BOX 102-105 Diaries, 1908-1953
Diaries kept by Ruth Painter Randall and a log of a trip kept by a nephew, Ralph. Also diaries of J. G. Randall.
Arranged by name of author and chronologically therein.
BOX 102 Randall, Ruth Painter, 1909-1920
(14 vols.)
Log of canoe trip in 1916 written by nephew Ralph, 1919
BOX 103 Randall, J. G.
(10 vols.)
BOX 104 1934-1943
(10 vols.)
BOX 105 1944-1953
(10 vols.)
BOX 106-107 Family Correspondence, 1903-1925
Letters between family members.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 106 1903, 1907-1908
(5 folders)
BOX 107 (9 folders)
BOX 108-111 Personal Correspondence, 1914-1917
Mainly letters between J. G. Randall and Ruth Painter Randall before their marriage.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 108 1914-1916
(6 folders)
BOX 109 1916
(2 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX 110 1917
(4 folders)
BOX 111 1917
(3 folders)
BOX 111 Miscellany
Certificates, biographical items, printed matter, and a photocopy of a dispatch from Abraham Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant, Apr. 7, 1865, with notation and signature by Grant.

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