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Other Family Papers, 1763-1945 (continued)
Miscellaneous papers
Elizabeth Riggs Isely
David B. Karrick
George C. Lawrason
Aaron R. Levering
Lawrason Levering
S. Levering
Pauline Riggs Noyes
Jane Elizabeth Morgan Oothout
Pauline Gaither Ould
William S. Paradise
General correspondence
Letterbook, 1846-1848
(2 folders)
Business papers, 1837-1851
BOX 121 Miscellany
Estate papers
Alfred Riggs
Alice Lawrason Riggs
Family correspondence, 1881-1918
General correspondence, 1893
Benjamin Clapp Riggs
Catherine Gilbert Rotch Riggs
Family correspondence
1885-1911, June
(7 folders)
BOX 122 1911, July-1918
(5 folders)
General correspondence, 1893-1902
Business papers
Elisha Riggs (1742-1777)
Francis B. Riggs
Family correspondence, 1878-1884
General correspondence, 1880-1901
Correspondence of persons other than Francis B. Riggs
Business papers
Account books
BOX 123 Bills and receipts, 1878-1901
(2 folders)
Checkbooks, 1880-1898
(2 folders)
George W. Riggs (1777-1864)
George W. Riggs (1848-1914)
James Riggs
General correspondence, 1851-1852
Business papers, 1850-1855
BOX 124 Jane A. Riggs
Family correspondence, 1877-1927, undated
(3 folders)
General correspondence, 1890-1929
Calling cards and invitations
Miscellaneous manuscripts
Will and estate papers
Janet Shedden Riggs
John Riggs
John Beverley Riggs
John H. Riggs
Joseph Karrick Riggs
Diaries, 1859-1860
Family correspondence, 1844-1870
(2 folders)
BOX 125 General correspondence, 1848-1880, undated
(5 folders)
Business papers, 1842-1888
Miscellaneous manuscripts
BOX 126 Josiah Riggs
Karrick Van Zandt Riggs
Lawrason Riggs
Diary, 1837-1838
Family correspondence
Letterbook, 1840-1843
(5 folders)
General correspondence
1834-1844, Aug.
(2 folders)
BOX 127 1844, Sept.-1884
(2 folders)
Business papers
Letterbook, 1836
1834-1884, undated
(2 folders)
Check stubs, 1840
Invoice of goods, 1843
Miscellaneous manuscripts
Lawrason Riggs, Jr.
Margaret Alwina Bohlen Riggs
Margaret Norris Riggs
Mary Ann Karrick Riggs
1862, 1865
BOX 128 1867-1868
Family correspondence, 1855
General correspondence, 1846-1855
Account books, 1852-1854
Miscellaneous manuscripts
Mary Boswell Riggs
Mary Elisha Riggs
Medora Thayer Riggs
Family correspondence, 1895-1915
(3 folders)
BOX 129 General correspondence, 1881-1910
Bills and receipts
Miscellaneous manuscripts
Mercy Ann Riggs
Nannie Kemp Riggs
Pauline Druillard Oothout Riggs
Remus Riggs
BOX 130 Renée Coudert Riggs
Family correspondence, 1913-1937
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1904-1945, undated
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