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Center for National Policy Review records, 1959-1986

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Speeches and Writings, 1971-1986 (continued)
23-27 July, Nova University Institute, Washington, D.C. (continued)
(2 folders)
1-2 Aug., Department of Justice Regional Directors' Meeting, New Orleans, La.
25 Aug., Civil Rights Seminar, Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C.
4-6 Nov., Liberal Agenda Conference, Union for Democratic Action, Reston, Va.
1-2 Dec., American Society of Public Administrators annual conference, Washington, D.C.
25 Jan., Conference on Gautreaux Demonstration Litigation, Potomac Institute, Washington, D.C.
26 Jan., testimony before Subcommittee on the Constitution, Senate Judiciary Committee on Legislation to Extend the Commission on Civil Rights
6 Mar., testimony on H.R. 10831 to Extend Existence of Commission on Civil Rights
8 Mar., testimony on the Equal Employment Reorganization Plan before the Committee on Governmental Affairs, Washington, D.C.
26-27 Apr., Center for Urban Affairs, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
BOX 162 21 June, Lawyers' Committee on Civil Rights symposium, Washington, D.C.
21-22 July, NAACP Bakke Symposium, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.
2 Aug., statement on H.R. 13343 before the Subcommittee on Legislation and National Security of the Subcommittee on Government Operation
21-23 Aug., National Research Council Conference on Legislative Impact on Courts, Woods Hole, Mass.
12 Sept., testimony on Enforcement of Civil Rights Law by the Financial Regulatory Agencies, House of Representative's Commerce, Consumer and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee
26-29 Sept., Title VI Civil Rights Conference, Civil Rights Division, Justice Department, Arlington, Va.
20 Oct., National Lawyers Guild and BALSA Panel Discussion on "Bakke and the Future of Affirmative Action," Washington, D.C.
5 Dec., testimony on Proposed Revenue Procedure on Tax Exempt Public Schools
8 Dec., Danforth Foundation, St. Louis, Mo.
22 Mar., testimony on S. 506 the Fair Housing Amendments before Subcommittee on the Constitution, Washington, D.C.
29 Mar., Small Business Administration, Annual Training Conference for Civil Rights Directors, Silver Spring, Md.
2 Apr., Black Organization of Students, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
3 Apr., American Society of Public Administration, Baltimore, Md.
11 Apr., Black Forum, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.
26 Apr., Transportation Department training session, Title VI, Washington, D.C.
9 May, Close-Up Seminar, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
14-17 May, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund's Commemoration of 25th Anniversary of Supreme Court decision on the desegregation of schools, Washington, D.C.
BOX 163 19 May, Washburn Law School commencement address, Topeka, Kans.
4 June, Council for Northeast Economic Action Seminar on Revenue Sharing, Washington, D.C.
10 July, Fair Housing Forum, National Urban League, Washington, D.C.
11 July, International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies, Philadelphia, Pa.
19 Sept., statement before the Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary and Vocational Education on H. R. 3227, the National Educational Opportunities Act of 1979, Washington, D.C.
4-6 Oct., National Review Panel on School Desegregation Research, annual meeting, Key West, Fla.
16 Oct., Washington Policy Seminar, Institute for Educational Leadership, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
30 Nov., Midwest Race and Sex Desegregation Centers, Des Moines, Iowa
3 Jan., Council for Public Interest Law and Institution for Public Representation Conference on Public Interest Law: The Second Decade, Washington, D.C.
29 Feb., National Education Association Annual Conference on Human Civil Rights in Education, Washington, D.C.
1 Mar., National Black Agenda Conference, Richmond, Va.
3 Mar., testimony on Renewal of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, Washington, D.C.
19 Mar., Furlow's Remedies class
12 May, Commission on Civil Rights convocation, National Housing Center
29-31 May, School Desegregation Research Agenda Symposium, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.
6 June, Fifth Annual Judicial Conference, Washington, D.C.
25 July, Joint Center for Political Studies, staff seminar, Washington, D.C.
22 Aug., President's Commission for a National Agenda for the 80s, Civil Rights Panel, Austin, Tex.
BOX 164 28 Aug., American Political Science Association convention, Washington, D.C.
2 Oct., American Enterprise Institute Conference on the Federal Courts, Washington, D.C.
3 Oct., National Association of Human Rights Workers conference, Baltimore, Md.
17 Dec., National Coalition for Quality Integrated Education, Washington, D.C.
16 Jan., National Association of Human Rights Workers, Southern Regional Meeting, Nashville, Tenn.
14 Apr., NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Conference on Education, New York, N.Y.
22-23 Apr., Voting Rights Conference, Rockefeller Foundation, New York, N.Y.
30 Apr., Judge Hastie Award Symposium, Washington, D.C.
14 May, Testimony on School Desegregation before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Washington, D.C.
[May], League of Women Voters Education Fund Workshop on Metropolitan School Desegregation and Its Impact on Housing Patterns
10 June, Justice Department Community Relations Service Workshop
11-12 June, Judicial Conference of D.C., Washington, D.C.
23 June, Voting Rights Conference, New World Foundation, New York, N.Y.
29 June-3 July, NAACP Annual Convention, Denver, Colo.
15 July, International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies annual conference, Dayton, Ohio
18 July, National Urban League Delegate Assembly, Washington, D.C.
16 Oct., Commission on Civil Rights Luncheon Panel of Civil Rights Leaders, Washington, D.C.
19-20 Oct., Larry King Show, 19-20 Oct. 1981
BOX 165 21 Oct., Washington Journalism Center conference, Washington, D.C.
24 Oct., Association for Public Policy Analysis Management Conference, Washington, D.C., 24 Oct. 1981
19 Nov., Wherrett Lecture, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
20 Nov., National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, National Fair Housing Conference, Washington, D.C.
21 Jan., Washington Justice Semester Program, American University, Washington, D.C.
12-13 Feb., American Civil Liberties Union, Atlanta, Ga.
19 Feb., Environmental Defense Fund Litigation Review Committee, Washington, D.C.
19 Feb., National Education Association, Annual Conference on Human and Civil Rights in Education, Washington, D.C.
4 Mar., statement on the conduct of the Justice Department in civil rights on behalf of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights before the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights of the House Committee on the Judiciary
6 Mar., Americans for Democratic Action, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Centennial Conference, Washington, D.C.
13 Mar., statement on the administration efforts to weaken enforcement of Title VI and Title IX on behalf of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights to the Subcommittee on Post Secondary Education of the House Committee on Education and Labor, Washington, D.C.
23 Apr., Democratic National Committee, Issues Training Conference, Washington, D.C.
23 Apr., American Bar Association Section on Individual Rights, Washington, D.C.
25 Apr., Education Writers Association Seminar on New Right Effect on Public Schools, Washington, D.C.
11 Aug., testimony concerning nominees to the United States Commission on Civil Rights on behalf of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Washington, D.C.
16-20 Aug., Rockefeller Foundation Conference on Affirmative Action, Bellagio, Italy
22-23 Oct., Women's Legal Defense Fund Supreme Court Seminar, Washington, D.C.
17 Nov., Harvard Institute of Politics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
9 Dec., Southern Education Foundation Conference on Metropolitan School Desegregation, Atlanta, Ga.
13-15 Dec., National Urban League Desegregation/School Finance Colloquium, New York, N.Y.
BOX 166 1983
24 Feb., Brookings Institution Advanced Study Program, Williamsburg, Va.
27 Feb., American Association of School Administrators annual conference, Atlantic City, N.J.
11 Apr., National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, (NCDH), National Fair Housing Conference, Washington, D.C.
6 May, testimony on Justice Department authorization request before the House of Representatives Subcommittee, Washington, D.C.
3 June, Eighth Annual Judicial Conference, Washington, D.C.
11 June, Kentucky Commission on Human Rights Desegregation Conference, Louisville, Ky.
30 June, Democratic National Committee press conference, Washington, D.C.
10-11 July, NAACP Convention/Education Conference
20 July, National Council of La Raza annual conference, Chicago, Ill.
23 Sept., American Association of School Administrators legislative conference, Washington, D.C.
17 Oct., National Association of Human Rights Workers Conference, Saginaw, Mich.
21 Feb., National Education Association Television Chronicle, Washington, D.C.
5 Mar., National Committee for School Desegregation annual conference, Arlington, Va.
[Mar.], WRKO, Talk Radio 68
19 Apr., debate with Linda Chavez, American University Federalist Society, Washington, D.C.
11 May, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Thirtieth Anniversary of Brown, Los Angeles
17 May, Civil Rights Forum, Division of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University, South Bend, Ind.
19 May, Union of American Hebrew Congregations national board meeting
20 May, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, Symposium on Black-Jewish Relations
2 June, National Neighbors Conference, Starrett City, New York, N.Y.
23 June, Americans for Democratic Action national convention, Washington, D.C.
6 Oct., "Urban Scene," WBAL-Channel ll, Baltimore, Md.
25-26 Oct., National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, National Fair Housing Conference, Washington, D.C.
17 Nov., twentieth Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act Conference, Rutgers School of Law, Newark, N.J.
BOX 167 3 Dec., Brookings Institution Conference for Senior Federal Executives, Williamsburg, Va.
15 Feb., Danforth Education Law Seminar, Kiawah Island, S.C.
(2 folders)
6-7 Mar., Civil Rights Commission sessions on affirmative action, Washington, D.C.
18 Mar., Hillel Associates/Israel Alumni Conference, Washington, D.C.
25 Mar., American Society for Public Administration, 46th National Conference, Indianapolis, Ind.
9 May, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Conference on Affirmative Action, New York, N.Y.
17-18 May, NAACP Emergency Summit Conference, Washington, D.C.
30-31 May, American Association of Retired Persons Workshops on effective lobbying, Washington, D.C.
BOX 168 7 June, "Residential Racial Integration," Potomac Institute, Washington, D.C.
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