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Bronson M. Cutting papers, 1890-1950

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New Mexican Affairs, 1910-1928 (continued)
BOX 13 American Legion, 1919-1927 See also Container 18, same heading
Archaeological Institute for the Southwest, 1910-1915
Baca, James, sale of property, 1928
Blue ballot, 1911
Board of Commissioners of the New Mexico Penitentiary, 1922-1929
BOX 14 Corruption (detective reports), key to code and reports, Jan. 1913-Nov. 1914
Cutting, Bronson, war service, 1917-1918
Cutting Bronson, report to acting director of military intelligence, 1919
Democratic organization in New Mexico, 1926
BOX 15 Dreyfus libel case
Reports from Williams Detective Agency, 1917
Reports from Thiel Detective Agency, 1918
Photographs of Supreme Court justices hearing contempt proceedings
Legal documents, 1917-1920
BOX 16 Printed matter, 1918
Photographs of Socorro, N.Mex, taken by Associated Press photographers, 1918
BOX 17 Election, New Mexico, 1911, 1918
European relief, 1921
Fall, Albert B., 1914
Freedom of the press, 1917-1918 See Containers 15-16, Dreyfus libel case
Hagerman, H. J., 1919
New Mexican Printing Co., 1915-1919
Progressive Party literature, 1912, 1916
Progressive State Committee, New Mexico, 1912
Republican State Central Committee, New Mexico, 1926-1934
Santa Fe New Mexican Publishing Corp., minutes, 1918
Taxes on Cutting property, 1918
Veterans' activities, 1919
War appointments in New Mexico, 1917
BOX 18-42 Washington File, D.C., 1928-1935
Letters sent and received on official business, legislation, and campaigns, including with constituents, and related printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or name of person.
BOX 18 Agriculture Adjustment Administration, 1934-1935
Air mail, 1930-1934
Airport locations, 1934-1935
American Legion, 1928-1934 See also Containers 13 and 100, same heading
Army promotion list, 1928
Bankhead Act (regulation of cotton), 1935
BOX 19 Banking
1933-Feb. 1934
Mar.-April 1934 (primarily correspondence in response to article in Liberty, 31 Mar. 1934)
BOX 20 May-June 1934 (primarily correspondence in response to article in Liberty, 31 Mar. 1934)
July 1934-Apr. 1935
BOX 21 Banking, radio speech correspondence, 1934
Banking bills, notes and printed matter, 1934
Censorship, 1932-1934
Charities and contributions, 1928-1934
Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933
Coal dispute, 1933
Common Sense, 1933
Communications, control of, 1929
Compensation claims (non-veteran), 1935
Congressional Record mailing list, 1935
BOX 22 Conservation, 1929
Copyright, correspondence, 1933-1935
Copyright laws, 1930
Corrupt Practices Act, 1928-1932
Cuba See Container 39, Republic of Cuba bonds
Cutting, Bronson
Bills introduced, 1928-1935
Record in Senate, 1928-1935
Honorary degree, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 1928
Senate committees, 1930-1934
Attack by Z. B. Moon and A. M. Edwards, 1931
Comments on performance of "Inventory of Contents of Los Siete Burros, Santa Fe, New Mexico," [1935]
BOX 23 Musical records and programs, list, undated
Notes on veterans legislation, 1928-1934
Possibility of presidential nomination in 1936
Codes and lists, unidentified, undated
Foreign travel
BOX 24 Senate appointment, 1928
Campaign and election, senatorial, congratulatory messages, 1928
Election, senatorial, congratulatory messages, 1928
Nomination for Senate, 1934
BOX 25 Campaign and election, senatorial, 1934
Correspondence, Apr.-Nov. 1934
Correspondence relating to election of 1934, received Jan.-Apr. 1935
Campaign and election, senatorial, "Unimportant Letters" dated Sept. Dec. 1934
Answers to form letter of Oct. 12 and 20, 1934 (“Unimportant”)
BOX 26 Statements to and from colleagues, Sept.-Nov. 1934
Election, senatorial, 1934
Congratulatory messages, Sept.-Dec. 1934
Election, senatorial, congratulatory messages from “special people," 1934
BOX 27 Campaign and election senatorial, Democratic Party literature, 1934
Congratulatory messages received on confirmation of election "from without state," Jan.-Apr. 1935
Material relating to Dennis Chavez's contest of election, Nov. 1934-May 1935
BOX 28 Disabled veterans See same container, Economy Act
Disarmament, 1928-1929
Economy Act, 1932-1933
Education in New Mexico, 1929-1933
Emergency officers retirement benefits, 1933
Employees' compensation, 1935
Farm Credit Administration, 1935
Feed and seed loans, 1935
Farmer Labor Political Federation, 1934
Farm Mortgage Relief Bill, 1933
Federal building projects, 1935
BOX 29 Federal Emergency Relief Administration, 1934-May 1935
Federal Housing Administration, 1935
Federal Relief Bill, Mar.-Apr. 1935
Highway legislation, 1929
Home Owners' Loan Corp., Dec. 1934-May 1935
Hoover, Herbert, inaugural, 1929
BOX 30 Immigration, 1928-1932
Indian Affairs, 1929-1934 See also Container 32, Mescalero Indians; and Container 41, Wheeler-Howard Act
International Boundary Commission, 1935
Irrigation and Reclamation Bill, 1932
Labor, 1928
Land Office (Department of the Interior), Jan.-May 1935
BOX 31 Legislation, miscellaneous copies, 71st Congress, 3rd session, and 72nd Congress, 1st session, 1931-1932
BOX 32 Llano Cooperative Colony, 1933-1935
McCarthy, Clifford, copies of letters to, 1930-1934
Maxwell Ditch and Reservoir Co. (Reconstruction Finance Corp. loan), 1933-1935
Mescalero Indians, 1928-1929
Migratory birds, protection See Container 22, Conservation
Mining in forest preserves, 1929
Mooney-Billings Committee, 1932
Morrow, John, voting record, 1926-1927
BOX 33 National Forests (Department of Agriculture), 1928-1935
New Mexican (Spanish edition), 1928
New Mexico legislation in Congress, 1934-1935 See also Container 39, Soil Erosion Service, projects in New Mexico
Newspapers and magazines received, 1928-1932
Newspapers in New Mexico, 1929-1935
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