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Bronson M. Cutting papers, 1890-1950

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Washington File, D.C., 1928-1935 (continued)
Mescalero Indians, 1928-1929
Migratory birds, protection See Container 22, Conservation
Mining in forest preserves, 1929
Mooney-Billings Committee, 1932
Morrow, John, voting record, 1926-1927
BOX 33 National Forests (Department of Agriculture), 1928-1935
New Mexican (Spanish edition), 1928
New Mexico legislation in Congress, 1934-1935 See also Container 39, Soil Erosion Service, projects in New Mexico
Newspapers and magazines received, 1928-1932
Newspapers in New Mexico, 1929-1935
Oil prospecting permits, 1930-1932, 1935
BOX 34 Old Age Pension Bill
Nov. 1933-31 Jan. 1935
BOX 35 1 Feb.-30 Apr. 1935
Santa Fe file, 1934
BOX 36 Olsen, Clara, secretary to Governor Richard Charles Dillon, correspondence, 1928-1930
Patronage, favors requested, 1928-1935
Phillips, Orie L., appointment as circuit court judge, 1929
Postal workers, 1929
Pound, Ezra, letters from 1932, 1934-1935
Progressive Conference (National Republican Party), 1931-1932
Progressive Party of New Mexico, 1932-1934
Public health, 1929
BOX 37 Public lands, Congressman John J. Dempsey's bills, 1935
Public lands, oil and gas permits, 1935
Public Works Act and Unemployment Relief, 1932-1935
Public Works Bill, S. 1596, 1933
BOX 38 Rayburn-Wheeler Bill (public utilities), correspondence, Mar.-Apr. 1935
Reconstruction Finance Corp., correspondence, 1934-1935
BOX 39 Republic of Cuba bonds, 1934-1935
Republican National Committee, 1932
Resolutions and memorials from New Mexican legislature, 1931
Sanchez, George, 1933
"The Senators Visit the Soviet Villages," article, 1930
Soil Erosion Service
Department of the Interior, 1934
Soil Erosion Service, projects in New Mexico, correspondence, 1933-1935
Strayed animals, bill for return of, S. 1617, 1935
Subsistence-Homestead Division (Department of the Interior), project in New Mexico, 1935
Tariff, 1929
Temperance, 1932-1934
Third party, 1934-1935
BOX 40 United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., appointments
BOX 41 United States presidential campaign, 1932
Veterans Bureau, 1928-1929
Veterans claims, list, undated
Veterans Claims Board, legislation, 1933
Veterans Hospital, Fort Bayard, N.Mex., removal of, 1929
Veterans legislation, correspondence, 1928-1929, 1932-1934 See also Container 23, Cutting, Bronson, Notes on veterans legislation
Wheeler-Howard Act (Indian affairs), HR 7902, 1934
Workers' Unemployment, Old Age and Social Security Bill, 1935
World Court, 1928-1929
BOX 42 Mailing lists, including people over sixty years of age, job applicants (arranged by county)
Employees, New Mexico, lists, undated
BOX 43-81 Veterans Cases, 1928-circa 1935
Letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by name of veteran in two files as maintained by Cutting's office: claims correspondence and closed claims correspondence.
BOX 43 Claims correspondence
BOX 44 Arm-Barn
BOX 45 Baro-Bo
BOX 46 Br-Can
BOX 47 Car-Ch
BOX 48 Ci-Cro
BOX 49 Cru-Di
BOX 50 Do-El
BOX 51 Em-F
BOX 52 Ga-Gol
BOX 53 Gon-Hai
BOX 54 Hall-Her
BOX 55 Hes-Ja
BOX 56 Je-King
BOX 57 Kins-Lin
BOX 58 Lis-Lun
BOX 59 Lut-Man
BOX 60 Mar-Mer
BOX 61 Mes-Mo
BOX 62 Mu-Pac
BOX 63 Pad-Pz
BOX 64 Q-Rob
BOX 65 Robi-Sal
BOX 66 San-Sed
BOX 67 Sel-Smith
BOX 68 Sn-Ti
BOX 69 To-Vig
BOX 70 Vij-Wh
BOX 71 Wi-Z
BOX 72 Closed claims correspondence
BOX 73 Co-Fo
BOX 74 Fr-Ha
BOX 75 He-Lz
BOX 76 Mc-Mar
BOX 77 Mas-N
BOX 78 O-Re
BOX 79 Ri-Sc
BOX 80 Se-To
BOX 81 Tr-Z
BOX 82-86 Speech, Essay and Article File, 1905-1935
Handwritten, typewritten, and printed texts of speeches and articles as well as notes and drafts.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 82 Essays of Groton School, Groton, Conn., and Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass., 1905-1907
Notes and typescripts of speeches, 1925
Binders of speeches, 1928-1925
(2 vols.)
BOX 83 Binders of notes from speeches and articles
BOX 84 Congressional Record
70th Congress, 1st session, 1927-1928
71st Congress, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and special sessions, 1929-1930
BOX 85 72nd Congress, 1st and 2nd sessions, 1931-1932
73rd Congress, 1st and 2nd sessions, 1933-1934
BOX 86 74th Congress, 1st session, 1935-1936
Unbound, 1928-1935, and printed copies of speeches delivered by Cutting in the Senate
BOX 87-91 Material Relating to the Death of Cutting, 1935-1950
Letters and resolutions received, tributes, photostatic copy of will, Bronson Cutting Memorial Lectures, and an official statement on his fatal plane crash.
Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization.
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