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John M. Murray papers, 1915-1982

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 18-20 Writings File, 1915-1974
Holograph, typewritten, and printed writings by Murray and others, with attached and related matter.
Writings by Murray are organized chronologically by year and alphabetically by title therein. Writings by others are organized alphabetically by name of author.
BOX 18 By Murray
circa 1940-1965, miscellaneous notes
"The Question of War's Threat to American Family Life"
Untitled articles on transference in social work
1943, 29 June-14 Sept., diary
1944, "The Syndrome of Operational Fatigue in Flyers"
"Accomplishments of Psychiatry in the Army Air Forces"
"Returning Servicemen"
Untitled articles on emotional factors in flying
1948, "Family Life and Psychological Disturbances"
1949, "New Horizons in Medicine"
1954, untitled lecture on maturity
1959, "Adolescent Breakdown"
"Traumatic Neuroses"
Untitled lectures on character neuroses
"Psychopathology of the Criminal Personality"
"The Transformation of Early Narcissism and Pregenital Fantasies during Pregnancy," with John Blitzer
1962, "Why People Behave as They Do"
"Narcissism and the Ego-Ideal," paper responding to discussions of paper by Murray
"On Narcissism and the Ego-Ideal"
Long version
(2 folders)
BOX 19 Short version
"On the Transformation of Narcissism into Ego-Ideal"
1965, "A Study of Juvenile Murders"
1967, eulogies
1970, untitled lectures on confrontation
"The Convalescent Care of Neuropsychiatric patients in the Army Air Forces"
"Discussion of 'A Trial de novo: some early cases reexamined', by Gregory Rochlin"
"The Dynamics of Reactive Depressions"
"Emotional Problems in Relation to Driving"
"Narcissism," draft
"New Developments in Psychotherapy"
"On the Structure of the Criminal Personality"
"On the Structure of the Prison Personality"
"The Place of Confrontation in Modern Psychotherapy"
"The Problem of Mental Health in a Prison Population"
"The Problems of Adolescence"
"The Purpose of Confrontation"
"Social Applications of Psychiatry in Social Functions"
"Symptom Intensification Following Memory Recovery: A Clinical Discussion"
Untitled lectures
Emotional problems of adolescence
By others
Bibring, Grete
"A Discussion of Murray's `The Transformation of Narcissism into Ego-Ideal,'" 1963
"Some Considerations Regarding the Ego-Ideal in the Analytic Process," 1963
Bond, Douglas, "The History of Psychiatry in the Army Air Forces," undated
Bradley, Charles, "Schizophrenia in Childhood," 1941
BOX 20 Buckley, Frederick J., "The Church and Psycho-analysis," 1954
Campbell, Macfie, "History of Psychiatry," lectures, 1939-1940
Carter, Sarah, "A Bibliography of the Freud Collection," 1970
Darre, Richard-Walther, "Nazi war speech," 1940
Deutsch, Felix, "Manual for Candidates of the Group Control Seminar," undated
Deutsch, Helene, "A discussion of Murray's "Narcissism and the Ego-Ideal," 1963
Freud, Sigmund, "On Transience," 1915
Friedman, Leonard, "Current Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory and Its Clinical Implications," 1974
Greenson, Ralph R., "Practical Approach to War Neuroses," 1944
Hartmann, Heinz, and Loewenstein, Rudolph, "The Super-ego and the Ego-Ideal," undated
Hendrick, Ives, "John M. Murray: `On the Transformation of Narcissism into Ego-Ideal'," 1963
Hiden, Robert B., "Psychological Stresses in Aviators in War," undated
Jensen, Walter S., "Neuropsychiatric Problems in Aviation Medicine," 1944
Kris, Anton, miscellaneous writings, 1970-1974, undated
Levin, Sidney, "Discussion of paper entitled `The Purpose of Confrontation' by John M. Murray," 1971
Loewald, Hans W., "Superego and Time," undated
Oberndorf, Clarence Paul, "Unsatisfactory Results of Psycho-analytic Therapy," 1948
Robins, Eli, and others, "A Study in Suicides," 1959
Rosenfeld, Herbert A., "On the Psychology of Narcissism, a Clinical Approach," 1963
Snyder, Howard McC., "Observations of Psychiatry in World War II," undated
Socarides, Charles W., "Meaning and Content of a Pedophiliac Perversion," undated
Solomon, Philip, "The Psychoanalysis of an Impotent Man," undated
Walker, Weldon J., "The Patient with Functional Cardiovascular Disorders," undated
Wendicott, D. W., "Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena," 1953
Wood, Horatio C., untitled poem dedicated to Murray, 1945
Zilboorg, Gregory, "The Medical Man and the Witch during the Renaissance," 1935
Zweig, Stefan, "Mental Healers: Mesmer, Eddy, and Freud," 1932
BOX 20-21 Miscellany, 1933-1973
Printed matter and unidentified material.
Organized alphabetically by publication, person, or type of material.
BOX 20 Printed matter
British Medical Journal, 1941-1944
Hendrick, Ives, 1940-1958, undated
Institute of Living, Digest of Neurology and Psychiatry, 1945
BOX 21 Kernberg, Otto F., miscellaneous writings, 1972-1973
Lancet reprints, 1942-1944
Newspaper clippings, 1944-1953
Copies of articles, 1934-1966, undated
Near prints, 1956-1973, undated
(2 folders)
Other, 1933-1968
(2 folders)
Unidentified, undated

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