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Carl R. Rogers papers, 1913-1999

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BOX 41-79 Writings File, 1913-1989
BOX 41 Articles and Papers, 1913-1989
Typescripts and printed copies of published and unpublished articles, papers, and interviews, with occasional correspondence, background material, and notes.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically by title within the year.
Bibliographies, 1941-1985, undated
1913, "Chickville News"
1915, "My Trip"
"China Trip"
"An Experiment in Christian Internationalism"
1927,"Diagnostic Tests of Emotional Conflict in Children" (outline of dissertation)
1930, "Intelligence as a Factor in Camping Activities"
"A Test of Personality Adjustment"
"We Pay for the Smiths"
1933, "A Good Foster Home: Its Achievements and Limitations"
"Our Growing Skill in Dealing with the Individual Problem Children of the Community"
"Some Problems of Home and School Guidance as Seen by the Clinic"
1936, "Social Workers and Legislation"
"The Clinical Psychologist's Approach to Personality Problems"
"Looking towards a Program for Rochester's Young People"
"Three Surveys of Treatment Measures Used with Children," 1936-1937
"A Diagnostic Study of Rochester Youth"
Review of Introduction to the Rorschach Method
"Authority and Case Work— Are They Compatible?"
"Needed Emphases in the Training of Clinical Psychologists"
"A Program for Understanding the Delinquent"
"The Changing Relationship between Group Work and Case Work"
"Family Relationships— the 'Vitamins' of Psychological Growth"
"The Process of Therapy"
"The Clinical Significance of Problem Syndromes," 1940-1941
"Helping the Individual Child through Child Guidance Services"
"New Developments in the Treatment of Problem Children"
"Predicting the Outcomes of Treatment," 1939-1941
"Techniques of Psychological Treatment"
"Mental Health Findings in Three Elementary Schools"
"Problems of Youth in Ohio in Wartime"
"The Psychologist's Contributions to Parent, Child, and Community Problems"
"Psychology and the War: Notes"
"A Study of the Mental Health Problems in Three Representative Elementary Schools"
"The Use of Electronically Recorded Interviews in Improving Psychotherapeutic Techniques"
1943, "Therapy in Guidance Clinics," 1942-1943
"Adjustment after Combat"
"The Development of Insight in a Counseling Relationship"
"Psychological Adjustments of Discharged Service Personnel"
"Wartime Issues in Family Counseling"
"Counseling," 1943-1945
BOX 42 "A Counseling Viewpoint for the U.S.O. Worker"
"Current Trends in Counseling: A Symposium"
"Dealing with Individuals in U.S.O."
"Family Adjustments of Returning Servicemen"
"Materials Prepared by Director of Counseling Services, U.S.O."
"The Nondirective Method as a Technique for Social Research"
"A Teacher-Therapist Deals with a Handicapped Child"
"When the Serviceman Returns to His Family," 1944-1945
"Counseling with the Returned Serviceman and His Wife"
"Psychometric Tests and Client-Centered Counseling"
"Recent Research in Nondirective Therapy and Its Implications"
"Significant Aspects of Client-Centered Therapy"
"Successful Counseling of Emotional Blocking of an Aviator"
"Current Trends in Psychotherapy"
"Some Observations on the Organization of Personality"
"Dealing with Social Tensions: A Presentation of Client-Centered Counseling as a Means of Handling Interpersonal Conflict," 1946-1948
"Divergent Trends in Methods of Improving Adjustment"
"The Implications of Recent Research in Therapy for Personality Theory"
"Research in Psychotherapy"
"The Role of Self-Understanding in the Prediction of Behavior"
"The Significance of Self-Regarding Attitudes and Perceptions"
"Some Implications of Client-Centered Counseling for College Personnel Work"
"Aspectos fundamentales de la psicoterapia centrada en el paciente"
"The Attitude and Orientation of the Counselor in Client-Centered Therapy"
"A Co-ordinated Research in Psychotherapy: A Non-Objective Introduction"
"The Role of the Psychologist in Psychotherapeutic Research"
"Trends in the Formation of Client-Centered Therapy"
"A Current Formulation of Client-Centered Therapy"
"Perceptual Reorganization in Client-Centered Therapy"
"What Is to Be Our Basic Professional Relationship?" 1949-1950
"Where Are We Going in Clinical Psychology?"
"The Case of Mrs. Oak—A Research Analysis"
"Developing a Program of Research in Psychotherapy"
"Experience in a Medical Setting—A Protest"
"A New Approach to Solving Personal Problems"
"A New Emphasis in the Study of Human Relationships"
"Through the Eyes of a Client"
BOX 43 1952
"Barriers and Gateways to Communication"
"`Client-Centered' Psychotherapy"
"Communication: Its Blocking and Its Facilitation," 1951-1952, 1958-1959
"The Factors Which Operate in Psychotherapy"
"A Personal Formulation of Client-Centered Therapy"
"Personal Thoughts on Teaching and Learning"
"Persons or Science? A Philosophical Question," 1951-1959
"The Place of Psychotherapy in Modern Life"
"A Psychologist Reports"
"Changes in Maturity of Behavior"
"The Concept of the Fully Functioning Person," 1953-1955, 1963
"The Implications of Client-Centered Therapy for Family Life"
"The Interest in the Practice of Psychotherapy"
"Removing the Obstacles to Good Employee Communications"
"A Research Program in Client-Centered Therapy," 1951-1953, 1969
"Some Directions and End-Points of Therapy"
"Studies in Client-Centered Therapy IV: The Analysis of a 'Failure' Case"
"Tentative Research Proposal: 'Openness to Experience,'" 1953, 1962
"The Development of Creative Persons"
"A Personal View of Some Issues Facing Psychologists"
"Some Basic Postulates of Client-Centered Therapy"
"Toward a Theory of Creativity," 1952-1954, 1961
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