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Writings File, 1913-1989 (continued)
Articles and Papers, 1913-1989 (continued)
BOX 44 1955
"A Comparison of Therapies in a Population of Disturbed Individuals," 1954-1956
"Facilitation of Personal Growth"
"Personality Change in Psychotherapy," 1954-1955
"Some Hypotheses Regarding the Facilitation of Personal Growth," 1954-1955, 1962
"Therapeutic Principles in Group Leadership and Group Relationship"
"'This Is Me:' The Development of My Professional Thinking and My Personal Philosophy"
"Becoming a Person," 1954-1956
"Behavior Theories and a Counseling Case: A Symposium"
"Client-Centered Therapy: A Current View," 1955-1956
"A Counseling Approach to Human Problems," 1955-1956
"Evaluation of Therapies Project"
"The Implications of Recent Advances in the Prediction and Control of Behavior"
"Intellectualized Psychotherapy," 1955-1956
Review of Reinhold Niebuhr's The Self and the Dramas of History
"Some Issues Concerning the Control of Human Behavior: A Symposium," 1956, 1962
"What It Means to Become a Person"
"What Understanding and Acceptance Mean to Me," 1955-1956
"Active Listening"
"A Coherent Theory of the Process of Therapy"
"The Conditions of Sound Leadership"
"The Growing Power of the Behavioral Sciences"
"The Healthy Person as a Fully Functioning Person"
"The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change," 1957-1959
"A Note on the Nature of Man," 1957-1960
"Personal Thoughts on Teaching and Learning," 1957-1958
"A Possible Process in Forming an Industry," 1957-1960
"A Tentative Formulation of a General Law of Interpersonal Relationships," 1954-1958
"A Therapist's View of the Good Life," 1955-1957
"Training Individuals to Engage in the Therapeutic Process," 1955-1957
BOX 45 1958
"The Characteristics of a Helping Relationship," 1958-1962
"The Correlation of Psychological and Physiological Variables in Pesonality and Personality Change"
"Freedom to Be"
"A Process Conception of Psychotherapy," 1956-1958
"The Process of Personality Change in Schizophrenia during Psychotherapy"
Review and discussion of book by Reinhold Niebuhr, The Self and the Dramas of History
"A Scale of Process in Psychotherapy," 1958-1960
"Articles by Carl Rogers"
"Client-Centered Therapy in Its Context of Research"
"Critical Incidents in Psychotherapy: Comments by Carl Rogers"
"Discussion of Bergman's `General Theory of Psychotherapy'"
"The Essence of Psychotherapy: A Client-Centered View," 1956-1959
"Lessons I Have Learned in Counseling with Individuals," 1957-1960
"Significant Learning in Therapy and in Education," 1958-1962
"Some Questions about Sodium Amytal and Therapy"
"Symposium on Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy"
"A Tentative Scale for the Measurement of Process in Psychotherapy," 1958-1962
BOX 46 "A Theory of Therapy, Personality, and Interpersonal Relationships, as Developed in the Client-Centered Framework," 1958-1959
"Time-Limited, Client-Centered Psychotherapy: Two Cases"
"The Use of 'Soliloquy' in Therapy (A Tentative Note)"
"The Way to Do Is to Be: Review of Rollo May et al."
"Development of a Scale to Measure Process Changes during Psychotherapy"
"Dialogue between Martin Buber and Carl Rogers," 1957-1960
"Significant Trends in the Client-Centered Orientation," 1959-1960
"Some Personal Learnings"
"A Therapist's View of Personal Goals," 1957-1960
"The Developing Values of the Growing Person," 1961-1962
"Introduction to the Symposium"
"The Loneliness of Contemporary Man," 1958-1961, 1974
"Personal Adjustment Inventory," 1961-1962, 1984
"The Place of the Individual in the New World of the Behavioral Sciences," 1957-1961
"The Potential of the Human Individual for Becoming Fully Functioning"
BOX 47 "The Process Equation of Psychotherapy," 1959-1961
"A Theory of Psychotherapy with Schizophrenics and a Proposal for Its Empirical Investigation," 1958-1961
"Two Divergent Trends," 1960
"What We Know about Psychotherapy," 1960-1961
"Comment" (on an article by F. L. Vance)
"The Facilitation of Freedom through Learning"
"The Interpersonal Relationship: The Core of Guidance," 1962-1964
"Some Learnings from a Study of Psychotherapy with Schizophrenics," 1962-1963
"A Study of Psychotherapeutic Change in Schizophrenics and Normals," 1960-1962
"The Therapeutic Relationship: Recent Theory and Research"
"Toward Becoming a Fully Functioning Person," 1962-1963
"The Actualizing Tendency in Relation to 'Motives' and to Consciousness," 1963-1964
"The Concept of the Fully Functioning Person"
"Findings Related to the Variable of the Therapeutic Process"
"Learning to Be Free," 1961-1963
"The Potential of the Human Individual"
"Psychotherapy Today; or, Where Do We Go From Here?" 1961-1963
"La Relation thérapeutique: les bases de son efficacité"
BOX 48 1964
"The Potential of the Human Individual: The Capacity for Becoming Fully Functioning," 1961-1964
"The Qualities of the Helping Relationship"
"Remarks on the Future of Client-Centered Therapy," 1964, 1971
"Toward a Modern Approach to Values: The Valuing Process in the Mature Person," 1962-1964
"Toward a Science of the Person," 1963-1964
"An Afternoon with Carl Rogers"
"Can We Meet the Need for Counseling? A Suggested Plan," 1956-1958, 1965
"Client-Centered Therapy: An Existential Therapy," 1964-1965
"Dealing With Psychological Tensions," 1963-1965
Foreword to Harold Anderson, Creativity in Childhood and Adolescence, 1964-1966
"Freedom and Commitment," 1963-1965
"A Humanistic Conception of Man"
"The Intensive Group Experience as an Instrument of Educational Change"
"Some Questions and Challenges Facing a Humanistic Psychology," 1964-1965
"Some Thoughts Regarding the Current Philosophy of the Behavioral Sciences," 1963-1965
"The Therapeutic Relationship: Recent Theory and Research"
"Where Do the Behavioral Sciences Go from Here?"
BOX 49 1966
"Client-Centered Therapy," 1964-1966
"Graduate Education in Psychology: A Passionate Statement," 1963-1967
Interview with Carl Rogers for Réalités
"Michael Polanyi and Carl Rogers: A Dialogue"
"Paul Tillich and Carl Rogers: A Dialogue"
"To Facilitate Learning"
"Autobiography," 1964-1971
(2 folders)
"Being in Relationship"
"Carl Rogers Speaks Out on Groups and the Lack of a Human Science: An Interview"
"Dr. Rogers's Rx for the Three Rs"
"The Facilitation of Significant Learning," 1963-1969
"The Interpersonal Relationship in the Facilitation of Learning," 1966-1968
"Person to Person"
"A Plan for Self-Directed Change in an Educational System"
BOX 50 "The Process of the Basic Group Encounter," 1965-1967
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