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Writings File, 1913-1989 (continued)
Articles and Papers, 1913-1989 (continued)
BOX 50 "The Process of the Basic Group Encounter," 1965-1967
"A Revolutionary Program for Graduate Education in the Social Sciences," 1949, 1959-1967
"A Silent Young Man"
"What Psychology Has to Offer Teacher Education," 1964-1967
"Camelot—A Fable Retold"
"Educational Innovation Project"
"Experiments in Self-Directed Change for Education"
"Introduction to a Film on the Basic Encounter Group"
"Interpersonal Relationships: USA 2000," 1967-1970
"The Lonely Person—and Some Experiences Which Reach Him"
"Practical Plan for Educational Revolution," 1967-1968
Review of James Kavanaugh, A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church
"A Revolutionary Program for Graduate Education in the Behavioral Sciences"
"To the Japanese Reader," 1966-1968
"Can I Be a Facilitative Person in a Group?" 1966-1969
"The Center for Studies of the Person"
"Change after Encounter Groups: In Persons, in Relationships, in Organizations"
"Comment on Eysenek"
BOX 51 "A Conversation with Carl Rogers"
"Development of a Personal Philosophy"
"The Increasing Involvement of the Psychologist in Social Problems: Some Comments, Positive and Negative," 1968-1969
"The Intensive Group Experience"
"Introduction to Denver Lecture"
"The Person in Change: Experiences Following an Encounter Group"
"The Person of Tomorrow," 1969-1972
"Power and Influence"
"Self-Directed Change: An Answer to the Educational Crisis"
"Some Personal Learnings about Interpersonal Relationships," 1965, 1972
"What Happens in an Encounter Group?"
"Addendum to the Epilogue: 1970"
"A Day in My Life," 1970-1972
"The Drug Scene—Divergent Perspectives"
Foreword to Joseph T. Hart and Tommy M. Tomlinson, New Directions in Client-Centered Therapy, 1966-1970
"Rogers on Change," 1969-1970
"Three Views of USIU"
"Bringing Together the Cognitive and the Affective-Experiential," 1971-1973
"Can Schools Grow Persons?"
"Carl Rogers—1971," 1969-1971
"Facilitating Encounter Groups"
Foreword to Lawrence N. Solomon and Betty Berzon, New Perspectives on Encounter Groups
BOX 52 "Forget You Are a Teacher," 1969-1971
"Introduction to Haruko Tsugé, 'My Experience in Encounter Groups'"
Letter re "Encounter Groups"
"Psychological Maladjustment vs. Continuing Growth," 1969-1971
"Some Elements of Effective Interpersonal Communication," 1964, 1971
"Talk on Marriage"
"Bringing Together Ideas and Feelings in Learning," 1971-1972
"Carl Rogers at 70"
"Comments on [Robert C.] Brown and [James T.] Tedeschi's Article," 1971-1972
Letter on Catholicism and client-centered therapy, 1953, 1971-1974
"Person to Person: Parent and Adolescent"
"Remarks Taped for Atlanta Conference"
"A Research Program in Client-Centered Therapy," 1972-1975
"Some Social Issues Which Concern Me," 1971-1973
"The Whole Learner"
"The Changing Theory of Client-Centered Therapy," 1973-1977
"Client-Centered Therapy," 1971-1979
"Comment by Carl Rogers," on Carl E. Pitts's article, 1972-1973
"Do I Want to Belong to an Institution?" 1972-1973
BOX 53 "An Encounter with Carl Rogers"
"Entretien avec Carl Rogers"
Foreword to Harold Lyon, It's Me and I'm Here, 1972-1973
"The Good Life," 1972-1974
"The Interpersonal Relationship That Helps Schizophrenics"
"My Philosophy of Interpersonal Relationships and How It Grew," 1972-1973
"Questions I Would Ask Myself If I Were a Teacher"
"Some New Challenges," 1972-1973
"To Be Fully Alive"
"Address to Würzburg Conference," Würzburg, Germany
"Can Learning Encompass Both Ideas and Feelings?" 1974-1975
"Carl Rogers: Humanist Psychologist and Educator" (special issue of Education), 1971-1974
(4 folders)
BOX 54 Foreword to André de Peretti, Pensée et Verité de Carl Rogers, 1973-1974
Foreword to Japanese translation of Carl Rogers on Encounter Groups
Foreword to Japanese translation of Person to Person
"In Retrospect: Forty-Six Years"
"Partnership in Perspective"
"The Project at Immaculate Heart: An Experiment in Self-Directed Change"
Remarks at Princeton
"Remarks on the Future of Client-Centered Therapy," 1972-1975
"Some Comments on Jung"
"Stinson Beach: Thoughts and Notes"
"Client-Centered Psychotherapy," in Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, edited by Alfred M. Freedman, Harold I. Kaplan, and Benjamin J. Sadock, second edition, 1972-1975
(2 folders)
"Empathic: An Unrecognized Way of Being," 1967-1975, 1985
(2 folders)
BOX 55 "An Experiment in Self-Determined Fees"
Foreword to Thị Anh Tô, Eastern and Western Cultural Values
"Interpersonal Relationships in the Last Quarter of the Century"
"An Interview with Dr. Carl R. Rogers"
"A Person-Centered Approach to Inter-Group Tensions"
"Some Very Rough Notes towards a Theory for Humanistic Psychology"
"The Changing Politics of Education"
"The Emerging Person: A New Revolution," 1972-1976
Foreword to a book by Helen Gildred
"Being Together: A Nine-Year Follow-Up Report"
"Beyond the Watershed in Education," 1976-1978
Drafts of speeches delivered in Brazil
"Freedom to Be: A Person-Centered Approach"
"A 'Kid's Workshop'"
"Nancy Mourns"
"New Learnings about Learning"
"Person-Centered Personality Theory," 1975-1977
"Personal Power at Work"
"The Politics of Education"
BOX 56 "Por um homem melhor"
Preface to Roy Fairfield, Person-Centered Graduate Education
"Psychology Ten Years from Now"
"Some Thoughts on the Brazil 'Ciclos,'" 1976-1977
"Tribute to Haruko Tsugé," 1976-1977
"Client-Centered Psychotherapy," in Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, edited by Alfred M. Freedman, Harold I. Kaplan, and Benjamin J. Sadock, third edition, 1977-1980
"Do We Need 'A' Reality?" 1975-1978
"Evolving Aspects of a Person-Centered Workshop," 1977-1978
"The Formative Tendency," 1975-1978
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