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Carl W. Ackerman papers, 1833-1970

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BOX 1-9 Diaries, 1909-1969
Diaries, diary notes, and address books kept by Ackerman and his wife, Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 1 Diaries
1911, 1915
1920-1921, "London Notes" Includes attached correspondence of: Michael Collins, G. F. N. Macready, and Basil H. Thomson
BOX 2 1932-1940
BOX 3 1941-1945
BOX 4 1946-1948
BOX 5 1949-1953
BOX 6 1954-1957
BOX 7 1958-1969
BOX 8 Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman
Diary notes, 1915
BOX 9 1949
Address books
BOX 10-25 Family Papers, 1860-1970
Letters sent and received between family members.
Arranged chronologically within each file. Includes Ackerman's correspondence with his wife, Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman, and their correspondence with their respective families. Also included are the personal papers of Ackerman's father, John F. Ackerman, and his son, Robert V. Ackerman. Letters of condolence on the death of several family members are arranged alphabetically by correspondent within each file.
BOX 10 Correspondence with Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman, 1917-1954, undated
BOX 11 Mabel VanderHoof Ackerman
Correspondence with Edith M. Smith, 1910-1945
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1917-1954, undated
BOX 12 Miscellaneous papers
BOX 13 Miscellaneous papers, 1952-1954, 1959
Condolences on death of, 1954
BOX 14 Q-Z and miscellaneous
Correspondence with Ackerman family
Charlotte Ackerman
Douglas VanderHoof Ackerman
Douschka Sweets Ackerman
Everett Ackerman
Henry Sweets Ackerman
John F. and Mary Ackerman
BOX 15 1916-1942, undated
Mary Lester Ackerman
Michael Lester Ackerman
Rhea Ackerman
Sallie Blair Ackerman
BOX 16 John F. Ackerman
Papers, 1860-1942
Business papers
Miscellaneous personal papers
Richmond, Ind., miscellany
BOX 17 Condolences on death of, 1942
Correspondence with VanderHoof family
Douglas VanderHoof, 1917-1957, undated
Emma F. VanderHoof
1902-Sept. 1915
BOX 18 Oct. 1915-Dec. 1921
BOX 19 1922-1936, undated
Nancy S. VanderHoof
Emma F. VanderHoof miscellany
Correspondence with son, Robert VanderHoof Ackerman
BOX 20 1943-1958, undated
Robert V. Ackerman
Correspondence concerning education of
Miscellaneous correspondence
BOX 21 Miscellaneous personal papers
Student papers
BOX 22 Student papers
BOX 23 Student papers
BOX 24 Student papers
BOX 25 Condolences on death
Sweets, Henry H., correspondence, 1939-1949
Family history miscellany
BOX 26-33 General Correspondence, 1907-1970
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments. .
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and therein chronologically
BOX 26 "A" miscellaneous
Abbot, Willis J.
Addington, Sarah
Anderson, Dwight
Angel, John
Armour, Norman
Auchincloss, Gordon
"B" miscellaneous
Baillie, Hugh
Baker, Newton Diehl
Barbey, Daniel E.
Barton, Bruce
Batchelor, Bronson
Batchelor, C.D.
Bemis, Samuel Flagg
Bernays, Edward L.
Bernstein, Herman
Bickel, Karl A.
Bidwell, Mary
Bingay, Malcolm W.
Borah, William Edgar
Borglum, Gutzon
Boyd, Julian P.
Braden, Spruille
Bretherton, Cyril H.
Brown, James Wright
Brown, Sevellon
Bryce, James
Bullitt, William C.
Butler, Nicholas Murray
"C" miscellaneous
Cabot, Godfrey Lowell
Calhoun, Crede H.
Carter, J. F. C.
Castle, William R.
BOX 27 Chadbourne, William M.
Cole, Felix L.
Cooper, Kent
Cowles, John
Curley, Edward W.
Curran, Thomas R.
"D" miscellaneous
Daniels, Freeman J.
Daniels, Josephus
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