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Speeches, Statements, and Articles, 1908-1939 (continued)
States rights, 1922-1938
Tariff, 1929-1939, undated
Tax-exempt securities, 1924-1938
BOX 812 Taxes, 1931-1933
Trade agreements, 1937
Wage and Hour bill, 1938, undated
War debts, 1929-1932
BOX 813-832 Stenographic and Personal Notebooks, 1920-1939
Shorthand notebooks kept by Borah's administrative secretary listing chronologically the contents of letters received, and personal notebooks kept by Borah containing quotations from the founding fathers, facts concerning their lives from contemporary biographies, and data Borah extracted from newspapers, periodicals, and books.
BOX 813 Stenographic notebooks
Nov. 1920-June 1921
BOX 814 June 1921-May 1922
BOX 815 May 1922-Apr. 1923
BOX 816 Apr. 1923-Feb. 1924
BOX 817 Feb. 1924-May 1925
BOX 818 May 1925-Apr. 1926
BOX 819 Apr. 1926-May 1927
BOX 820 May 1927-May 1928
BOX 821 May 1928-Aug. 1929
BOX 822 Aug. 1929-Apr. 1931
BOX 823 Apr. 1931-Jan. 1933
BOX 824 Jan. 1933-July 1934
BOX 825 Nov. 1934-Feb. 1936
BOX 826 Feb. 1936-Aug. 1937
BOX 827 Sept. 1937-Oct. 1938
BOX 828 Oct. 1938-Dec. 1939
BOX 829 Boise, Idaho
July 1924-Sept. 1931
BOX 830 Aug. 1932-Nov. 1936, undated
BOX 831 Personal notebooks
"Theodore Roosevelt"
"Alexander Hamilton"
(2 vols.)
"Thomas Jefferson"
"Eighteenth Amendment"
"Notes–Current Topics"
"Important References– Congressional Record"
(3 vols.)
BOX 832 "Four Powers Treaty"
"Democratic Administration"
"Memoranda for League of Nations Debate"
"Monopoly–Personal Memoranda"
"Corporation . . ."
BOX 833-868 Miscellany
Printed matter, legislative bills, scrapbooks, financial material, and biographical material.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 833 Agreement, U.S. Idaho Power Co.
Articles by others
"America's Part in the World Court Movement"
On democracy, by Clark A. Corcoran
Bills paid
BOX 834 1921-1922, 1925
BOX 835 1926-1929
BOX 836 1930-1932
BOX 837 1932-1935
BOX 838 1935-1938
BOX 839 Bills pending, 1929-1931, 1934, 1938
BOX 840 Biographical material
Thesis on Borah
McNally, James W.
Robertson, Thomas, Jr.
Biographical sketch of Gerald P. Bodily
Brief concerning Lausanne Treaty
Briefs of letters concerning relief
Claims, legislation concerning
Gnash, Stephen
Gustafson, Jacob
Hochlander, John
Larking, W. R.– Walter S. Hogan
BOX 841 Annual depression of grain market
Borah-Formes Licensing bill
Bultland, Daniel
Dearce, C.W.
Dividing Idaho judicial districts
Fair labor
First session (Pipeline Oil)
Fourth Division: Idaho District, U.S. District County
Indian Irrigation Project
Members of Congress acting as attorneys
Neibaur, Thomas C.
O'Mahoney-Borah Licensing bill
St. Joe National Forest
Transportation of oil
Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, jurisdiction over boundary rates
Wood pulp
Form letters, congressional legislation
(1 folder)
BOX 842 (1 folder)
Galley proof of foreign relations hearings, 1936
Hearings of investigations of concentration of economic power
BOX 843 Legislative bills
Loan application by Big River Irrigation District, Mackay, Idaho, 1932
Memoranda, general
Memoranda concerning John Gray and Pierce Butler
Negative photostats
Correspondence, telegrams, photographs, and statements in the Borah Papers, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
Newspaper clippings at the University of Idaho, Moscow Idaho
BOX 844 Newspaper clippings
BOX 845 Newspaper clippings
BOX 846 Newspaper clippings
BOX 847 Newspaper clippings
BOX 848 Plan for San Francisco, Calif., water supply
(2 folders)
BOX 849-860 Printed matter
BOX 861 Scrapbooks
Aldrich, Louis See Container 754, Alien actors' immigration
Statements and clippings by and about Theodore Roosevelt
BOX oversize: 862 Haywood, William Dudley, trail for murder, 19107
BOX oversize: 863 Signature books, inhabitants of Nyíregyháza, Hungary
BOX 864-865 Special legislation
BOX 866 Speeches by others
BOX 867 Speeches by others
Thesis on corporate power
BOX 868 Works Project Administration, projects in Idaho, 1938-1939
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