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Irving R. Kaufman papers, 1934-1992

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Organized alphabetically by type of writing and arranged chronologically therein.
BOX 131 Index (incomplete), undated
(3 folders)
1951, Feb., "Observations on Transfers under Section 1404(a) of the New Judicial Code"
1952, June, "Observations on Pre-Trial Examinations in Federal and State Courts"
July, "Report to Committee on Pre-Trial Procedure of the Judiciary Conference of the United States"
Fall, "John Marshall: A Dedication"
Jan., "Further Observations on Transfers Under Section 1404(a)"
Apr., "Sentencing and Correctional Treatment under the Law Institute's Model Penal Code"
May, "Suggestions for Judges in the Calendar Part"
Oct.-Dec., "Calendar Decongestion in the Southern District of New York"
Feb., "The Former Government Attorney and the Canons of Professional Ethics"
Nov., "Report on Study of the Protracted Case"
Apr., "Masters in the Federal Courts: Rule 53"
June, "The Defense of Unpopular Defendants"
Dec., "The Federal Rules: The Human Equation Through Pretrial"
Jan., "Use of Masters to Preside at the Taking of Depositions"
Feb., "Pre-Trial in Criminal Cases," 1958-1959
Winter, "Have Administrative Agencies Kept Pace with Modern Court-Developed Techniques against Delay?"
BOX 132 1960
Jan., "Sentencing: A Judge's Problem," 1958-1972
(2 folders)
Mar., "Decongestion through Calendar Controls
Aug., "The Apalachin Case: Further Observations on Pre-Trial in Criminal Cases"
1962, Apr., "The Grand Jury: Sword and Shield"
Dec., "The Supreme Court and Its Critics," 1963-1966
Jan., "The Trial Lawyer: The Legal Profession's Greatest Asset"
Sept., "The Criminal Justice Act and the Indigent Defendant: A Milestone on the Path to Even-handed Justice"
1965, Jan.
"In Defense of the Advocate," 1964-1966
"The Uncertain Criminal Law: Rights, Wrongs, and Doubts," 1964-1969
Oct., "The Confession Debate Continues," 1965-1968
(2 folders)
BOX 133 Nov., "Courts in Crisis: Progress Versus Intransigence," 1966-1969
Oct., "A Fair Jury: The Essence of Justice"
Nov., "Dilemma in Crime Reporting"
Oct., "Improving the Juror's Lot and His Opportunity for Service"
Dec., "The Courts and the Public: A Problem in Communication," 1968-1969
Summer, "Forward: Jury Selection in the Fifth Circuit"
Sept., "Judge's Talents Must Never Be for Sale"
Undated, "The Judges and Jurors and Recent Developments in Selection of Jurors and Fair Trial-Free Press," 1968-1969
Winter, "Lions or Jackals: The Function of a Code of Judicial Ethics"
Mar., "Order in the Courts: Two Views"
Apr., "Judicial Review of Agency Action: A Judge's Unburdening"
Sept., "The Obstreperous Defendant and the Rule of Law"
Oct., "The Medium, the Message and the First Amendment"
"Court Crisis: A Matter of Volume and of Money," 1970-1972
"Judicial Crisis, Court Delay and the Para-Judge"
1971, Nov.
"Power for the People and by the People: Utilities, the Environment and the Public Interest"
"Free Press-Free Trial Issue"
Jan., "The Jury System at an Unmarked Crossroad"
July, "Harbingers of Jury Reform"
Aug.-Sept., "Court Delay and the Wasted Jury"
Dec., "Prison Reform: The Dilemma of Our Judges"
Spring, "The Second Circuit Review"
Mar., "Prison: The Judge's Dilemma"
Oct., "Individual Responsibility Is Still Paramount"
"The Court Needs a Friend in Court"
"When to Cross-appeal or Cross-petition: Certainty or Confusion?"
July, "Advocacy as Craft: Law School Is More Than a `Paper Chase'"
Oct., "The Pre-Argument Conference: An Appellate Procedural Reform"
"The Judge and the Sentencing Disparity"
Untitled (re sentencing)
"Attacking Anomie in the Legal Profession"
"Second Circuit Note, 1973 Term, Forward: The Sentencing Process and Judicial Inscrutability"
BOX 134 Jan. "Musings about the Present Role of Judges"
"Judges Should Explain Sentences Publicly"
"Making Punishment Fit Crime"
May, "Does the Judge Have a Right to Qualified Counsel?"
June, "A Free Speech for the Class of '75"
"Can Sentencing Be Demystified?"
"The Lawyer's Ethical Dilemma," 1975-1976
Dec., "A Response to Objections to the Second Circuit's Proposed District Court Admission Rules"
June, "Of Juvenile Justice and Injustice"
July, "Press, Courts: No Need to Fight `Like Tigers'"
Nov., "Judicial Reform in the Next Century," 1976-1977
Dec., "The Injustices of Plea-Bargaining," 1976-1977
Feb., "The Second Circuit: Reputation for Excellence"
Mar., "Press Coverage of Court Rulings Falls Short"
Apr., "Appellate Advocacy in the Federal Courts"
May, "Justice Requires Faith in Individuals"
"Helping the Public Understand and Accept Judicial Decisions"
"Protecting the Rights of Minors: On Juvenile Autonomy and the Limits of Law," 1977-1978
Jan., "Litigants in Search of Able Advocacy"
Feb., "The Fifth Anglo-American Exchange: Some Observations," 1977-1978
May, "Let's Not Forget the Good Things Amid Fashionable Attacks on the Bar"
June, "Some Hard Questions for Law Graduates"
Aug., "After One Century in the Vanguard, the Bar Cannot Rest on Its Laurels"
Jan., "Keeping the Press, and the Judiciary, Independent"
Mar., "Chilling Judicial Independence"
"Juvenile Justice: A Plea for Reform"
"Prisons: A Public Responsibility"
Mar., "Psst! Locker-room Gossip Now Sits on the Bench"
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