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Irving R. Kaufman papers, 1934-1992

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Speeches and Writings, 1945-1991 (continued)
Apr., "Maintaining Judicial Independence: A Mandate to Judges"
May, "The Essence of Judicial Independence"
Oct., "Criminal Procedure in England and the United States: Comparisons in Initiating Prosecutions"
Nov., "A Legal Remedy for International Torture"
Jan., "Charting a Judicial Pedigree"
Mar., "See the Founding Fathers Stir"
BOX 135 Apr., "Assaults on Courts Endanger Union"
Apr., "An Open Letter to President Reagan on Judge Picking"
Aug., "Challenge to the Courts: The Coming Constitutional Crisis"
Sept., "Congress v. The Court"
"Prison Reform: A View from the Bench"
"Looking Back Over Thirty-Two Years: Some Thoughts"
"Judges Must Speak Out"
"When a Judge's Silence Is Not Golden"
June, "The Cost of Justice"
Aug., "The Insanity Plea on Trial," 1982-1983
Nov., "The Media and the Juries"
Undated, "The Child in Trouble: The Long and Difficult Road to Reforming the Crazy-quilt Juvenile Justice System"
Feb., "Public Is Legally Ignorant, Needs Some Education"
Mar., "Attorney Incompetence: A Plea for Reform"
June, "Reassessing the Fairness Doctrine"
Aug., "Utopia without Lawyers"
Dec., "Church, State Tangles"
Apr., "The Verdict on Juries"
June, "The Judicial System, Ailing, Needs Help"
July, "Press, Privacy and Malice: Reflections on New York v. Sullivan"
Oct., "The Anatomy of Decision Making"
"Eulogy for William S. Landon"
"Keeping Politics out of the Court"
Mar., "To Keep Lawyers from Going Wrong"
June, "Streamlining the Federal Courts"
June-July, "Do the Costs of the En Banc Proceeding Outweigh Its Advantages?"
"Congress Should Preempt Libel Field, Set Remedies"
"The Future of Libel Litigation: A Suggestion for
Oct., "Life-and-Death Decisions"
Feb., "What Did the Founding Fathers Intend?"
"A Dedication to Joseph R. Crowley"
"Must Every Appeal Run the Gamut?— The Civil Appeals Management Plan"
May, "Justice Unfunded Is Justice Undone"
Aug., "Cold-Blooded Killers, Not Freedom Fighters"
Oct., "The Battle Over Drug Testing"
Undated, "The Second Circuit Review"
Jan., "No Way to Interpret the Constitution"
Apr., "The Creative Process and Libel"
July, "North's Bicentennial Lesson"
Oct., "The Public's Right to Speedier Justice"
"The Original Intent Debate: A Judge's View on Interpreting the Constitution"
"Spinning the Seamless Web of Constitutional Interpretation"
Jan., "Congress as Court: The Role of the Judiciary in Protecting Witnesses' Rights," 1987-1988
BOX 136 Mar., "Electoral Integrity vs. Free Speech
July, "Awaiting an Answer on Courts as Censors"
Aug., "What Lawyers Owe to Justice"
"Crowded Courtrooms: Jury's Still Out on Judges-for-Hire"
"New Remedies for the Next Century of Judicial Reform: Time as the Greatest Innovator," 1988-1989
Jan., "Not Ready for Prime Time in U.S. Courts"
June, "The Ruling on Rose: Out of Left Field"
Nov., "Reflections on 40 years on the Bench"
May, "Speedy Justice—At What Cost?"
July, "Nibble at Freedom and Risk Losing It All"
"Idealism vs. Reality"
"Reform for a System in Crisis: Alternative Dispute
Resolution in the Federal Courts," 1990-1991
May, "Squandering Future Talent"
Sept., "Would Roe's Demise Sink Privacy?"
"An Appeal for Public Service"
"Broken Contracts"
"Children in Trouble"
"The Constitution: Does the Framers' Intent Cast Light or Darkness?"
"Courtroom Heroes and Anti-Heroes"
"Irving R. Kaufman: Reflections on Selected Topics"
"Justice and the Individual"
"Lesson in History: Does Baseball Need a New Umpire?"
"Press Coverage and the Courts"
"Reforming the Juvenile Justice System"
"Rico Redux: Cleansing the Waterfront"
"Thurgood Marshall: A Tribute from a Former Colleague"
"Tribute to Chief Justice Burger"
"When Will We Stop Playing Games with Our Children?"
Book reviews, 1973-1977
Letters to the editor, Mar. 1968-Nov. 1989
Research material
(3 folders)
BOX 137 Undated
Nov. 1947-Nov. 1961
(6 folders)
BOX 138 Apr. 1962-Aug. 1969
(6 folders)
BOX 139 Mar.-Sept. 1970
(3 folders)
16 July 1971
(2 folders)
BOX 140 16 July 1971
(1 folder)
Sept. 1971-Apr. 1974
(6 folders)
BOX 141 May 1974-Sept. 1977
(7 folders)
BOX 142 Jan. 1978-Mar. 1982
(7 folders)
BOX 143 Sept. 1982-June 1991, undated
(8 folders)
BOX 144 Formerly Restricted, 1976-1978
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