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Part II: Medical Papers (1732-1896) (continued)
Writings and Compilations by Others, circa 1732-1889 (continued)
Eoff, John Q., “Use of Depletion,” 1835
Foulks, Charles Tyler, “Nature and the Functions of the Skin,” 1845
Free, E. W., “Respiration and Animal Heat,” 1846-1847
Funk, Samuel, “Dermoid System,” 1842-1843
BOX 149 Garrett, Samuel A., “Syphilis” [undated]
Geyer, John W., “Phthisis Pulmonalis,” 1835
Gibbons, John L., “Intermittent Fever” [undated]
Gibson, Rezin S., “Anatomy and Physiology of the Liver,” 1839
Grier, William, “General Pathology and Treatment of Fever,” 1835
Hanby, J. H., “Apoplexy,” 1844
Hance, Benjamin O., “Ancient History of Medicine,” 1848
Hartman, Andrew, “Physiology of Digestion” [undated]
Harrell, James A., “Medical Jurisprudence,” 1842
Harrison, Benjamin B., “Inflammation” [undated]
Hasson, Alexander B., “Action of Medicines” [undated]
Hodson, Levin, “Acute Rheumatism” [undated]
Hoffman, Daniel F., “Phthise Pulmonali,” 1840
Hooper, John Edwin, “Acute Dysentery” [undated]
Hubbell, E., “Properties of Alcohol and Its Effects on the Human System,” 1841-1842
Hughes, Benjamin E., “Effects of Iodine upon the Human Organism, and Its Use as a Medicine” [undated]
Hull, Tideman, “Purpura Hemorrhagica,” 1839-1840
Hynson, James, “Antiphlogistic Remedies” [undated]
Irby, Edward, “Opium,” 1847
Jackson, Samuel K., “Mortification” [undated]
Jennings, Samuel Kenedy, “Modus Operandi Medicinae,” 1848
Johnson, William M., “Properties, Uses &c of Iodine,” 1840-1841
Kendall, Thomas, “Inguinal Hernia” [undated]
Kingrose, William D., “Influenza or Epidemic Catarrh,” 1837
Knox, Matthew M., “Erysipelas,” 1841-1842
BOX 150 Laphen, J. J., “Apoplexy,” 1841
Lee, Richard D., “Modes of Dying” [undated]
Leitner, Charles B., “Purpura Hemorrhagica,” 1847
Litt, P.E., “Venereal Disease,” 1846-1847
McCaine, A. M., “Asclepias Tuberosa with a History of Its Properties and Medical Uses,” 1838
McKeehan, Samuel L., “Nosology,” 1829
McWilliams, Ambrose P., “Symptoms and Treatment of Exanthesis Rosalia” [undated]
Martin, James S., “Phthisis Pulmonalis,” 1845
Martin, Samuel H., “Erysipelas” [undated]
Massey, T. E., “Fractures,” 1844
Medcalfe, William Hunter, “Remittent Fever,” 1846
Morris, W.U., “Delirium Tremens” [undated]
O'Brian, John M., “Labour Connected with Uterine Hemmorrhage,” 1848
O'Keefee, “Hernia” [undated]
Pool, Warren W. S., “Puerperalis” [undated]
Poole, William H., “Intermittent Fever” [undated]
Porter, John B., “Utility of Anatomy and Physiology to Science in General and in Surgery and Medicine, the sine qua non” [undated]
Redgraves, Thomas J., “Apoplexy,” 1841-1842
Richardson, E. H., “Inflammation” [undated]
Riddlemoser, W. A., “Conception in the Human Female,” 1843-1844
Riggs, Artemas, “Apoplexy” [undated]
Robertson, John, “Intermittent Fever,” 1846
Robinson, William, “Apoplexy,” 1848
Robison, M. F., “Hernia,” 1847
Sanborn, J. G., “Phthisis Pulmonalis,” 1839
Schwartze, Augustus I., “Phthisis Pulmonalis or Consumption of the Lungs,” 1829
Seaman, L. L., “The Auscultatory Percussor,” 1876
Skillman, Charles, “Colica Pictonum,” 1837
Smithson, George W., “Acupuncturation,” 1838
Speake, Rufus H., “Importance of Forensic Medicine,” 1829
BOX 151 Thompson, Robert, “Tetanus” [undated]
Smith, William Long, “Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Spleen or Milt,” 1835
Smyser, Henry, “Sleep,” 1829
Stonebraker, William S., “Phthisis Pulmonalis,” 1845-1846
Taylor, Milton N., “Moral Responsibilities of a Physician” [undated]
Treadwell, Samuel E., “Anatomy, Physiology and Functions of the Respiratory Organs,” 1838-1839
Turner, Charles, “Theoria Inflamationis,” 1829
Tyler, G. Colbert, “Anatomy of the Male Generative System,” 1839-1840
Tylor, Elijah, “Delirium Tremens” [undated]
Voglesong, William G., “Fracture of the Neck of the Os Femoris within the Capsular Ligaments,” 1841
Wachter, Daniel M., “Erysipelas,” 1844-1845
Wayson, George W., “Pathology and Treatment of Bronchitis,” 1845-1846
Weems, Levin C., “The Causes of Symptoms of Disease,” 1847-1848
Weems, David G., “The Vis Medicatrix Natura in Man,” 1846
Williams, Benjamin, “Tetanus,” 1844-1845
Williams, James C., “Rheumatism,” 1848
Wilson, James I., “Irritability,” 1841
Worman, A. D., “Philosophy of Electricity,” 1844-1845
Wroe, John A., “Smallpox,” 1842
Unidentified dissertations
“Apoplexy” [undated]
“History of Anatomy” [undated]
“Inflamation” [undated]
“Modus Operandi of Medicines” [undated]
“Spleen” [undated]
“Typhus” [undated]
BOX 152 Miscellaneous writings
By author (“A-S”) (includes Medical Education and Men of Lexington, Kentucky by Robert Peter)
BOX 153 Other
BOX 154-158 Bibliographical Material, circa 1850-1880
Cards containing handwritten bibliographical notes.
Arranged alphabetically by author cited.
BOX 154 Articles, books
BOX 155 H-Q
BOX 156 R-Y
BOX 157 Theses (A-Z by author and title)
BOX 158 Miscellany
BOX 159-160 Catalogs, circa 1856-1878
Mainly catalogs of Toner's library of books and journals.
Chronologically arranged.
BOX 159 Toner's library (1871-1878)
(5 vols.)
BOX 160 Toner's medical journals
Thomas Mutter's library (1856)
BOX 161-170 Indices and Guides, circa 1860-1880
Indices and guides.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or by work covered.
BOX 161 American publications prior to 1800, medical items
BOX 162 M-Z
BOX 163 American periodicals and other publications, medical items
BOX 164 Amaurous-Aphasia
BOX 165 Aphasia-Blood
BOX 166 Blood-Chloroform
BOX 167 Chloroform-Columbine
BOX 168 Cabbage-Cytisus
BOX 169 Continental Congress, Journals of, index to medical men and subjects
Force, Peter, names of medical men in is American archives
Gross, Samuel D., index to his History of American Surgery
Pennsylvania archives, index of medical men
Pennsylvania colonial records, index of medical men
BOX 170 “Pennsylvania Gazette,” index to medical matters in (prior to 1800)
Thacher, James, index to physicians mentioned in his American Medical Biography
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