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Joseph Meredith Toner collection of manuscripts, 1741-1896

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Part I: Personal Papers (1844-1896) (continued)
BOX 37-47 Subject File, circa 1860-1890
Correspondence, lists, compilations, maps, notes, surveys, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.
BOX 37 Defensive works in America (pioneer forts)
Bound vol.
BOX 38 Notes
BOX 39 Notes
BOX 40 District of Columbia
List of original proprietors
Maps of early land divisions (plats)
BOX 41 Elevations (United States)
BOX 42 Louisiana-Oregon
BOX 43 Pennsylvania-Wisconsin
BOX 44 Notes on elevations
BOX 45 Geographical indicators (list)
BOX 46 Members of U.S. Congress (list)
BOX 47 Miscellany (D-S)
BOX 48-52 Writings File, circa 1850-1896
Drafts of addresses, articles, books, poetry and miscellaneous writings.
Organized by type of writing and chronologically therein.
BOX 48 Addresses and articles, circa 1848-1894
BOX 49 Books
Colonies of North America, 1885
BOX 50 Dictionary of Elevations and Climatic Register of the United States(introduction, 1874)
History of Church Pews, 1895
BOX 51-52 Miscellaneous writings
BOX 53-62 Miscellany, circa 1844-1896
Announcements and invitations, bibliographical material, bills and receipts, biographical material, calling cards, college records, certificates and diplomas, indices, genealogical charts and correspondence, printed matter, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 53-54 Announcements and invitations
BOX 55-57 Bibliographical material
BOX 58-59 Bills and receipts, 1844-1896
BOX 60 Biographical material
Calling cards
Diary, 1850, Jan. 1-Feb. 19
BOX 61 Genealogy
Index to Bishop Meade's Old Churches and Families of Virginia
Printed matter
BOX 62 General miscellany
BOX 63 Oversize, circa 1850-1894
Certificates, commissions, diplomas, and miscellaneous biographical material.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 63 Certificates and diplomas
BOX 64-184 Part II: Medical Papers (1732-1896)
BOX 64-95 Correspondence, 1763-1896
Mainly letters received from post-bellum physicians along with a small number of collected letters of earlier physicians.
Bound in volumes and arranged alphabetically by writer. Retained copies of letters that Toner sent to physicians are grouped separately and arranged chronologically in a bound volume.
BOX 64 Letters sent
1862, Sept. 11-1895, June 29
BOX 65 Letters of physicians
BOX 66 Apple-Axsen
BOX 67 Babcock-Bell
BOX 68 Bellows–Blitz
BOX 69 Bodine–Brodie
BOX 70 Bronaugh-Byrd
BOX 71 Cabell–Cluness
BOX 72 Coblentz–Cutter
BOX 73 Dabney–Davis
BOX 74 Davis–Duncan
BOX 75 Dunglison–Elliott
BOX 76 Ellis-Fussell
BOX 77 Gage-Godding
BOX 78 Goelet-Harrington
BOX 79 Harris-Hazlewood
BOX 80 Heall-Homan
BOX 81 Hood-Hyndman
BOX 82 Ingersoll-Joynes
BOX 83 Judd-Lebby
BOX 84 Lee-Lyon
BOX 85 McArdle-Mayburry
BOX 86 Mead-Myers
BOX 87 Nash-Parvin
BOX 88 Patrick-Quinan
BOX 89 Radcliff-Ryburn
BOX 90 Sabal-Smart
BOX 91 Smith-Stonehouse
BOX 92 Storer-Tuttle
BOX 93 Twitchell-Weatherly
BOX 94 Webb-Wood
BOX 95 Wood-Ziegler
BOX 96-141 Writings and Compilations by Toner, circa 1850-1890
Drafts of addresses, articles, and books, as well as volumes containing sketches and correspondence of lives of physicians.
Organized by type of writing and alphabetically by title or name of biography.
BOX 96 Addresses, circa 1866-1885
BOX 97 “Abortion in a Medical and Moral Aspect,” 1861
“Hemorrhage” (graduation thesis, 1850)
History of inoculation for small pox, circa 1870
BOX 98 History of medicine in the United States, circa 1880
BOX 99 “History of Medicine in the Vicinity of the City of Washington,” circa 1890
BOX 100 Biography
“Medical Men of the American Revolution”
BOX 101 B
BOX 102 C
BOX 103 D-E
BOX 104 F-G
BOX 105 H
BOX 106 I-L
BOX 107 M
BOX 108 N-P
BOX 109 Q-R
BOX 110 S
BOX 111 T-V
BOX 112 W-Z
BOX 113 “American Medical Biography”
BOX 114 B-Bl
BOX 115 Bo-By
BOX 116 C
BOX 117 D
BOX 118 E-F
BOX 119 G
BOX 120 H
BOX 121 I-K
BOX 122 L-Ma
BOX 123 Me-O
BOX 124 P
BOX 125 Q-R
BOX 126 S
BOX 127 T-Wa
BOX 128 We-Z
BOX 129 Biography
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