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James Harrison Wilson papers, circa 1862-1923

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BOX 30-42 Letterpress Copy Books, 1867-1898
Letter press copy books of correspondence dealing mainly with Wilson's railroad ventures. Three of the books contain copies of letters to Edward F. Winslow. Two volumes contain letters by Winslow and other officials of the St. Louis and Southeastern Railway. Some of the volumes contain incomplete indexes.
BOX 30-I Personal, military, and business letters of Wilson
1867, Nov. 25-1881, June 30
Part I
BOX 30-II Part II
BOX 31 1871, Oct. 31-1874, Nov. 10
BOX 32 1875, May 26-1876, Aug. 29
BOX 33 1879, Oct. 13-1882, July 26
BOX 34 Personal, military, and business letters of Wilson, 1881, July 25-1883, Dec. 6
BOX 35 1889, Jan. 27-1896, Oct. 6
BOX 36 1896, Oct. 7-1897, July 28
BOX 37 1897, July 4-1898, May 7
BOX 38 Wilson letters to Edward Francis Winslow
1871, July 24-1872, May 9
BOX 39 1872, May 14-1873, Feb. 15
BOX 40 1873, Feb. 17-1875, May 7
BOX 41-I Letters of Wilson, Edward Francis Winslow, and other officers of St. Louis and Southeastern Railway, 1873, Oct. 1-1874, Nov. 30
Part I
BOX 41-II Part II
BOX 42 1874, Nov. 30-1875, July 2
BOX 43-45 Letterbooks, 1898-1900
Carbon copy letterbooks, with indexes, of personal, private, and semi-official letters. Additional carbons of some of the same letters are filed in the General Correspondence .
BOX 43 1898, Oct. 21-1899, Jan. 6
1899, Jan. 12-Apr. 12
BOX 44 1899, Apr. 13-June 29
1899, July 1-31
1899, Aug. 1-Sept. 30
BOX 45 1899, Oct. 1-Nov. 24
1899, Dec. 5-1900, Jan. 31
1900, Feb. 1-Mar. 31
BOX 46-52 Book, Article, and Speech File, 1863-1915
Handwritten and typewritten notes and copies of speeches, articles, books; also galley proof of Under the Old Flag and several unpublished manuscripts. Includes a scrapbook containing a typed narrative of a trip to China in 1900 with copies of orders, newspaper clippings, and miscellany.
BOX 46 Books
Life and Services of William Farrar Smith, 1904
The Life of Charles A. Dana
Draft corrected by Wilson
Copies of Dana's war dispatches, 1863-1864
BOX 47 Index to newspaper clippings on Dana, circa 1897
Dana miscellany
Under the Old Flag
Corrected draft, vol. 2, chapters 2-11
Incomplete drafts of vols. 1-2
Miscellaneous drafts and related matter.
Vols. I-II
BOX 48 Vols. III-IV
Uncorrected galley proof
BOX 49 The Life of John A. Rawlins
Draft corrected by Wilson, 1916
Draft corrected by editor, 1905-1908
BOX 50 Additional draft
Miscellaneous drafts, notes, contract, etc.
Extracts of Rawlins's letters to his wife, circa 1861-1869
BOX 51 Unpublished works
“Journal-Vicksburg Campaign,” 1863
“Memoir of the Campaign and Siege of Vicksburg,” 1901
“Life and Services of General Peter Smith Michie,” 1901
Robert Henry Hall, biographical sketch
[“The Heroes of the Great Rebellion”], biographical sketches of Ulysses S. Grant and George Brinton McClellan
Incomplete draft
Duplicate pages
Miscellaneous notes, drafts, and miscellany.
BOX 52 Biographical sketch of Wilson
Speeches and articles:
“Manifest Destiny in Asia”
“Remarks of General James H. Wilson before the Committee on Commerce, House of Representatives”
1898, “America's Interests in China,” printed
“Remarks Made by Major General Wilson at a Banquet in the Ayuntamiento, Cardenas, Cuba”
“La Lucha at Matanzas”
“Remarks Made by General James H. Wilson at a meeting of the American Aid Society in Havana, Cuba”
“Notes of an Interview between General Wilson and General Bartoloméo Masso...”
1901, “Our Trade Relations with the Tropics”
1903, “Address before the Graduating Class of 1903 at Delaware College”
1904, “An Address Delivered before the Mohonk Conference”
1909, “The Future of Cuba”
1914, “The Address of James H. Wilson on Founders' Day . . .”
1915, “The Public Defense”
“Notes from the Far East”
“Questions of the Far East as Affected by the Peace”
“Remarks of General James H. Wilson”
“The Settlement of Political Affairs in the Far East”
“Cuba Revisited”
“The Historic Importance of the Day”
[The Flag]
[Great Britain and Canada, notes on]
[John Aaron Rawlins]
[Delaware politics]
Speeches by others
“Extract from a Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner,” 1872
“Notes of Interviews between Senator Henry M. Teller and Various Persons”
Scrapbook, journal of trip to China, typed narrative with copies of orders, newspaper clippings, and related material kept by Wilson's aide, 1900
BOX 53 Subject File
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, tabulations, newspaper clippings and printed items, and poems by the sculptor James Edward Kelly.
Organized by subject.
BOX 53 China
Civil War
Correspondence, typescripts, 1864-1865
Military documents, 1862-1865
Kelly, James Edward, poems

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