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Walter Francis Willcox papers, 1851-1965

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General Correspondence, 1886-1954 (continued)
BOX 14 1904
BOX 15 1904-1934
Beagle, F. D.
Biggs, Hermann M.
Department of Government
“F” miscellaneous
Fairchild, H. P.
Fulton, John S.
BOX 16 “G” miscellaneous
BOX 17 “H” miscellaneous
Hill, Joseph A.
BOX 18 1906-1909
Houghton, Louise Seymour, 1904-1909
Ihlder, John
“J” miscellaneous
“K” miscellaneous
Ketkar, Shridhar V.
“L” miscellaneous
BOX 19 “M” miscellaneous
“N” miscellaneous
North, S. N. D., 1908-1909
BOX 20 “O” miscellaneous
“P” miscellaneous
“S” miscellaneous
St. Timothy's School
BOX 21 Schurman, J. G.
Stone, Alfred Holt, 1900-1914
Sze, Sao Ke Alfred
“T” miscellaneous
BOX 22 “T” miscellaneous
Tufts, J. H.
“V” miscellaneous
“W” miscellaneous
BOX 23 W” miscellaneous
War-time relief agencies
Watkins, George P.
Wilbur, Cressy L.
BOX 24 1915-1923
Wheeler, Willard Hayden
Willcox, Alice
Willcox, Bertram F.
Willcox, David
Willcox, Frederic
BOX 25 Willcox, Mary A.
Willcox, Neil
Willcox, Valeria
Willcox, William G., 1904-1914
BOX 26 Willcox, William H.
Willcox, Mrs. William H. (Anne Holmes Goodenow Willcox)
Willcox family
Woodbury, Robert M.
Wright, Carroll Davidson, 1890-1909
Zorns, Arthur B.
BOX 27 1928-1954
Stiles, Charles W.
Stimson, Henry L.
Stix, Regine K..
Stonequist, Everett V.
Stockton, E. P.
Stone, Harlan Fiske
Stott, Frederick A.
Stauffer, Samuel A.
Superintendent of Documents
Survey Associates
Swingle, Walter T.
Swanton, John R.
“T” miscellaneous
Ta Chen
Takano, Iwasaburo
Tamss, Friedrich
Tandy, Elizabeth C.
Tannenbaum, Frank
Tarbell, George S.
Tarr, Mrs. R. S. (Abigail Saunders Tarr)
Tate, Jack B.
Taussig, F. W.
Taylor, Griffith
Taylor, Paul S.
Tennessee Valley Authority
Tenney, Raymond P.
Thompson, J. O.
Thompson, Warren S.
Ting I-hsien
Todd, Jane H.
Trask, John
Union Press
U. S. Chamber of Commerce
U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
U. S. Geological Survey
U. S. Hydrographic Office
United States News
Usher, A. P.
Vital Speeches
Vivian S. P.
Vizetelly, Frank H.
Wadsworth, Guy W.
Wadsworth, James W.
Wagner, Robert F.
Warburton, Clark
Warren, George F.
BOX 28-41 Subject File, 1851-1961
Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, minutes of meetings, notes, reports, and printed and near-print material.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 28 Apportionment
BOX 29 1930-1942
BOX 30 1943-1950, 1960-1961
Mitchell, Wesley C.
National Academy of Sciences
Neill, Charles P.
Richtmeyer, F. K.
Roberts, George E.
Rorty, M. C.
Searcy, Hubert
Shapley, Harlow
Snyder, Carl
Snyder, Virgil
Steuart, W. M.
Usher, Abbott P.
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