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Albert Payson Terhune papers, 1890-1957

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BOX 1 General Correspondence, 1890-1957
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 1 1870-1957
BOX 1-14 Writings File, 1900-1941
Short stories, radio programs and broadcasts, articles, and related matter.
Arranged by title of writing, with radio material and writings by Anice Terhune and others filed at the end of the series.
BOX 1 “Able-Bodied”
“About Face”
“The Abyssinian Prune-Hound”
“The Acid Test”
“Across the Line”
“Across the Line,” with Anice Terhune (wife)
“An Actress of Promise”
“Alias the Kid”
“America's Discovery of Florida”
“The Art of Getting Along with Dogs”
“As It Would Happen Today”
“As Usual, It's Up to Mother”
“The Bag from Nowhere”
“Barking Dogs”
“The Battle of the Gods”
“Beat Me, Kid!”
“Bert and Bessie–Bloodhounds”
“The Big Boy”
“The Big Stiff”
“The Bill”
“The Birds of Sunnybank”
“The Blanket Stiff”
“Blue Ribbons”
“The Boomerang”
“The Castaways”
“The Chase”
“The Chief Heir”
BOX 2 “The Christ Child of Now” (synopsis)
“The Christmas Collie”
“The Collie”
“The Collie–I've Found Money in Him”
“The Collie–There is Money in Him”
“The Come-Back”
“The Conquest of the Last Frontier”
“Cowards Both”
“A Crime or So”
“The Crippled Doughnut”
“Cur and Curriculum”
“Dangerous Hill When Wet”
“Daughter of Rahab”
“Dead Broke”
“The Decoy”
“The Derelict”
“Detective Ranter”
“The Diary of a Self-Made Dog”
Dog articles, nos. 8-28 (in series)
“His Senses and Sense”
“Sight or Scent”
“The Dog Show”
“What Not To Do”
“Play Versus Fight”
“A Trick Worth Remembering”
“The Victory of the Dog”
“Choosing a Puppy” (1)
“Choosing a Puppy” (2)
“Fox and Hounds”
“A Family of Puppies”
“The Gift Dog”
“Male of Female”
“The Savage Dog”
“Your Dog's Likes and Hates”
“The Old Dog”
“Making Him Obey”
“How It All Started”
“Fashions in Dogs”
“New Breeds and Old”
“The Dog-Car and the Car-Dog”
“The Dog from the Skies”
“The Dog in the House”
“The Dog Is in Business, Now”
“Dogs Sent to Jail for Life”
Dog Series, nos. 1 and 3
“The Plutocrat Pup”
“The Pin-Money Pup”
“Dog Shy”
“The Dog Whip”
“Dogs,” nos. 1-24
“The Double-Cross”
“Duncan Phyfe, His Bed”
BOX 3 “Eagles's Wings”
“The Face Reader”
“Fair Ellen, the Sightless–and Happy”
“A Falling Market for Sportsmanship”
“The False-Pride Bogey”
“False Shame vs. True Health”
“The Fate-Dodger”
“The Fear-Killer”
“A Fetish to Smash”
“The Flood Fighters”
“A Flutter in Carats”
“For Revenue Only”
“For Sale”
“For a Scrap of Blue Ribbon”
“Forest Lovers”
“Found: One Lucky Piece”
“The George Washington My Great-Grandfather Knew”
“A Glass of Water, Please”
“The Gloriousest Bird”
“Gray Dawn, Director”
“Gray Dawn, Free-Verse Hero”
BOX 4 “Gray Dawn, Reformer”
“Gray Dawn's Luck”
“The Great Alternative”
“The Great God If”
“Hamlet and the Big Feller”
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