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Albert Payson Terhune papers, 1890-1957

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Writings File, 1900-1941 (continued)
“The Heart-Mender”
“The Hero” (synopsis)
“The Hero Worshiper”
“He, She–and a Dog”
Hester Gregg Stories
“The Master Mind,” no. 4
“His Home” (a serial)
(2 folders)
BOX 5 “His Job”
“His Saint”
“How I Became a Discoverer”
“How to Teach Your Dog to Do Tricks”
“Human Interest Stuff”
“I Want What I Want When I Want It”
“I Will Bring You Luck”
“I'm Ashamed of Myself”
“Indian Summer”
“In Part Payment”
“The Ishmaelite”
“Into the Rough”
“Jack: Fox-Terrier Hero Honored by Medal and Badge”
“Just about Your Christmas Dog”
“Just about Your Dog” (part 1)
“Just about Your Dog” (part 2)
“Karroo, the Terrier That Was Named for a Desert”
“The King from Boston” (chapter 1)
“The Day of the Unexpected”
BOX 6 “Lad to the Rescue”
“The Lady of Lions”
“Lady–The Prison Collie of Mississippi”
“Leading a Dog's Life”
“Look Behind You!”
“Little Mr. Galahad”
“Loot” (a serial)
“Love Advice and What Came of It”
“Love Me, Love My Dog”
“The Mad Dog Bogey”
“The Man She Married”
“The Man with the Carrying Voice”
“Margaret Said: “Think Fast”
“The Master-Jokesmith”
“A Matter of Cerebration”
“A Matter of Sportsmanship”
“Maud Muller's Moron”
“The Merchant of Venus”
“The Metamorphosis of Phil Barrett”
“Mixed Doubles”
”More about That Pup of Yours”
“Moses the Lawyer, and Jesus the Idealist”
“The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met” (a series)
“Maurice Barrymore: Playboy Extraordinary”
“A Murder Trial at Old Bailey”
“My Most Valuable Experience”
“The Mystery Bank”
“My Sunnybank Collies”
BOX 7 “The Next-Generations”
“Noughts and Crosses”
“Odd Trick– and Oddest Trick”
“The Old Fool!”
“The Old Home Town”
“Once a Mason– “
”Open Confession”
“Orphans of the Storm”
“Out of the Depths”
“Our Superintendent, Mr. Mudge”
“The Overcoaters”
“Part Payment”
“Pay it with Flowers”
“Peanuts– A Police Puppy”
“A Personal Matter”
“The Pompton Lakes Public School”
“Portia and Xenophon”
“The Power of the Dog”
“A Pre-Phonograph Record”
“The Price of a Laugh”
“Psychology Stuff”
“The Rabbit-Man”
“Revere Her Silverman Head!”
“The Right Kind of Dog for Your Home”
“The Ring and the Ringer”
“Rough Skeleton Synopsis of the Bearcat”
BOX 8 “Sandman”
“Sand Plus”
“The Seal of Silence”
“The Set-up”
“Seventh Son”
“Shell-Shock, Limited”
“The Short Cutters”
“A Show of Hands”
“The Soft Spot”
“The Spare Wife”
“Splendor City”
“The Sport of Queens”
“Sport, Plus Torture”
“The Sport That Turned into Trade”
“The Squared Literary Circle”
“Stepmother Nature and I”
“The Story of the Dog”
“The Strong Man”
Suggestions for “Everything” series
“Sunnybank's Freak Queen Anne Oaks”
“Superman” (rough skeleton synopsis)
“Tales of Real Dogs,” by Terhune, with Warren Gamaliel Harding
“The Test”
“The Talisman”
“The Temporary Triangle”
“That Puppy of Yours”
“That Puppy You're Going to Buy”
“Their Child” (a serial)
“They Knew Him When– “
”The Were Great”
“Thor and Old Henry”
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