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1993 Addition: United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit File, 1975-1981 (continued)
Case File, 1979-1981 (continued)
78-2532 Brown v. Wainwright
78-2532 Brown v. Wainwright
BOX 229
78-2766 Lawrence v. Credithrift of Am.
78-3245 Brent v. Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of Am. See 78-1015
78-3246 Hawley v. Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of Am. See 78-1015
78-3268 Cossette v. Country Style Donuts
(2 folders)
78-3311 Doe v. Plyler
(4 folders)
78-3493 Decker v. Anheuser-Busch
78-3615 Aretz v. United States
78-3711 Van Ooteghem v. Gray
BOX 230
78-3734 Broussard v. Southern Pac. Trans. Co. See also 78-2301
79-1240 Consolidated Motor Inns v. BVA Credit Corp.
79-1260 Henson v. Columbus Bank & Trust Co.
79-1397 O'Hair v. Hill
79-1680 Terrebonne v. Blackburn
(3 folders)
79-1782 Pigrenet v. Boland Marine & Mfg. Co.
BOX 231
79-2725 Electric Mach. Co. v. National Labor Relations Bd.
79-3665 Swoboda v. United States
(3 folders)
80-3035 Shamloo v. Mississippi State Bd. of Trustees of Insts. of Higher Learning
80-3350 Guice v. Fortenberry
80-5069 Boynton v. Commissioner
80-5145 United States v. Henao
80-5273 United States v. Stone
(2 folders)
80-5440 Alvarez v. United States
80-5443 Weingart v. Allen & Ohara, Inc.
BOX 232
80-5583 Ironworkers Local 272 Pension Fund v. Edward L. Nezelek, Inc.
80-5911 Boire v. SAS Ambulance Serv.
80-7006 Edmondson v. United States Steel Corp.
80-7049 United States v. McCrary
80-7060 United States v. Wiring, Inc.
80-7124 Bickford v. International Speedway Corp.
80-7148 Casey Enters. v. American Hardware Mut. Ins. Co.
80-7213 Lacy v. General Fin. Corp.
80-7221 Newman v. A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.
80-7232 Dairyland Ins. Co. v. Makover
80-7316 Friend v. Termplan, Inc.
80-7386 United States v. Terminal Transp. Co.
80-7389 Putnam v. Williams
80-7410 United States v. Composite State Bd. of Medical Examiners
80-7421 Alabama State Docks Dep't v. Bunge Corp.
80-7486 National Labor Relations Bd. v. Charles H. McCauley Assocs.
80-7532 Trust Co. of Columbus v. Davis
80-7566 Hedrick v. Hercules
80-7595 United States v. Campbell
80-7622 Tenn-Tom Towing v. Inland Towing Co.
80-7691 Oldham v. Schweiker
80-7719 United States v. Williams
80-7839 Jewelcor Jewelers & Distribs. v. Lyner
80-7843 Middleton-Keirn v. Stone
80-7882 Halliday v. United States
80-7949 United States v. White
80-7985 Ford v. Secretary of Health & Human Servs.
BOX 233
80-9083 United States v. Davis
81-5910 In re Rodriguez
81-5911 Rodriguez v. United States See 81-5910
81-7363 Duncan v. Poythress
BOX 233-241 Office File, 1975-1981
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, opinions, agendas and minutes of meetings, surveys, scheduling files, invitations, and printed matter.
Arrangement is alphabetical by name of person or organization, topic, or type of material.
BOX 233 Awards, 1981
Border search cases, 1979-1981
Clerk's annual reports, 1979-1981
Committees of the Fifth Circuit, 1979-1981
Designations, 1979-1981
Docket sheets, 1979-1980
Gray, Fred, 1975-1980
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