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1993 Addition: United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, 1974-1989 (continued)
BOX 241-279 Case File, 1981-1988
Correspondence, memoranda, opinions, orders, petitions, notes, voting sheets, printed matter, and other legal papers.
Arrangement is chronological by court term and therein by case number.
BOX 241 July term 1981
77-2331 Chrysler Credit Corp. v. J. Truett Payne Co.
78-2257 Lemon v. Bank Lines
79-2052 Payton v. United States
(2 folders)
79-3140 Torna v. Wainwright
BOX 242
79-3189 United States v. Phillips
(6 folders)
BOX 243 (3 folders)
79-5471 United States v. Berry
(3 folders)
79-5472 United States v. Zabish See 79-5471
79-5739 United States v. Thevis
BOX 244
79-5741 United States v. Bell
80-4210 United States v. Meinster See 79-3189
80-5051 United States v. Hernandez
80-5095 Acosta v. Turner
(2 folders)
80-5196 A & D Int'l v. United States
80-5209 Splitt v. Deltona Corp.
80-5264 Florida Marble Polishers v. Edwin M. Green, Inc.
80-5297 Summer v. Land & Leisure
80-5395 United States v. Glen-Archila
80-5415 United States v. Cargo Serv. Stations
80-5484 United States v. Piniero
80-5512 Jackson v. Costa Lines
80-5517 Larry Spier, Inc. v. Gaem Corp.
80-5596 Nettles v. Wainwright
80-5608 United States v. Katz
80-5638 Bray v. Director, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
BOX 245
80-5653 Meadows v. United States
80-5710 United States v. Bulman
80-5787 Coral Gables Imported Motorcars v. Fiat Motors of N. Am.
80-5804 Gilliam v. Wiley N. Jackson Co.
80-5823 Safeway Stores v. Safeway Discount Drugs
80-5859 Fritz v. Standard Sec. Life Ins. Co.
80-5885 United States v. Nickerson
(2 folders)
80-5991 United States v. DeGutierrez
80-7176 Barkley-Cupit Enters. v. Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of the United States
80-7236 United States v. Elsoffer
80-7279 United States v. Livingston
80-7280 United States v. Livingston See also 80-7279
80-7291 Barkley-Cupit Enters. v. Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of the United States See 80-7176
80-7348 Moore v. Lindsey
80-7369 Marshall Minerals v. Food & Drug Admin.
80-7430 Cox v. Schweiker
BOX 246
80-7546 Muir v. Alabama Educ. Sys.
(2 folders)
80-7561 United States v. Tobias
(2 folders)
80-7581 Barkley-Cupit Enters. v. Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of the United States See 80-7176
80-7630 In re Williamson
80-7660 United States v. Howell
80-7668 Baty v. Balkcom
80-7688 United States v. Harper
80-7702 Brown v. Ivie
80-7796 United States v. Womack
80-7819 United States v. Zajac
80-7864 United States v. Hollins
80-7875 Glover v. Alabama Bd. of Corrections
80-7900 McDonald v. Credithrift of Am.
80-9012 Potter v. Schweiker
80-9063 Stephens v. Brown
BOX 247
80-9073 United States v. Sparks
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